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This blog and its content are generated, written, and edited by me.  I am by no means an expert, just a girl with way too much nail polish!  ♥

The intellectual property of this blog is not to be republished without express permission, as per the automatic copyright protection granted by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

For questions, comments, and public relations inquiries regarding use of content, please contact Marisa at tiny.twinklings@gmail.com.

Public Relations & Disclosure

I have hoarded the vast majority of the products here myself and with my own funds, but if I review a product which has been accepted as a gift or provided for review by a company, it will be noted within or following the content of the review.

*Tiny Twinklings* accepts products for review from brands and public relations representatives.  Acceptance of press samples does not constitute a contract or guarantee for a favorable review.  We are pretty positive around here, and always strive for fairness, tact, and constructive honesty in the service of both our readers and brand partners.

In an effort to ensure a mutually beneficial exchange, I would request that you contact me prior to sending samples.  This will allow me to address specific terms or needs that your product might require with regards to deadlines and turnaround times, imagery and content use, social media, and due credit, to the satisfaction of both parties!  Of course, if you just like surprises and would like to send products of your own volition, that's fine too and of course much appreciated!  Just please note that I cannot guarantee the publication of a review for unanticipated products, though I will say, I have in the past managed to get a post up for a surprise collection within days, so never say never!


I love comments!  I love them so much!!  It is my hope and intention to respond to each and every one, but if I do forget (it happens, blaarrrghh) I just want you to know that I *always* appreciate my readers taking a moment to share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and dreams.  You are far from faceless to me, Twinklings!!

Sprinklepuff and I like to foster a warm and cuddly environment here on *Tiny Twinklings*, with lots of hugs and laughter.  Smiling is our favorite!!  We would kindly request that you keep your commentary positive and constructive, so that all feel safe and welcome within this community.  We also ask that you exercise discretion when sharing links; I am certainly not opposed to relevant links that contribute to the discussion topic at hand, but spontaneous self-promotion just gets confusing for everyone.  I maintain the right to monitor all commentary, and to remove comments that do not adhere to these standards, or as necessary at my discretion.

Social Media

It makes my day to hear from readers through this blog's various social media outlets- Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin', Google Plus, etc!!  I greatly appreciate your likes, shares, and commentary.  Keep those ideas flowing!  And I just love to visit and interact with your content in turn; hooray for mutual interests!  Please note that this silly business of follow-for-follow (F4F), like-for-like, share-for-share... it's not a thing.  At least, not for me.  I would hope that my readers are with me because they have a genuine interest in what I have to share, and I must insist upon doing others the same dignity.  I've always believed that having only a few real friends is better than having hundreds of insincere ones, and I'm sticking to it.  :)

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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