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Rainbow Honey: January 2015 Mystery Bag!

Hello there, fairy friends!  Long time, no nothing, I know.  It has been a busy and wonderful week, exploring Portland and the Oregon Coast with my darling man, but as he returned to Montana so did I return to reality (including the dwindling window of primary relevance for this post, haha).  I now have both a mystery bag subscription and my change-of-address in order, so next month should be much more timely, Twinklings!!  And so, on that harried note, I present the January Mystery Bag (WHEEE)!!

Dirty Mintini

"Dirty Mintini" is a lovely pistachio cream speckled with caramelized chocolate metallic glitters, and frosted with fairy blue microflakie shimmers with an iridescent fuchsia shift.  The brown microglitters cast golden bronze sparks in complement, and in the pale green base looks precisely like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Contemplating this polish, I know for sure what my next frozen treat will be...

"Dirty Mintini" goes on sheer, as both light colors and glitter crellies do, and I used four coats for full, luscious opacity.  Dry time was fabulous and fast using thin coats.

Rosey Bot

"Rosey Bot" is a classic blushing peach gilded with the signature aluminum flakes of the Robots Collection from spring 2013.  Fine, brightly white, and glistening, the aluminum shimmer in the crème base makes for a uniquely light, glazed appearance amongst its foil finish peers.  I adore this sweet, flattering color, and am fascinated by the contrasting dynamic between the muted, vintage hue, and the sleek, space-age sensibility of the finish.  It really is very slightly more orange than pink-based; not precisely the "Rosey Bot" you might expect, perhaps, but an intriguing interpretation of a rose all the same; it reminds me greatly of Lancôme Trésor in Love, a peachy-pink perfume with sweet fruity top notes and a heart of taif rose.  I wish I had my bottle here in Oregon now!

"Rosey Bot" has a thick opaque formula that does not care to be over-manipulated; though it goes on quite opaque, the viscous thickness did pull together and leave some patchiness for me, so I ended up using three coats.  Careful that you do not dent or scratch the soft set-up, and mar this gorgeous shade!  I recommend using topcoat as soon as dry.

Lemon Sorbet

"Lemon Sorbet" is a gorgeous crystalline shimmer transformer alight with unbelievable iridescent microflakies, and a pale golden luminance.  Think crystallized pineapple, or indeed, lemon sorbet!!  (This polish is lightly scented, so the latter will not take much effort; it will be lingering in your subconscious as you flutter your sweetly fresh citrus nails.)  This isn't your run-of-the-mill golden shimmer topper; it is so much more expressive.  It is for polishes like these that I am so impatient for my macro lens to arrive!!  The radiant microflakies shatter light into delicate hints of prismatic rainbow hues, and the perimeter of the light flare has that complex, indirect orchadian translucence that I just adore (most evident layered over "Rosey Bot").

I loved "Lemon Sorbet" over the pistachio base hue of "Dirty Mintini"; if I had either Rainbow Honey "Stolen Dance" or "Lucky Bot" with me right now I would be all over them with this shimmehh haha.  The shimmer didn't look great with the dark glitters below, nor was it a complete monstrosity either... but like I say, the golden iridescence is just otherworldly over the diaphanous green.  It was also quite dazzling over "Rosey Bot", if I do say so myself.  I used one simple coat over both, and I found it dried in a snap!

"Lemon Sorbet" + "Dirty Mintini"

"Lemon Sorbet" + "Rosey Bot"

Lemon Sorbet: sugar lip scrub / lip balm / hand soap

I *love* this scent: sweeter and happier than the best lemon pudding ever made.  Decadent vanilla cream is brightened by sugared lemon curd for a fragrance that is all but edible... except that it's not, unfortunately.  I found that the lip balm has a quite acrid, sharp taste that I can only describe as atomic lemon rind.  Rainbow Honey cites every simple, natural ingredient that goes into this silky, softening lip balm, and so I am not alarmed that this effect might be from some weird chemical (I suspect it might be some kind of lemon ester extract for fragrance), but even so, it is not altogether pleasant.  Strangely, I encountered this same exact searingly bitter taste a few days later with a lip conditioner from Anthropologie, a Royal Apothic Lip Balmie in Extract of Marshmallow; I've never experienced such before, so I thought it quite odd that I should find it in two different companies' products in a matter of days.  It's very sad, because the fragrance is just beyond amazing.

But at least it can also be enjoyed with this month's other products!  The Sugar Lip Scrub is yet another wonderful new product in the Rainbow Honey arsenal, and to me stands out from other lip scrubs due to the luxurious moisturizing base of avocado and coconut oils plus a kiss of shea butter.  I'm obsessed with the simultaneous nourishing and exfoliating sensation; both were so much more intense than that rendered by my only other lip scrub, by Mary Kay.  Don't forget to follow up with your nourishing lip balm for the full delightful treatment benefits!!

As ever, the blossom-shaped hand soap has a delicious lather while also yielding a soft, gel-like glide that is not quite so slick and slippery like an ordinary bar soap.  I don't like the oil-stripped feeling of normal soap, but Rainbow Honey's is gentle, moisturizing, and surprisingly delightful for a girl who has never cared for bar soaps.  The last time I went home-home I actually had to jealously hide my Pomme Rouge heart soap, because it was getting too much love from everyone else and I myself love it too much to miss out :)

January Mini Mystery (top) vs. Large Mystery (bottom)

Rainbow Honey offers their mystery bags as a subscription service and also as a stand-alone purchase; mini mysteries are $10 + $3.95 shipping (and are free with a $65 purchase!), and large mysteries are $25 + free shipping as a subscription.  I ended up with both this month, and you can perhaps see why I love the large mystery... the value is unbeatable, though with the mini bottle size increase the mini has become an even better deal, and I mean hey, it was a good one to begin with!

The Rainbow Honey store is currently closed, but will be opening up in the first days of February with all kinds of new irresistible goodies, I'm sure (plus this January mystery bag; the mysteries are usually restocked for a second month wave, but disappear again quickly so don't wait).

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If perhaps you were wondering where Sprinklepuff & I have been for the past week or so, well, I hope this proves adequate excuse for our distraction:

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Sometimes, one just needs to take a weekend to forget real life and mosey about on a brine-soaked beach, searching for seashell shards and half hoping that the cold, surging tide might actually catch you...

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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