Monday, April 13, 2015

Rainbow Honey : April 2015 Mystery Bag unboxing & review

Hello, Twinklings!  Secret's out: it's the April Mystery Bag by Rainbow Honey!!  And if I were to take I guess, I would say that this month's bag is all about April showers... and it's glorious.  Make it rain, baby.  Make it rain GLITTER.

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"Thistle Tresses" + "Eidolon" // "Delphine" + "Thistle Tresses"

>> Thistle Tresses << 

"Adorn your nails with this vivid blend of violet, blue, and teal glitters!  Top your manicure or accent nail with this sparkly floral stunner!"  - Rainbow Honey Lab

"Thistle Tresses" is a blooming glitter topper of bubbly aqua matte hexes, slightly deeper aqua pearl circles, azure blue pearl circles, and metallic hexes in deep thistle purple, fuchsia, and light pink lilac, all swimming in a fantastical shimmering sea of superfine aquatic microflakies with a strong purple-pink shift that approaches gold at the very steepest angles.  I used three coats for swatches because the glitter doesn't seem to be terribly dense, and I really wanted a full sparkling array of all the glitters because the composition is really fabulous.

"Thistle Tresses" over "Eidolon"

"Thistle Tresses" over "Delphine"

>> Eidolon << 

 "Explore your spiritual curiosity with this shimmery gold-purple that's out of this world!"  - Rainbow Honey Lab

>> lupine <<

"Eidolon" is a fantasy lupine microflakie shimmer that glows an ephemeral orchid pink along the axis of light, and at the edges recedes into the misty soft lavender of the base; all this, beautifully accented by pale gold iridescent microflakies, like a fairy queen's dream.  "Eidolon" is very sheer, and would perform charmingly as a shimmer topper as it does distribute very evenly; I used five coats for these swatches, though to the naked eye four is passable. 

>> Delphine << 

"Celebrate spring with Delphine, a pastel blueberry crème packed with our signature shimmer blend!"  - Rainbow Honey Lab


 "Delphine" is a delicate powder blue crème glistening with a crystalline blue microflakie shimmer that gentle twinkles frozen hues of aqua and violet.  Delphine applies quite evenly and without complicated streaking, and sets quickly before drying to a glossy finish.  As a white-based pastel it does apply shear and for swatches I used five coats, though four or even three would have been fine if not for the slight concave dip at the base of my nail that remained persistently more sheer than the rest of the nail until that final fifth coat.

>> Pomelo << 

"Pomelo" is an effervescent citrus scent that smells like a sparkling mélange of lemon and grapefruit (or a San Pellegrino or something), but for those like me who have never had one, a pomelo is apparently an "original citrus fruit native to south/southeast Asia" that looks like a big fat grapefuit-sized pear-lime hybrid baby.  Also if you Google "pomelo", a whole boatload of pictures of dogs and cats with pomelo-peel helmets will inexplicably appear, so I highly recommend doing that immediately.

>> Melon Fizz << 

"Melon Fizz" is sugary sweet and extra juicy watermelon scent that is bang-on target for that beloved, nostalgic Jolly Ranchers watermelon essence.  Shockingly sweet, really, but the innermost child in me still emerges for watermelon candy, so the adult in me just has to get over itself ;)  For notes on the wonderful-ness of this sugar lip scrub, please refer to my January Mystery Bag review, where I smother its majesty in loving, lavish detail.  Tee hee, silliness.

The Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag is available as a $10 mini and a $25 large, and as ever I highly recommend the large mystery bag subscription.  The value for the money is absolutely unbeatable, seriously.

Included in this month's mystery bag summary was a tantalizing sneak peek at the upcoming collection, à La Pâtisserie, releasing April 18.  I've been looking forward to this since it was mentioned back in February, and since we got a delicious teaser of the new fragrances with the March Mystery Bag.  I think I'm seeing: 1) bright honeydew crème, 2) watermelon red crème, 3) cantaloupe orange glitter crelly, 4) pale pink crelly with bright red/pink glitters, 5) pearlescent pink & lavender glitter topper, 6) apple green shimmer with golden sheen, 7) lemon yellow glitter topper with tangerine & white accents, 8) soft peach glitter crelly (or crème?), 9) orange shimmer with golden sheen, and 10) daffodil yellow glitter crelly.  Yeah, idk why I started at 2:30, 3pm either, other than that's where I was kinda feeling most confident and just went for it. :P 

 We shall see how okay my vision is on Saturday, woohoo!!!!

à la Pâtisserie - 4.18.2015

"10 delicious new colors; crèmes, glitters, and shimmers, along with 3 new custom blended fragrances, plus an array of new body care products."

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *
>> Springtime Giveaway <<

Two beautiful spring polishes, and eleven easy-peasy ways to win them...  here it is, goddesses, because we lurv you: 

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. I want a Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag so bad! Maybe one will be my next "reward purchase", when I need something to help motivate me into getting things done.

    Do you know if the large bags have everything the mini ones do?

    1. They do, and more! The mini bags sometimes have regular sized items, but usually are just the sample version of the large bag. In my January Mystery Bag post I happened to have both bags so I took a size comparison image: I will have to continue taking them as the opportunity arises!!

      Here are the relative sizes for the April bag (mini/large):
      >> polish (7.5/15mL)
      >> cuticle oil (7.5/15mL)
      >> sugar lip scrub (0.25/0.50oz)
      >> nourishing lip balm (0.15oz)

    2. Ah, thank you! I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be missing anything by ordering just the larger bag :) I always drool over what I see people getting in them.

    3. Of course; thank you for asking!! I look forward to my mystery bag every month, and haven't been disappointed yet. And I'm pretty particular, so this kind of amazes me! Far from missing out on anything, very occasionally there is a bonus little gift with the large bag (such as in the October bag we received this great dotting tool: But mostly, the retail value of the large generally is around $55-$60, though the larger size of the mini bottles of polish now make that a pretty swell deal as well and as you can see, usually they are about half-size! However, if it's lotion or body spray or cooling gel or hand sanitizer, etc for one of the body products, you will get a far greater amount in the large bag relative to the mini. So if you can spring for it, I definitely recommend the large bags for sure :) I like almost everything enough that I'll use the whole product anyway, but if I LOVE something (especially polish) then I tend to be extra happy that I already have the large size.

  2. What do you think about Eidolon compared to Xi from the October bag? They look very very similar....are they IRL?

    1. I don't have Xi (Zi?) with me at the moment, but I remember thinking of it when I opened up Eidolon! I'll have to do a macro comparison when I move home and my collection is all together again :) I can tell you though that Zi is a notably darker, truer purple with rainbow iridescent flakies, and composition-wise is more similar to The Master (from the December Mystery bag) than Eidolon, whose mica-like flakies are more metallic. Zi is also more opaque (3 coats vs. 5 for Eidolon) and jelly-based, while Eidolon is shimmer-based, and a lighter, cooler tone: a lavender rather than a purple. In summary, while they are reminiscent and I think someone who liked one would like the other, they are each very distinct and certainly both worth having :) I have my October Mystery Bag review here (pre-macro) in case you haven't seen it and want to compare:

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