Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rainbow Honey: Sea Star

Hello, sunshines!! What's on your nails this fabulous Labor Day weekend? It's summer's last big hurrah, though personally I'll be holding out right up until the autumn equinox September 23. I do love fall, but fall means school, and school means Oregon, and Oregon is great but it's not Montana. So in keeping with the spirit of summer I went for beachy and bright with Rainbow Honey's June Limited Edition, "Sea Star". The sun has been flighty the past couple days so when the mountain lit up at 7:30pm I made like Eep Crood and ran then climbed to catch the sunshine :)

Rainbow Honey "Sea Star" on Mt. Sentinel

Rainbow Honey "Sea Star"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer: *Delicate Duos*

Happy weekend, Twinklings!! If you love enchanted colors and haven't met Lilypad's Delicate Duos collection yet, your dreams are about to come true. When I first saw these, I either died a bit or came alive, I don't know which. I'm going to make a pretty monumental declaration right now, but in my polished heart it feels right so I'm going to take the plunge: this is absolutely my favorite nail polish collection of all time. Probably always will be.

Lilypad Lacquer Delicate Duos

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Butter London: Brick Lane Collection "Dubs" & "Twigged" ( & "Marrow", for good measure )

I obviously would like to be a princess, but I have to admit: living with royalty is exhausting.  I know this because I live with my dog May, and May is quite confident that she is queen.  Like the other day, I had just returned from a run and was serenely doing pigeon stretch when all of a sudden I feel this furry flop on my leg, and there's May stubbornly nesting down in the most ungainly fashion possible.  I kind of huffed at her incredulously, and she just looked at me like, "quiet, fool, I am napping now".  The pups get sassy when they do not feel that they have gotten enough pettings, though to judge by the state of my leggings that clearly can not be the case.  May is queen and she'll flop where she wants, and that's that, humans.

May: "You're on my spot."

Among polish, however, it's Butter London that's queen.  Butters have been a special favorite of mine since the dawn of my polish obsession.  Butter London's "Brick Lane" Collection for Fall 2014 brings together a healthy mix of existing favorites and brand-new beauties.  Returning Butters are "British Racing Green" from the Fashionista's Favorites Fall/Winter 2009 collection, and "Ladybird" from this February's New York Fashion Week and also Summer 2014's Lolly Brights collection, along with "Ladybird" Liquid Lipstick and "Twigged" Wink Cream Eyeshadow from the Boho Rock Spring 2014 collection.  New Butters in a range of harvest hues are "Cor Blimey", "Bric-A-Brac", "Brick Lane", and of course, "Dubs", plus a multitude of mascaras, lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadow creams, eyeliners, cheek tints, etc.

Butter London "Dubs" & "Twigged"

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rainbow Honey: Summer Mixtape collection

 Hello, Honeys!!  Today I have five of the twelve playlist-inspired lacquers from Rainbow Honey's "Summer Mixtape" collection to share with you!!  I hope you like tangents, because this post has more of them than your high school trig class.

Rainbow Honey - Summer Mixtapes: "Stolen Dance" // "Lanterns" // "Night Sky" // "Elevate" // "Waves"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stila: "In The Light" vs. Eyes Are The Window "Soul" {eyeshadow palette comparison}

Do you think there are fairies in the desert?  Whenever I think of faerie folk, I generally envision them as feisty and frolicking in a verdant forest setting, where magic could masquerade all around and one might never know.  Somehow a stark desert expanse, simmering under a relentless sun, seems much too exposed for the shy elfin peoples.  And yet... can't you kind of imagine sand fairies with wispy mirage wings that fluff about in the sandstorms and create those mesmerizing ripples across the dunes??  Maybe?

Stila "Soul" [top] vs. "In The Light" [bottom]

Well anyways, these palettes reminded me of sun-drenched sands and bronzed beaches, and they are also fairly magical.  One of the lovely ladies at my local Ulta warned me that I wasn't going to be able to resist the packaging of Stila's 20th Anniversary collection, and she was right, I was not.   The new compacts are positively transcendent; exquisite and elemental with a mirrored metallic finish of rose, white, and yellow golds.  I can't even.  Just take my money.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rainbow Honey: August Limited Edition & Mystery Bag!

Hello, sunshines!!  I'm late to the party again on this one but my giant Rainbow Honey package just arrived (I've never been more excited, I could hardly get it open I was literally shaking with anticipation), and it's too good not to share!!  So without further ado, the Rainbow Honey Lab's new brainwaves for August  <3

Rainbow Honey - August Mystery Bag

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer: "Mixed Metals", "Great Things Ahead", & "Lemony" !!!

Thunderstorms rolling through Montana have made the sun a fickle and precious presence these past couple days, so whenever some sunshine breaks through the clouds I've gone tearing outside like a maniacal sparklefiend to capture the sparkle on my nails.  My yellow labs, May and Freyja, have found this to be highly entertaining, thinking it to be a great chase game, and so there is much excitement every time I take a swatch.  They are not alone in their enthusiasm; I have been dying to share these wonderful polishes with you all week!  Lilypad Lacquer, a five-free nail polish line that is handmixed in Australia, is one of my favorite new brands this summer (new to me, anyway).  Maybe these sun-worshipping colors will tease the sun out again :)


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nails Inc. London: Ballet Sheers

Hello, beautifuls!  Have any of you ever wanted to be a ballerina (or in fact ARE a ballerina)?  I've spent many an hour prancing and leaping about my house, and sometimes I feel like I may have been a ballerina in a past life, but then if that is the case then any gracefulness I once had has been deeply suppressed in this lifetime.  It's a nice thought, though.  I had exactly one ballet lesson during my childhood, and all I remember doing are donkey kicks.  But I freaking destroyed at those donkey kicks. Today I have for you some of the Nails Inc. Ballet Sheers polishes!  Along the lines of the recurring OPI "Soft Shades" releases but much more creative, IMHO.  I have three out of the four Ballet Sheers available at Ulta, and am currently missing Mayfair Ballet, which is the white pearl of the collection.  The confusing thing is that Mayfair Ballet and Covent Garden Ballet both debuted two years ago as part of the A Listers Collection, but have now made a return as part of a collection that hasn't gotten much attention at all.  Since I've had my eyes on these for a while and I'm sure you have too, let's finally give these lovelies a talking about.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

☆ Rainbow Honey: July Mystery Bag & Limited Edition "Neon Blossom" ☆

 ☆ Well hello there, lovely Earthlings!  I'm so excited to finally be lighting up my own little twinkle star amongst the thousand splendid suns of the beauty blog constellation, and to welcome you on my journey through the cosmetic cosmos! ☆

Not sure when this post became galaxy-themed but hey, while I'm at it, why don't we take a peek at some stellar Rainbow Honey polishes & goodies that I've been mooning over... ;)

Rainbow Honey is a brand that I've known of and lusted after for a while now but only just acquired, and now I'm kicking myself for taking so long.  I am so in love.


If you are also new to the brand, you may not have experienced the wonderfulness that is the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag.  Every month, Rainbow Honey compiles a little treasure trove of not-yet-released, never-before-seen lacquers & products, and sets them loose upon the nail polish loonies (that's us).  At first I thought these were grab bags full of random unwanted polishes from previous collections, but they in fact are all the same, all new, and ALL AWESOME.  But you don't have to take my word for it.  Behold:

Rainbow Honey "Deep Heart Sea"