Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stila: Eyes Are The Window "Spirit" [eyeshadow palette]

Happy weekend!!  Today is one of those idyllic early autumn days, with a most perfectly pure periwinkle sky saturating the blushing landscape with sunshine and contentment.  It's a treasure of a day.  And speaking of treasures...

Stila: Eyes Are The Window "Spirit"

...witness Stila "Spirit", a mystical eyeshadow palette sheathed in an luxe metallic compact of romantic rose gold and opulent white gold.  Something about this particular palette has the feel of prophecies and mysterious magic to me, like fate parting the mist before you.  Wistful and ethereal, this Eyes Are The Window installment so elegantly illustrates the element of spirit in shimmering mists, roses, and precious metals.

Stila: Eyes Are The Window "Spirit"


KITTEN:  the iconic blushing champagne shimmer.
OASIS:   pale gold shimmer with a rose gold sheen.
WHEAT:    metallic sand shimmer.
CHINOIS:   French vanilla matte.

Kitten, Oasis, Wheat, Chinois

PUPPY:   café au lait matte.
JEZEBEL:   soft clay rose with golden peach shimmer.
GOLIGHTLY:   antiqued mercury bronze shimmer.
SLATE:  unfathomable stone taupe shimmer with lavender mist tones.

Puppy, Jezebel, Golightly, Slate
Puppy, Jezebel, Golightly, Slate

PIGALLE:   muted marron rose shimmer.
BAREFOOT:   majestic mink shimmer with plum undertones.
ESPRESSO:   subtle sepia shimmer.
PEWTER:  night sky charcoal with silvery shimmer.


The formulas of these are quite lovely, much better indeed than sister palette "Soul", which I have reviewed previously *here*.  The light shimmers are perhaps somewhat sheer, though buildable.  I was going to asterisk the recycled colors, but then as it turns out nearly all of these have existed as singles or as part of other palettes in the Stila repertoire.  As far as I can tell (and please let me know if I am mistaken!), "Slate" and "Barefoot" are the only two completely new shadows.  So that resolves my initial confusion over the erratic cacophony of names; the "Soul" palette shadow titles adhere much more consistently to the spiritual, inner beauty theme of this collection. 

I think the genius of this palette is really in its unique and sensitive synthesis of colors; in particular I think Jezebel, Golightly, and Slate are such an unexpectedly exquisite set.  I cannot recall any eyeshadow palette that uses color, shimmer, and shadow with such sophistication and mystique.

Stila "Spirit"

Eyes Are The Window.  I'm just the punniest.

At first the window reflecting in the compact's mirror metallic finish really annoyed me, until I realized that this is the Eyes are the Window collection.  I love accidental artistry.  Otherwise known as creative post-rationalizing, the favorite concept-generating technique of architecture students everywhere.  Otherwise known as b***s***.

dog kisses

So I went to take some pictures of the compact, and I discovered this charming piece of evidence that my dog will lick positively anything.  It is possibly her very favorite activity.  Even so, I am still baffled as to why May would feel compelled to taste a plastic block.

Stila's Fall 2014 offerings may be found at Stila, Sephora, Ulta, Macy's,, Zappos, and so on.  Eyes Are The Window palettes retail for $49.  Which speaks to you: Spirit, Soul, Body, or Mind??


  1. I just purchased this, after considering it for a few days (a lengthy consideration for me it seems). I love your dog-tongue prints! I have Kitten and Puppy as singles (a big reason I couldn't resist this palette), and love them...for their quality and for the names. Your review has me waiting with baited breath for delivery! Your swatches are drool-worthy. Thank you.

    1. Aww hooray, I am so happy that this review helped inform your decision to take the plunge!! :) :) I am also excited for you to receive your beautiful new palette; you will just love it. It's really an objet d'art on a vanity. Haha oh May, so unfathomably indiscriminate in what she will choose to lick (clearly)... :P