Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Different Dimension "Luck & Leprechauns"

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, loves!  Really slipping this one under the wire...  But you know how it is!  I could never resist a good festive polish, and this one is very special indeed.  Wearing it, I can just feel the leprechaun formations soaring over the violently-violet World Cup Stadium, little lanterns aglow, a shower of gold raining down over the Irish supporters, the arc of a rainbow bowing up towards the star-studded sky, the great shimmering shamrock rising over Ireland's end...  We're talking Quidditch now, in case you weren't following :)  March always lures my imaginings and daydreams to the British Isles, and I think I can feel a Harry Potter audiobook binge-listen coming on...

(Queue Ludo Bagman's voice:) "And with that, I GIVE YOU... DIFFERENT DIMENSION!"

Okay, so it's not quite so snappy as "I GIVE YOU... POTTER!", but I'd bet that any nail addict out there gets the same rousting rush of exhilaration all the same.  Tee hee.

"Luck & Leprechauns" glitter gradient over "My Lucky Clover"

>> Luck & Leprechauns <<

"Luck & Leprechauns" is a treasure trove of holographic glitters in emerald, pale olivine, and gold, and accented with sheer iridescent flakies, and slightly shifting, burgundy-bronze metallic flakies.  The overall effect is an enchanting golden moss green, with a bit of a burnished rose bronze afterglow, and of course, a liberal sprinkling of rainbow lights.  The burgundy really is a brilliant touch; just opposite the color wheel of yellow-green, the flakies pose a complementary contrast against a field of sparkling olive, and endow what might have been a predictable composition for the occasion with surprise and sophistication.  It's not luck, it's color theory!  My favorite!  ;)

The glitter is wonderfully abundant, yielding one dense sparkling topper effect in one coat, or full scintillating opacity in three.  I found the base took a moment or two to dry, and of course tested this making mischief- and yes, you'll ding up the second coat, even after five minutes, if you go all raccoon getting into stuff.  But if you can keep your hands to yourself for 10 or 15 minutes, you'll be all set with two layers of topcoat and super sparkle clover meadow nails, yayy :)

I re-purposed yesterday's mani, Candie's "My Lucky Charm", with my favorite, a glitter gradient, for a glitzy little luck cocktail on meh nails.  Never let a crème mani go un-glittered for long, that's what I always say!

two coats "Luck & Leprechauns" over two coats "My Lucky Charm"

"Luck & Leprechauns" may be found at Different Dimension & Llarowe.

* * *

 I hope you all indulged in some fabulous St. Patty's Day traditions today!!  I spent most of it cramming dismally for my final exam, and as of 6pm I was done with my last technical (terrible) class of architecture school, hooray hooray!  (One more term and it's all over, folks!)  That's my pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow this Shamrock Day :) 

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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