Tuesday, December 13, 2016

frankenpolish "Sassenach" {inspired by Outlander}

So I've had quite an eventful month since I last posted.  Some friends and I started an organization, Missoula Solidarity Alliance, and organized a Unity March & Volunteer Fair, and generally stepped well outside my secluded little comfort zone.  Coincidentally, the story of MSA's logo actually foreshadows the first life of the Outlandish heroine who inspired today's polish.  For our symbol, we chose the white poppy, a peace symbol from Britain which was first distributed by the Co-operative Women's Guild in 1933, during the period of widespread fear throughout Europe that proceeded WWII.  The white poppy, therefore, is a reminder that we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.  The world was indeed divided, though, in 1939, and as a result the fictional character of Claire Randall was deployed as a British combat nurse.  When she accidentally travels back in time through a stone circle, her medical skills are immediately useful in rebellious 18th century Scotland.  She is regarded with suspicion by her Scottish hosts/captives, and frequently referred to as "Sassenach".
Claire Randall: I distinctly heard the barman in the pub last night refer to us as Sassenachs.
Reverend Wakefield: I hope you didn't take offense. It only means Englishman, after all, or at worst, outlander.
― Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

After I made this polish, it reminded me of Claire's resilience and passion, while invoking the ubiquitous blues, reds, and greens of Scottish tartans.  Complex, enigmatic, fierce, bold, mysterious- that's Claire for you!

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