Monday, February 2, 2015

Rainbow Honey : "Snow and Lights" & "Your Hand In Mine"

Happy February, loves!  As you most likely already know, Rainbow Honey opened the Vault with the dawn of the new year, and beautiful polishes feared lost forever were reawakened: the sparkling August 2013 limited edition Heisenberg, and some January 2014 limited editions, as we shall see today!!  I have been mooning over these very same, previously unattainable polishes for months, and was so delighted to hear that we would have a chance at them again.

And, as seen in the January 2015 Limited Editions... MACRO HAS LANDED.  For so long I have longed to share with you this intricate loveliness that words simply cannot fathom, and now that I have been so empowered, I am hard pressed to not simply MACRO ALL THE THINGS immediately.  The struggle is real, but then, so is the magic.

"Snow and Lights" + "Your Hand in Mine"

"Your Hand in Mine"

"Snow and Lights"

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

>> Your Hand In Mine <<

 "Your Hand In Mine" is a boreal teal jelly polish suffused with magenta and sapphire microflakie shimmers, and studded with silver hex glitters.  Magical and playful, it is like ice skating under the stars, catching kisses and clasping mittened hands.  ♥  Sheer to suspend the glitters and shimmers, "Your Hand In Mine" was opaque in four coats on my nails, and dried quite fast for a quick turnaround painting cycle.  I actually had no idea that there was silver glitter in here; all these months, gazing at swatches, having no concept this glacial beauty's true depth.

>> Snow and Lights <<

"Snow and Lights" is a snow queen's glitter dream, and "Your Hand In Mine"'s perfect mate.  Studded with silver, glacier blue, and sapphire glitters, and glazed in microflakie shimmer flashing ultraviolet, ultramarine, and the occasional bright fuchsia flashes, "Snow and Lights" is anchored by iridescent hologram film glitters for an additional elusive layer of exquisite complexity.  In one of my favorite fairy tales, the northern lights dance over a palace of ice in the eternal winter of the north pole... and surely, this glitter topper illustrated the dance as well as any.  I used two coats over "Your Hand In Mine".

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

Rainbow Honey should be returning within the next few days with February goodies, and hopefully some more vault surprises!!  In case you need any more impetus to be there the moment of reopening, I have it on good inside authority that the Valentine's Box (limited edition) is going to be positively "OMG worthy" ;)  Be sure to email if there are any discontinued polishes you would like to see brought back!!  I have already requested "The Worst Possible Thing", "20% Cooler", "The Element of Magic", etc...

"Snow and Lights" and "Your Hand In Mine" were sold separately when I acquired them, and were also sold as a discounted trio with their January 2014 glitter topper friend "Fireworks" (at least, I think that is the name...)
* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *
Have you ever skated on a frozen pond, bathed in moonlight??  It is magic unimaginable.  Now that I think on it, I have actually experienced the wonder of this quite a few times, often on a spontaneous flurry of fate.  It was one of these occasions that, not anticipating the activity and quite without my own skates, I was obliged to try hockey skates for the first time... and, well, that is as close to true love at first sight as I think exists in this world. 

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. Beautiful shots with your new macro... lens? attachment? Whatever it is, it does a great job with these Rainbow Honey beauties. Are you pleased? I especially appreciate the Your Hand in Mind closeup, where you can see the glittery goodness of the bottle shot on your nail peeking through the blue base. Lovely! These polishes are so you!

    I almost always have my mac's dictionary application up and running but I never use it as often to read reviews as when I read yours. Ha!

    Stictly a figure skate user, myself, and even then I possessed only the most rudimentary skating skills. Only once have I skated on ice that wasn't in a rink, and that was on the C&O Canal in Washington DC many, many years ago. I remember the wonderful feeling of skating out in nature and the delight in how freeing it felt. I envy your moonlit pond skating sessions!

    1. Oh my gosh, yes, I am so happy! It is just one of those crappy little smartphone attachment lenses that comes in a kit... I was looking for a new, better camera, but became frustrated and decided to just go with one of these for now. I'm just pleased that I can FINALLY share these fascinating shimmer compositions!!!

      Haha you know, I have had many friends note upon my inclination to randomly use obscure words in conversation; but then, I would say the same for your reviews! I'm always learning new words from you, or discovering nuances of them :)

      Skating outside is just something else! Some of the most stunning rinks I have played at have been outdoor ones; technologically rudimentary, true, but one was set up on a hill looking out towards distant mountains, and the other in a park surrounded by picturesque pines. It was the latter rink where a Canada goose landed in center ice during play, almost colliding with one of my teammates, actually. Outdoor rinks are just more fun!!