Monday, April 13, 2015

Rainbow Honey : April 2015 Mystery Bag unboxing & review

Hello, Twinklings!  Secret's out: it's the April Mystery Bag by Rainbow Honey!!  And if I were to take I guess, I would say that this month's bag is all about April showers... and it's glorious.  Make it rain, baby.  Make it rain GLITTER.

Also, darlings, do remember to enter my Springtime Giveaway for some exceptionally spring-y Sephora Formula X and Nails Inc. London polishes!!  I am very, very excited about finally hosting a giveaway, so give it a whirl and who knows, you might just win something!  WHEEEEeee FREE THINGS!!!!

"Thistle Tresses" + "Eidolon" // "Delphine" + "Thistle Tresses"

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Springtime Giveaway!!! Sephora Formula X "Inspiring" + Nails Inc. London "Floral Street Mews"

In two months from this very day, I will have finished my last college exam, quarter, degree EVER (hopefully ever, anyway).  TWO MONTHS.  There is still so much to do before that time but my joy of anticipation cannot be eclipsed.

Two months left of school for me... so how about two polishes of springtime joy for you??!!  IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Happy April, by the way!  It's been pretty quiet on Tiny Twinklings lately, and likely the crickets will only keep chirping these next couple months as I careen towards graduation.  Many readers will know by this time that I am an architecture student at the University of Oregon, and am currently hammering out my thesis studio project (topic: architecture for happiness / typology: community center / location: Anchorage, AK).  The enormous importance of this project, by necessity and yet to my dismay, has begun to preclude energies dedicated to this beloved blog, but I wanted to assure my darling readers that however infrequently I manage to get posts up in this final, frantic interval of college, once the mortar board has flown, Tiny Twinklings will be BACK.

This giveaway is my way of thanking you, my precious Twinklings, for sticking with me through the thick and thin of my first half year of blogging!  Your thoughts and comments especially bring an amazing community energy to Tiny Twinklings, and so I owe a very special thank you to many dear, familiar faces out there.

I also want to extend my warmest welcome to new faces bringing fresh life to this blog- twinkle on!!  Since Tiny Twinklings' inception, my greatest rewards have been the wonderful and invaluable opportunities to come to know some of my fellow nairies, and as this adventure continues I am very excited to know more and more of you, so welcome, welcome!!!

I have been impatiently looking forward to hosting a giveaway for what feels like a VERY long time, so let's get started, shall we??!

The prize: a cheerful and charming duet of old spring favorites, as the season comes into full bloom!!  One lucky reader will win Sephora Formula X "Inspiring" (a pearlescent turquoise shimmer) and Nails Inc. London "Floral Street Mews" (a floral glitter topper with peach, white, and sky blue pearl glitters in hexes and blossoms).  This first giveaway will be open to the United States only.  (To my 9% international readers, joining us from as far away as Iraq to Lithuania to Belgium to South Africa: first of all, WOW!  I am so honored to have you with us, and am determined to improve my giveaway sophistication so that all my highly-valued Twinklings will have the opportunity to win fun things in the future!!)

This giveaway will be open for two weeks, starting now until Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 11:59PM Pacific Time.  You must be 18 years of age or older to enter, please.

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Good luck, Twinklings!!

I wish I thought to bring my own bottles of these beautiful flower-ful polishes with me to Oregon to model for you, but alas!  In addition to an enormous deficit of time, I also broke a nail to the quick the other week (the nubs are growing back surprisingly quick, but for a while there I didn't even recognize my own hands!), and then last week broke one of my full-spectrum lamps; idk what the deal is, it's just been one big hot mess around here.  So I've just been casually enjoying my favorite season for polish (I'm really such a spring), and dreaming of summer... and freedom :)

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

These prizes are provided and were purchased by me for the purposes of this giveaway.