Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rocky Horror Picture Show: M.A.C. "Formidable!" & Picture Polish "Rocky"

Dammit, Janet!  It's Rocky Horror Picture Show time!!  I see you shiver with anticipation (name that song!).  This year will be a very special RHPS at the historic Wilma Theatre of Missoula, because starring as Rocky is none other than my very own heart throb: my incredibly talented boyfriend, Kellen!! <3  In honor of the opening show tonight, I have some Rocky-inspired nails that might just make you want to "give yourself over to absolute pleasure".

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Candy Lacquer : Halloween 2014 "Bloody Unicorn" swatches

Happy Funday, Twinklings!  Just a few days now to Halloween; that in itself is kinda scary!  How time flies.  Now seems a fine time to look at some more spooky polishes, don't you think??  You might remember "Pumpkin Fairy" from back in September, and "Bloody Unicorn" is part of the same Halloween collection!

Candy Lacquer "Bloody Unicorn"

Friday, October 24, 2014

M.A.C. Cosmetics: A Novel Romance Collection swatches "Before Dawn" & "Midnight Storm" (feat. "Girl Trouble")

Hello loves!!  M.A.C. released their early fall collection A Novel Romance back in August, but I'm much more in the mood for them now than I was in the sultry days of late summer.  Once I was acclimated to deep, cozy colors again, I knew that I needed these because I just love the concept of this collection.  It's page-turning perfection, right on down sickeningly sappy promotional images.  Yup, nailed it.

M.A.C. A Novel Romance "Before Dawn" & "Midnight Storm" (feat. "Girl Trouble")

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rainbow Honey : The Yokai Collection : "Kitsune" & "Hebi" swatches

Hello, goddesses!  Many of you have been waaaiiiiting and waaiiiting for the Yokai, and as of this month they have returned, and doubled!  Last fall Rainbow Honey released the first three Yokai, and I'm so happy that you're here to help me welcome Part 2.  In case you were wondering, yokai are "a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore".  The word yokai comes from the kanji for "bewitching, attractive, calamity" and "appartion, mystery, suspicious". (Thanks, Wikipedia.)  The pair I have for you today deliver on all counts (especially attractive)!  I thought they made particularly bewitching couples when paired with some of the polishes from the September Mystery Bag <3

Rainbow Honey : The Yokai + guests from the September Mystery Bag

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rainbow Honey : Keep Believing Collection swatches {October Limited Edition for Breast Cancer Awareness Month}

Happy Monday, mes belles!!  Well into October we may be, but Oregon has no inkling of it.  In fact, the rosebush in front of my house is now blooming!  Look how happy it is, with absolutely no perception that it is, in fact, autumn.  Any rose connoisseurs out there who know the name of this beauty, all dappled in gold?  It is fantastically fragrant; I sniff a lot of roses (I take the phrase super literally) and this one is very strong, and honey sweet.  On Saturday morning I was out front, blissed out, smelling this rose and thinking how I would like a fragrance to capture this exactly.  A fateful thought, that, because only a few hours later my Rainbow Honey package arrived, and tucked in with my mystery bag was the entire Keep Believing Collection... and the Rainbow Honey Lab had already done it.  <3

Rainbow Honey "Keep Believing" Collection - roses and pink and sparkles, oh my!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rainbow Honey : October Mystery Bag!!! swatches & sniffings

IT'S HERE AT LAST!!  Two weeks of bated breath, and I could've hugged the postman when he finally delivered the Rainbow Honey October Mystery Bag a few hours ago.  I guess it was only two weeks; it felt like an absolute eternity.  I have no patience at all anymore, it seems; and yet I look forward to the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bags so keenly that I can't help it!!  But it's here, and it most assuredly satisfied the anticipation!

Unboxing the Rainbow Honey October Mystery Bag!


Different Dimension : "Ghostbusters" Halloween 2014 swatches

Boo!!  Are you getting excited for Halloween yet??!  Today's polish is more glitzy than ghoulish, but it still fits the bill for the season and occasion.  It's my first time wearing Different Dimension, an indie that I have been drooling after since 2012, and I have FALL-en in love!  Teehee,  the punniness :)

Different Dimension "Ghostbusters"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ILNP "Black Orchid" // Lorac - The Elegant Orchid Collection swatches

Hello, dolls!  It's ORCHID DAY here on *Tiny Twinklings*, or at least, I have a few orchid things to show you!  ILNP "Black Orchid" and the Lorac Elegant Orchid Collection are not at all affiliated, but I was wearing "Black Orchid" when I found the Lorac box at Kohl's yesterday and I was like, well THIS is happening.  I adore orchids, so I've been loving all of the Radiant Orchid-ness inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year.  I was an orchid mommy once, but although I loved my orchid baby very much it was much too delicate for my hapless, erratic plant mothering :(  I'm probably better off with orchid lips and tips (or rather, the orchids are better off that way).
my erstwhile Phalaenopsis orchid <3

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Essence Cosmetics : Dark Romance Collection

Calling all vampires!!  Essence's Dark Romance Collection is all about thrilling trysts in Gothic castles, and forbidden love in haunted ruins... Jane Austen's wide-eyed heroine Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey would be all about this, what with her naive fascination with Gothic novels bordering on hallucinatory obsession.  The Brontë sisters would undoubtedly approve as well.  But do be sure to accessorize properly with a shadowy gloss and unearthly lacquer when you curl up with Wuthering Heights, or maybe Jane Eyre, for a good October thrill... ;)  A spiced tea will be in order as well.  Purrrrr...

As Essence is a German company, the Dark Romance Collection was actually released as early as January 2014 in various parts of Europe (definitely Poland and Romania), but only just debuted in the United States.  According to the Essence website it was supposed to be a September limited edition release, but it only hit my local Fred Meyers on October 2 so it would seem that schedule has been pushed back a month.  I immediately pounced on every item Fred Meyer is carrying (except for the tattoos, they were a bit too biker chick for my taste) though the full collection also has one more each of the eyeshadow quad, lipstick ("Painted Love"), and nail polish (a gray), as I recall.  Ah well, I'll take whatever I can get!  I LOVE Essence's Limited Edition collections (though I rarely get to avail myself of them, seeing as they are available so sparingly in the U.S.); they do them monthly, and yet they are always consummately imaginative and original.  The themes are quite wide-ranging and the packaging is always adorable.  Not only that, the products generally quite excellent (at minimum, they are above average for a drugstore line), and are amazingly inexpensive!!  So much love for this brand, I has.

Oh, you demand to see this stupendously seductive collection, do you?  Well, okay.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Butter London : Top of the Pops box swatches [[ La Moss, Toff, & Earl Grey winks and lacquers and lippies, oh my ]]

Hey there, gorgeous!  Today I have for you an awesome limited edition box from Butter London that is currently on sale for $19 at Ulta.  I don't imagine that it will be around for much longer so if you like any of the colors I wouldn't wait to snap this one up.  Any University of Montana Griz fans in the house?!?  You're going to looovvve this box, with its chic shades of silver and maroon that really are great (GRRrreat, that is) for any occasion but are especially perfect for game day.  Go Griz!!!  <3

The Top of the Pops *Greatest Hits* box includes a Lippy liquid lipstick in "Toff" ($18), nail lacquer in "La Moss" ($15), a Scrubber 2-in-2 Prep & Remover Wipe ($1), Wink cream eye shadow in "Earl Grey" ($18), and a Wink eye pencil, also in "Earl Grey" ($18).  So you can see, this is truly a fabulous deal!

Butter London : Top of the Pops box

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nails Inc. Ballet Sheers "Mayfair" & Garden Party "Westbourne Gardens"

Happy Hump Day, darling readers!  I've been sitting on these swatches for a while now; sometimes, I'm just too lazy to write about things.  It requires thinking, you know.  Also, I knew they'd come in useful right about now, when time is of the essence and every moment is under siege with a million things to do.

One of my very first posts (the second, in fact) was about the Nails Inc. Ballet Sheers Collection, but it was missing one polish... which we shall see today!  Oy, it's a little embarrassing to look back at my early posts.  Such struggles to hold onto that nail polish bottle... like most newborn things, it's so awkward that it's almost kinda cute.  And yet, that was a mere two months ago!  Ah, well.

Anywhoo, here's "Mayfair" and "Westbourne Gardens" for ya. 

Nails Inc. "Mayfair" + "Westbourne Gardens"

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Clinique : Party Pretty Box {shadow palette, chubby stick for lips, mascara, quickliner for eyes, nail enamel, eye cream}

Happy weekend, goddesses!  If you haven't already, it's about time that you heard about Clinique's Limited Edition box for Fall 2014, Party Pretty.  I couldn't believe what an amazing deal this is, and was delighted that it includes some favorites of mine.

Clinique Party Pretty

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer : Cool Illusion swatches

Happy first day of October!!  When I visited the doctor today my favorite nurse was clad in head-to-toe pumpkin orange to mark the occasion, and I was like whoop, Halloween is here.  Nancy is just the cutest like that, she rewards me with chocolates for good behavior (like not fainting during shots) which is basically the only reason I'm vaccinated for the flu right now :)  I respond extremely well to food bribery.  Like children, or dogs.  Speaking of dogs, just look at what naughty Freyja did on a nice autumn hike:

Freyja loves mud holes.  Marisa wishes that she did not.

In other news, Lilypad Lacquer has just been bursting with new polishes, as I mentioned and demonstrated in this post on the beauteous {"Wintery Bliss"}.  Many of them seem to be exclusives to one online store or another, though today's lovely is exclusive to Llarowe.

Lilypad Lacquer "Cool Illusion"