Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rainbow Honey "Gingered!"

 Hello there, Twinklings!!  Rainbow Honey's December limited edition polish hasn't made it onto the interwebs much yet, though I can't for the life of me think why.  I mean look at it; it's almost like sitting cozy by the fireside, wherever you are.


"Gingered!" is a tiger lily metallic, a molten copper suffused with fierce orange tones and accented with flakie sparks of gold and peony pink.  Effervescent, hot, and sharply sweet, this polish really captures the keen, delicious burn of candied ginger.  Not to mention, it is scented like gingerbread!!!!  The fragrance perseveres through topcoat, so no worries on that count, and for the most part smells delectably like warm, sweetly spiced gingerbread cookies. 
 In my nail art using "Frozen Flame" the glitter, however, I unthinkingly layered "Frozen Flame" the scented topcoat over the dabbled bit of "Gingered!", and oh man, I do not recommend it with winter florals (as you could have deduced on your own, I am sure).  It made for a bizarre, savory combination that really was repugnant on the nails.  But on its own, the gingerbread scent is merry and delightful!!

winter mani inspired by Frozen's Anna

saran wrap gradient; details here

I really liked the formula on this; beautifully opaque in two coats, pleasantly quick setting and drying, and smoothly applying.  These metallic flakie shimmer polishes have a soft suspension that is a bit dull and will scratch without topcoat, so don't forget to give it a good gloss over.

"Gingered!", like all RH limited editions, was free with a $50 purchase the month of its release, but will now be available for individual purchase here on Friday, January 9, when the shop reopens.

Anyone have a favorite combination of Rainbow Honey topcoat/cuticle oil/scented polish fragrances??  I feel like Midori and Sakura Matsuri together could potentially be quite delightful (I don't have them with me in my current city, or I would confirm!).



  1. This one reminds me a bit of Zoya Autumn from the fall Ignite collection. I loved that polish, I'd probably love this one too. Have you seen the new Rainbow Honey limited edition polishes for January? Fallen Snow and Icelandia, two "Marisa" polishes if I've ever seen them. Hopefully you'll have the time to grace your blog with those now that you're in Portlandia. (haha!)

    1. Oh you absolutely would, Liz! From what I recall of your beautiful take on "Autumn", "Gingered!" is a bit lighter and brighter maybe (?), but definitely very reminiscent! I CAN NOT WAIT for this month's collection to arrive; you are absolutely right, I was hopping up and down when I saw the January LE set. Iceland is my favorite of all countries, and I have a slight premonition of keeling over when "Icelandia" (!!!) arrives here in, as you say, Portlandia ;) My mystery bag, unfortunately, will be delivered in Montana tomorrow (because someone isn't organized with address changes), but one way or another, all of the RH things will definitely be posted this month, despite my current student-ness!! Also, did you see the Muscovite bliss set?? I totally thought of you when I saw Behemoth; darkly glamorous colors are so stunning on you and I was like, oh man, Liz would just rock the socks off of this.