Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer : Cool Illusion swatches

Happy first day of October!!  When I visited the doctor today my favorite nurse was clad in head-to-toe pumpkin orange to mark the occasion, and I was like whoop, Halloween is here.  Nancy is just the cutest like that, she rewards me with chocolates for good behavior (like not fainting during shots) which is basically the only reason I'm vaccinated for the flu right now :)  I respond extremely well to food bribery.  Like children, or dogs.  Speaking of dogs, just look at what naughty Freyja did on a nice autumn hike:

Freyja loves mud holes.  Marisa wishes that she did not.

In other news, Lilypad Lacquer has just been bursting with new polishes, as I mentioned and demonstrated in this post on the beauteous {"Wintery Bliss"}.  Many of them seem to be exclusives to one online store or another, though today's lovely is exclusive to Llarowe.

Lilypad Lacquer "Cool Illusion"

"Cool Illusion" is a twilight violet polish with an enigmatic shimmer that shifts from lunar blue to mysterious magenta... all bathed in a hazy wash of holographic shimmer, like mist drifting across a silver moon.  A cool illusion, indeed!  This would be the most perfect color to have on your nails if, say, you will be stargazing with centaurs any time soon.  The gentle holographic shimmer has the same filmy luminescence of a billion stars swirling together in a brilliant galaxy; your Forbidden Forest divination friends will be enthralled.  "Cool Illusion" has the heavenly formula that we can expect from Lilypad Lacquer; two coats, and done.  I found this intriguingly complex color to be as difficult to capture as a unicorn foal (and the fickle Oregon sun was not on my side)... it may be a see-it-to-believe-it kind of thing!!

Lilypad Lacquer "Cool Illusion"

Lilypad Lacquer "Cool Illusion"

"Cool Illusion" is a Lilypad Lacquer exclusive at Llarowe, where it retails for $13.

When was the last time you read the stars? ⋆


  1. This polish is gorgeous! I will be stalking the restocks.... Freyja is gorgeous too, is she a field lab?

    1. It really is beautiful, such a mystical shade!! I think it sold out very very quickly, but I hope it makes a return soon! I didn't know about the distinction between an English lab and a field lab until just now haha, but I know that she was bred to be smaller like many hunting dogs now, and the sloppy pup definitely is not a show dog so yes I'd say she is! She definitely has plenty of energy, and is very cute indeed when she doesn't flop in mud puddles :)