Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lorac : Party Eye Shadow Palette {Ulta Exclusive}

Happy New Year, angels, and a Merry Tenth Day of Christmas, too!  If you're celebrating all the way up to Three King's Day on Tuesday, and are needing to elevate your holiday eye look, I might take a peek at Lorac's new Party Palette (released exclusively at Ulta on December 26). 

♥ * ♥ *

pale yellow gold pearl ... cinnamon sable satin ... golden brown umber ... mauve glassfleck shimmer

white frost glassfleck shimmer :

♥ * ♥ *

royal iris purple matte sparkle ... olive leaf green shimmer ... oceanic aqua glassfleck shimmer ... black emerald matte sparkle

silk slipper nude shimmer :

♥ * ♥ *

As is the Lorac standard, every single one of these shadows was at least decently if not outstandingly pigmented.  The purple and deep green shadows have something of a matte base with suspended sparkle that went on a bit drier and less opaque, but the pure shimmer shadows were fairly buttery, just how I like them.  The only thing that this palette needs is the same thing the Lorac The Royal Palette Set needed: a true silky matte to temper all of the shiny that's going on here; I mean, it is perfectly festive for a party, but for normal wear I like to establish some hierarchical differentiation with some nice matte shadows.  (Maybe swap it in for like half of the white?  I mean, how does one use this much snow white highlighter??)  I love shimmer more than anything, but I do feel like my eye starts to amplify the overall shine of my face if I'm just 100% shimmer up in here.

Another regrettable side effect of certain shimmers is clean-up-resistant shimmer-gone-wild fallout under the eyes, and a few of these shadows are guilty (white, mauve, and olive, I'm looking at you).  You can see in my eye look below that the shimmer did travel a bit, not terribly, but a bit. 

Here, I used the white along my brow bone, with the light gold transitioning down into the cinnamon in the crease.  Silk at the inner corner turns to the mauve on the lid, with the olive on the outer half and the emerald shading the outer corner and lining the upper lashline.  Aqua blue liberally lines my lower lashes.  As you can see, these colors, while far from neutrals, don't really go on all that flamboyant.  They are a lot of fun without being unwearable.  I wish I had taken a picture of the look I did with these yesterday, with purple on the outside corner blending into the aqua on the outside half, which blended into the mauve didn't look half so insane as you might think aqua eyeshadow would!

Plus, the black plastic palette case is festooned with gold holographic shimmers, so automatic win right there. The palette also just feels very comfortable in the hand, and I am totally loving the hinge!  It might be a really random detail to become enamored with, but I actually really appreciate that I can place the compact lid at any angle I want, way open or nearly closed, and the it will just stay there, like a very flexible anchor.  It's just a fabulous, feel-good fun palette for a guilt-free price!!

The Lorac Party Palette is to be found exclusively at Ulta for $24.

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What has been your favorite fun party palette this holiday season?

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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