Saturday, October 18, 2014

Different Dimension : "Ghostbusters" Halloween 2014 swatches

Boo!!  Are you getting excited for Halloween yet??!  Today's polish is more glitzy than ghoulish, but it still fits the bill for the season and occasion.  It's my first time wearing Different Dimension, an indie that I have been drooling after since 2012, and I have FALL-en in love!  Teehee,  the punniness :)

Different Dimension "Ghostbusters"


"Ghostbusters" is a luminous tangerine peach jelly glowing with golden iridescent glitters and tiny shimmering iridescent flecks flashing mostly gold and pear green.  It seems lit with an internal glow in all lights, so it is only fitting that it also glows in the dark!!   I thought it likely to be quite sheer, but it actually was opaque in two coats!  I did prefer three for depth and brightness of hue, but the polish dried quickly so it was no travail.  I used two coats of topcoat for maximum gloss.

If you've sifted through previous *tiny twinklings* posts you might know that my color obsession of the year has been peachy oranges and pinky corals, so I am ecstatic about this polish.  It is reminiscent of flickering fairy lights and glimmering lanterns, or even a harvest moon beaming over an autumn ball.  My fingers feel dipped in radiant, positive energy :)

Different Dimension "Ghostbusters"

Different Dimension "Ghostbusters"

Different Dimension "Ghostbusters" may be found at their own website for $9, and also at Llarowe for $11.  It is part of the Spooky Spooky Halloween 2014 collection, which includes an orange holo, a purple shimmer jelly, a black and orange texture polish, and a black, orange and white glitter topper.  "Ghostbusters" is easily the least Halloween-y of the bunch, and would be beautiful in spring and summer as well.  It has the look of a shimmering mermaid's tail!

Conceptually it reminded me a bit of Zoya "Jesy" from their Bubbly collection this past summer, what with the orange jelly base and golden shimmers and iridescent glitters and what not, but a quick bottle comparison shows how very distinct they are.  "Jesy" has a clear tangerine base which allows for much more sparkle, and the glitters are like transparent rainbow scales, while "Ghostbusters" has a pale neon luminance that shrouds its translucent mica-like glitters in an eerie, milky glow.  Both are incomparably beautiful, and though the constituents are very alike on paper the effects are completely unique.  I love both, and would never be able to pick just one.  It'd be like choosing between May and Freyja!

Different Dimension "Ghostbusters" & Zoya "Jesy"

Different Dimension "Ghostbusters" & Zoya "Jesy"


So I was picking along memory lane the other day, and came across this gem that describes my dogs' pack dynamic exactly.  Freyja really is the pillow in this relationship; May goes charging about like a queen, and Freyja kind of squishes in around her.  Such cuddles <3

Freyja the Pillow, and May the Alpha




  1. I have been secretly rooting for this polish since I wasn't sure it was going to get the love that the more Halloweenie (Beavis laugh... weenie) polishes in the collection would. But your post makes that all better! It's a gorgeous thing, Ghostbusters is, all glowing and sparkly and such a pretty color. Looks marvelous on you, Marisa! And I love the bonus pack pic, two lounging beauties! I can't imagine they do much of that!

  2. Hahaha indeed, this head-squishing business was an unusual occurrence, even for the imperious Miss May :) We have a window seat that they cuddle in all the time, though! Generally in a manner that is a trifle more egalitarian...

    I KNOW, right??!! Ghostbusters the BEST!! I was kind of afraid that it was just going to be another glitter in a colored jelly but oh no, it's completely unique and so incredible. Have you reviewed it? Or is it going to be a Halloween special?? :D

    1. I didn't get any of the Different Dimension Spooky Spooky collection, I'm afraid. Two collections from other indie polish makers swooped in and claimed my October polish dollars, one from Pretty Jelly (Rich Fabrics) and one from Hare (Interstellar Invasion). I have a Hare recommendation for you, Marissa, if you like orange sherbet-like polishes with iridescent sparkles. Electric Flame from Nikole's Illuminated Life collection, and it's availabe in Hare's etsy shop as we speak -- -- check it out! I've featured this polish twice on my blog, once with undies and once alone and in neither post did it turn out as I hoped it would. These creamy peachy oranges just don't look very good with my skin tone, but I do love seeing them on others!

      I always seem to be scrambling at the last minute for my holiday manicures. I actually have a polish picked out and even went so far as to attempt a manicure with it that turned into a disasticure so I set it aside to try another day. Time's getting short! I better just put on my big girl panties and get that puppy on my nails!

    2. Oh my gosh, Liz; are you clairvoyant?? Electric Flame has been on my Llarowe wishlist for MONTHS now (sold out, of course). Thank you so much for the tip!! :D Oh my gosh, Interstellar Invasion is AMAZING. 11th Dimension Interloper, amirite?! And PRETTY JELLY, you're killing me! I'd never heard of them before, and suddenly I need all the things.

      I have all kinds of holiday stuff planned too, and I'm a little worried about it, for that reason! Winter break in particular is going to be a ZOO. The Ulta 20% off coupon hit yesterday, and armed with Ulta-mate rewards I laid siege to the holiday kits :O