Friday, December 12, 2014

Lucky 13 Lacquer "Some People Are Worth Melting For" {Frozen: Day 7}

"Olaf, you're melting!" - Anna

"Some people are worth melting for.  ❄ *♥* ❄

...Ehhh just maybe not right this second!" - Olaf

Lucky 13 Lacquer "Some People Are Worth Melting For" [Revlon "Northern Lights"]
"...just maybe not right this second!"

"Some People Are Worth Melting For" is a snowman glitterbomb full of black hexes, golden orange triangles, and pearlescent white glitters in squares and hex glitters, large and small.  This composition is pure genius.  I mean, even if you didn't know about the Olaf reference this is the perfect illustration of a melted snowman.  It should be woebegone, but there is something so happy about this mani!!  It makes my fingers want to do a twinkle dance ❄

Lucky 13 Lacquer "Some People Are Worth Melting For" [Revlon "Northern Lights"]

I layered two coats of "Some People Are Worth Melting For" over one coat of Revlon "Northern Lights" (the crème half of the Sun Candy nail art duo, anyway).  The cool blue not only contrasts beautifully with the orange, but it accentuates the frosty flurry quality of the myriad white glitters!  Careful you don't sit and brush the glitters about on the first coat too much; like many topcoats and glitter bases, this "melts" the undies layer, which was great because my coat of "Northern Lights" had some yucky brushstrokes, but if you get too overzealous about perfect glitter placement in one go you'll pick up the undies pigments and begin swirling them around in the clear glitter base, which sounds cool but ends up looking kinda muddy mixed in with the glitters.  Better to just go with a second coat; "Some People Are Worth Melting For" dries quickly so you don't even have to be patient.

Lucky 13 Lacquer "Some People Are Worth Melting For" [Revlon "Northern Lights"]

"Some People Are Worth Melting For" and the rest of the *Let It Go* collection, including previously reviewed "The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway", "An Act of True Love", and "Let It Go", may be found on the Lucky 13 Lacquer website for $8.50!!

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

And that concludes the *tiny twinklings* Frozen swatch-athon... the first, anyway!  I suspect that my hunt for Frozen-inspired polishes & products has only just begun.  Here are the Seven Days of Frozen, with some bonus cheek balms for good measure:

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Day 4: Lucky 13 Lacquer *Let It Go*

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Day 2: Glam Polish "In Summer"

Day 1: Candy Lacquer "Frozen"

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

Remember my friend Grace from the HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE post a few weeks ago??  Well of course you do... the strange and wonderful saga of my childhood with my equally strange and wonderful best friend probably befuddled you beyond all ability to forget (sorry about that...).  Anyways, this girl loves Olaf more than anyone has ever loved a snowman, and since the beginning of this swatch-athon has been insisting upon MORE OLAF.  Well if this isn't quite enough for your craving, Olaf fangirls, Superchic Lacquer recently released a polish called "Cold Hands Warm Hugs", and Lucky 13 also has one with this same snowman glitter mix, only with a white crelly base, dubbed "I Like Warm Hugs".  Look for them in the never ending Frozen swatch fest that is now essentially this blog. ♥ 

Go forth, Twinklings, and may your nails always be Frozen-esque. ❄

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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