Saturday, February 14, 2015

Girly Bits "The Power of Love"

Happy, happy Valentine's Day!!  May your day be full of affection and love, be it romantic, filial, friendly, and/or of the self

[P.S. - I happened upon this lovely feathered family in the Kastellet fortress gardens of Copenhagen; with its palaces, roses, swans, and fairy tales, not to mention the royal hearts which gild the coins, it is one of the most romantic cities I have ever visited.]

Passionate purples and lovely lavenders are some of my favorites for this occasion, but this exquisite lilac with ethereal elfin qualities occupies its own sphere in my polish-loving heart.  "The Power of Love", indeed!  I predict that even hearts hardened against the season's sappy pinks and reds will warm for this magical lacquer, like a love goddess's dream.

au naturel (no topcoat)

glossy (two layers topcoat)

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hare Polish: "Oh What Fun It Is To Love" + "Test Your Love!" + "Love You To Pieces!"

Happy happy Friday, gorgeous!!  The ominous 13th it may be, but for myself, I am looking forward to a peachy Valentine's Day tomorrow, and choosing to disregard the sinister portents.  What's a superstitious day against an auspiciously delightful polish on the nails, anyway?  And if you're needing some ideas for a love lacquer to suit your Valentine mood, well, I might have some ideas... :)  Are you a natural beauty in need of a cozy, rosy hue?  A fearless flirt for whom only bright and bold will do?  Or perhaps, an enigmatic temptress, glimmering in the sultry darkness?  Or, are you something else entirely...?

For inspiration, I have assembled all of my *love*-themed Hares, and mood-wise, they run the gamut, but they do have a few things in common: dazzle power, and awesomeness.  They are especially precious to me because they were all first worn and loved by my most favoritest Lacquer Slacker Liz.  Each time I indulge in sporting one of these HARE polish treasures, I am simply in awe of her generosity in sharing these stunning creations with me, and feel like if anyone is channeling Cupid's divine spirit this year, it would be darling Liz for uniting me and HARE in true lacquer lurv :]

Hare Polish "Oh What Fun It Is To Love"

Hare Polish "Test Your Love!"

Hare Polish "Test Your Love!"

Hare Polish "Love You To Pieces!"

Hare Polish "Love You To Pieces!"

♥ * ♥ *

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Liquid Sky Lacquer : Valentine's Day Duo "Love is in the Air" + "Thinking of You" ♥

Well hello, dahlings!  I've missed this.  I just had my midterm review, and I thought a review of a different genre might be a nice way to wind down after the past couple days' cram.  The moment February dawned I immediately began slathering on all of my love-themed polishes, and have been so anxious to share them with you!!  This duo was released for Valentine's Day last year, but I've been picking them off during sales and such, just in time for this year's celebration of love ♥

Liquid Sky Lacquer "Love is in the Air"

Liquid Sky Lacquer "Thinking of You"

Monday, February 2, 2015

Rainbow Honey : "Snow and Lights" & "Your Hand In Mine"

Happy February, loves!  As you most likely already know, Rainbow Honey opened the Vault with the dawn of the new year, and beautiful polishes feared lost forever were reawakened: the sparkling August 2013 limited edition Heisenberg, and some January 2014 limited editions, as we shall see today!!  I have been mooning over these very same, previously unattainable polishes for months, and was so delighted to hear that we would have a chance at them again.

And, as seen in the January 2015 Limited Editions... MACRO HAS LANDED.  For so long I have longed to share with you this intricate loveliness that words simply cannot fathom, and now that I have been so empowered, I am hard pressed to not simply MACRO ALL THE THINGS immediately.  The struggle is real, but then, so is the magic.

"Snow and Lights" + "Your Hand in Mine"

"Your Hand in Mine"

"Snow and Lights"

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *