Sunday, March 29, 2015

6 Harts Polish "Swim Through The Deep Skies"

The hidden polish community is a fascinating digital underground: all words, no voices, all hands, few faces.  In a world of nuggles, with no inkling of the irresistible allure that something so innocuous as nail polish holds on the minds of ladies (and gentlemen!) all over the planet, it is a rare happening indeed to meet with another of this invisible, magical world.  We, the nail fairies, or nairies, if you will, walk through the physical world hidden in plain sight, and reveal ourselves only in our digital kingdom to our fellow nairy passionistas.  Oh, your nuggle friends are aware of (and baffled by) your ever-shifting, perfectly-painted nails, and might even, to their intense bewilderment, catch an occasional glimpse of one overflowing corner of your nail polish dynasty.  I find it is always best that they never know the full extent, unless you have a fainting couch and smelling salts immediately near your stash.  These dear nuggles are delicate creatures, you know.

But, once in a blue moon, a holographic blue moon (because, well, we're nail polish folk and cannot help ourselves), you might just be lucky enough to encounter another nairy in real life...

Until the day I met Courtney of 6 Harts Polish, I had never been so lucky, and, I suspect you will likely understand why that day I felt like I had actually found a unicorn.  A craftsy, hug-loving, sweet-as-sugar Montana girl who is not merely nairy-literate, but so fully engrossed in The Obsession as to concoct her own lacquer magic...?  It was kind of like looking into a mirror, or a dream.

An immensely warm, kind, darling dream mirror who gives really great hugs.

These lovely qualities of hers were really emphasized in this circumstance: after weeks of correspondence and anticipation, I was a full half hour late to our appointed meet-up.  Thirty minutes!  I dislike being late so I was absolutely horrified, and so ashamed that I wanted to sink into my own skin, but when I finally bounded, near panic-stricken, into our local riverside Bernice's Bakery, Courtney was so gracious beyond any expectation; all friendliness and warm welcome.  You would just love her!  The next half hour was revolutionary to me: words spoken that I had only ever seen typed (indie lacquer!  Helmer stash!  Elevation Polish!), sentiments reciprocated that had only ever evoked confusion in my nuggle friends (the unforgivable sin of a four-coat slow-drying crème polish, for example).  This nairy world that I had been living in for almost four years now was finally a living and breathing entity, and it was all kinds of beautiful.

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *

Speaking of beautiful, just look at this sparkling jewel of a polish that will be released next month!  Courtney generously surprised me with this little sneak peek, which I am so very honored to share with you.  When I first saw this gemstone lacquer I immediately assumed that it was inspired by our very own Treasure State, with its blue timbered mountains, endless sky, and royal blue state flag, but in fact was created for a movie-inspired polish maker's swap.  However, when it comes to deep skies, I believe I can reasonably attest that we natives of Big Sky Country are something of an authority ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Different Dimension "Luck & Leprechauns"

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, loves!  Really slipping this one under the wire...  But you know how it is!  I could never resist a good festive polish, and this one is very special indeed.  Wearing it, I can just feel the leprechaun formations soaring over the violently-violet World Cup Stadium, little lanterns aglow, a shower of gold raining down over the Irish supporters, the arc of a rainbow bowing up towards the star-studded sky, the great shimmering shamrock rising over Ireland's end...  We're talking Quidditch now, in case you weren't following :)  March always lures my imaginings and daydreams to the British Isles, and I think I can feel a Harry Potter audiobook binge-listen coming on...

(Queue Ludo Bagman's voice:) "And with that, I GIVE YOU... DIFFERENT DIMENSION!"

Okay, so it's not quite so snappy as "I GIVE YOU... POTTER!", but I'd bet that any nail addict out there gets the same rousting rush of exhilaration all the same.  Tee hee.

"Luck & Leprechauns" glitter gradient over "My Lucky Clover"

Monday, March 16, 2015

Candie's Nail Polish "My Lucky Charm"

*  *  *

Happy happy Monday, lads and bonny lasses!  I should be studying for my final tomorrow, and I have been, but it's just been so sunny outside... and the impending spring break that is just beyond this exam has me so bouncy and energized... and idk, I'm just having the darndest time focusing, so I'm kinda hoping to drum up a little luck ;)  I would say that tomorrow would be a fabulous time for a little Felix Felicis, but with the luck o' the Irish strong in spirit hopefully even I, with nary a drop of Irish or even Celtic blood in my veins, will be able to glean a little off for some focus power.  With the kind of scattered energy I've been buzzing about with, I could certainly use it to compensate! :)

And that brings us to today's festive mani... you wanted green, and so here it is: a green jolly enough to make a leprechaun skip!  Just sprinkle on a little gold glitter, and I'm guessing that you could make all kinds of little magical, albeit mischievous friends on the morrow.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rainbow Honey: March 2015 Mystery Bag!!

Hello, Twinklings!!  The Rainbow Honey store is open again, and with it comes a new Mystery Bag!!  As you know, I just love my mysteries, (ironically, I am obsessively re-watching Sherlock as I edit these photos) and must apologize for the lack of one last month...  the February mystery bag was fabulous!  (The fragrance Carnival Candy is my new love.)  Alas, time was not on my side :/  But we are back on track this month, and oh, what a great one it is shaping up to be!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fair Maiden Polish "Change Your Fate"

Happy Friday the 13th, again!!  In the Celtic spirit of upcoming St. Patrick's Day, I just had to share with you this powerfully pretty polish inspired by Scottish princess Merida of Brave, and, fittingly enough, part of Fair Maiden's debut collection titled *Be Your Own Heroine*.  Merida was indeed her own heroine, and if this teal tribute was an arrow, it would be flying straight true to the heart and free spirit of The Bear & The Bow (as the story was originally called!).

Merida the Brave

*     *    *    *  *  *   *    *     *

Can't you just see the moss-dappled mountain glade, blankets of heather cushioning your footfalls as your breath parts the curtains of mist lingering in the early morning chill...?  The shadows are yet deep in the gathering dawn, and through their nocturnal curls a tiny ephemeral light flickers and skips: the ever-elusive dance of the will-o'-the-wisp.  And along their shivering path... fate awaits.

*     *    *    *  *  *   *    *     *

a rare two-faced bottle!! :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

KBShimmer "Ins and Sprouts" + Rescue Beauty Lounge "Locavore"

Hello again, darlings!!  It hasn't even been three weeks, but it feels like an age has passed since I last made blogging happen.  My goal was to post once a week, but even that has felt like the final insurmountable obstacle in the mountain of schoolwork I have been scaling, slowly but surely :/  In the meantime, I have been accumulating DROVES of swatches, and am looking forward to doing some spring cleaning here on Tiny Twinklings over spring break.  If you love titanic posts storming with swatches,  I will have just the thing in a few weeks!

"Locavore" + "Ins & Sprouts"

My boyfriend's darling mother, Lynne, loves green, and has requested some verdant hues to get us all in the spirit for St. Patrick's Day!  As you know, I am all about celebrating the season in color, and so I am beyond happy to oblige.  As soon as March struck, I started in on my selected chute of greens with a vengeance.  Today's feature is one that I looked forward to most, while still enjoying my romantic roses and lavenders for February, and I just had to wear it immediately.  My dearest NPBFF, Lacquer Slacker Liz, posted a divine manicure yesterday with the most charming yellow-green holographic, Fancy Gloss "Lilypad", in the midst of so many beautiful Rescue Beauty Lounge, and this compound effort is my return tribute :)

"Ins & Sprouts"

"Locavore" + "Ins & Sprouts"