Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gloss n' Sparkle "Can't Even Breathe" ... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRACIE!!!

Today is a very, very special day indeed: the birthday of my best friend for 16 years (!)!!  We used to joke that we'd still have abs if we didn't do a single crunch, because when we're together we tend to spiral into a haze of such silliness that we literally can't even breathe for laughter.  Just being with my Grace is as good as a cocktail (and probably better!) for feeling giddy and invincible.  Twin Vulpixes on the playground in second grade (make that twin everything, everywhere, all through elementary school).  Pizza dough.  Regularly running down the street as "fat ladies" (sorry, Sara, for ruthlessly stretching out your non-fat-lady yoga clothes with pillows.  You are the best).  Countless home videos, including a memorable cooking tutorial in which I, Granny Pudge, capture Grace, space alien, from under the trampoline/UFO for assistance in 1) reheating canned split pea soup, and 2) botching a box-mix chocolate cake.  Meeting halfway.  Randomly finding loose wolf dogs all over the place, and making friends with them (after recovering from terror).  Sleepovers- billions of sleepovers.  Taking pride in being the most aggressive forwards in Y Soccer; no seriously, we were like wild animals.  Accidental early morning mall walking.  Hair crimping.  Bowling like monsters with seizures- has it been twice now that you've managed to get your ball two lanes over??  Unprecedented.  Y dances, and those butch smoking girls that about ended us for our reckless cheek.  Tirelessly trolling CVS for magical serum to make my frizz go away (just ditch the Suave shampoo and you'll be golden).  A certain egg-like person, and the drama that is middle school orchestra.  That one time we watched that terrible bachelor reality show Flavor of Love for six straight hours, and were like, what just happened to us?  Battling through the convoluted mess that is high school.  The Notebook.  Boyfriends.  Foot baths.  Fish bowls.  Matching color obsessions.  Pretending to be grown up... instantly regressing whenever we are reunited.  I love you, girl.  I've given it my best shot, but really... there are no words.

* XOXO *

Gloss n' Sparkle "Can't Even Breathe"

I've had this polish for weeks now, just waiting for this moment :)  "Can't Even Breathe" is an ephemeral smoky lilac crelly bubbling with matte and shiny copper glitter, matte and holographic deep vibrant turquoise glitters, and fuchsia glitters in both circles and tiny hexes (that appear dark plum or black in pictures but are most assuredly a bright magenta pink).  It is an effervescent polish that flirts with glamour, even sophistication, but is irrepressibly, undeniably, entirely fun at heart.  "Can't Even Breathe" is the ultimate big girl sleepover polish.  This color is pretty much the story of the Grace + Marisa friendship.

The formula is actually quite wonderful!  Glitter crellies can be trying, but "Can't Even Breathe" flows onto the nail with liberal glitter distribution, and is opaque in two coats.  I used three layers of topcoat to get the glitter all glossed over.  The wear was very good as well; I often have issues with glitters and glitter crellies wanting to peel up in sheets but "Can't Even Breathe" was in it for the long haul.

Gloss n' Sparkle "Can't Even Breathe"

Playing coy... Gloss n' Sparkle "Can't Even Breathe"
"Can't Even Breathe" has seemingly sold out from Llarowe, but this Aussie indie polish can still be found over at Gloss n' Sparkle!!


Okay, so when we first saw this sweet dog outside of our favorite country bar I SWEAR (and Grace does too) that he 100% looked like a werewolf.  The back-lighting of the street lamp made his fur look HUGE, and the red flash of his eyes literally scared us out of our wits, causing us to witlessly insist to Grace's boyfriend that the thing in the back of that truck we just passed was ABSOLUTELY A WEREWOLF.  So of course, first thing we do is go meet the wolf dog... and, as per the pattern, he turned out to be the cutest, softest, sweetest little pumpkin we'd ever met.  And that is how completely ordinary occurrences become wildly extraordinary adventures, through the combined imaginations of Grace + Marisa.

Grace, Buck (?), & Marisa :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling!!!!

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. What a fantastic tribute to your friend! Happy Birthday. Grace!

    1. D'aww thanks Liz, I had such fun thinking about old times, and new ones too :D I think it's something I'll have to do more often!! It really made me conscious of what treasures these people are that I have in my life <3