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Lorac *The Royal* holiday eye shadow palette set

Hello there, princesses!  Seeking some shimmering shadows for your next royal ball?   Well good, because PRINCESSES ONLY*; we're talking about *The Royal* Eye Shadow Palette Set, after all.  (*Princesses-at-heart absolutely do count.  Welcome to Tiny Twinklings, Your Highness.)

I think I'll let the pictures do the heavy lifting in this post, since there are quite a few of them, and also because I'm feeling lazy after all dis photographing :P  Several of you have asked for eyeshadow looks to go with your eyeshadow swatches in the past, so I've been having a go at it lately.  Has it been helpful for you?  If this kind of post is working for you, or if there is something you would like to see, pretty please let me know in the comments so that I can optimize these reviews for you.  Because hey, my readers really are royalty around here! 

Crowns of Copenhagen

This set hasn't received much press at all, though by merit of its packaging alone one would think it should.  These crowns look exactly like the three kroner that stack in a spire over every old government building in Copenhagen, and the ones imprinted on the Danish krone coins.  The colors also remind me of the Rosenborg summer castle interior; I lived four blocks away from the slot during my time in the Danish capital so it is a fond place for me.  I often walked, picnicked, and sketched in the castle grounds; once we even did a zealous group workout on the lawns.  Just imagine, a whole bunch of us out there in front of a fairytale Renaissance castle, doing lunges and pushups and planks... in honor of the Queen, of course.  Anyways, these palettes are kind of nostalgic for me, so I was bound and determined to own this set, even if the colors aren't wildly unique or imaginative.  This regal collection full of precious metals is quite perfectly suited to holiday soirées and parties, or anytime you just need a little glamour in your life and on your lids.

Rosenborg Castle

♔ * *

Silver Silk

platinum white shimmer + stormy sterling silver + mahogany mink shimmer + ebony black matte

For this "Silver Silk" look, I swept the white along browline and onto the inner half of the lid, blended the brown into the crease, brushed the silver on the outer half of the lid, and then blended the black on the outer corner and into the crease.  For eyeliner I used a Lorac 3D Lustre double-ended liner in Slate/Pewter: lining the upper lid is Lorac "Black Slate" and lining the bottom is Lorac "Pewter Lustre".

♔ * *

Gold Satin

sand pearl shimmer + gold gilt shimmer + burnished metallic bronze + gold-sparkling black matte

For this "Gold Satin" look, I used the ivory pearl along the browline and on the inner lid, brushed the gold over the entire lid, blended the bronze into the crease, and framed the outer corner and crease with the gold-flecked black.  For eyeliner I used another Lorac 3D Lustre double-ended liner, with the deep shimmering olive "Black Ivy" on top, and the old world gold "Bronze" gilding the lower lashline.

♔ * *

Plum Velvet

ballet silk shimmer + stone taupe shimmer + gray wolf taupe shimmer + dusky aubergine matte

For this "Plum Velvet" look, I swept the pale pink shimmer along the brow and on the inner lid, blended the darker taupe shimmer into the crease, brushed the lighter taupe over the lid, and then blended the purple matte into the outer corner and into the crease.  If it all looks a little muddy, it's because it kinda was all muddy.  The taupe shadows end up looking quite similar on the lid, and with all of the shimmer diffusion it all ends up being a shiny sheet of silvery brown.  I think for a Plum Velvet palette it would've been nice to see a lighter purple instead of so much of the same neutral family.  Even if the darker taupe had been matte it would have made it easier to establish a hierarchy.  Even so, this was my boyfriend's definite favorite eye look so clearly this palette is doing something right!  For eyeliner I used the Lorac Front of the Line Pro black eyeliner as reviewed here with the *Elegant Orchid* box.  For mascara on all looks,  I used the magnificent Lorac Cobra mascara; for click here for review.

♔ * *

The eyeshadow formula is pretty uniform across the board on these: the shimmers are silky and readily blendable, if maybe not so melt-on-your-fingers buttery as the Lorac singles I own and adore.  Mattes go on somewhat sheer, smooth, and even, great for making smoky eyes.

*The Royal* Eye Shadow Palette Set (not to be confused with *The Royal* Eye Shadow Collection) is to be found exclusively at Kohl's and retails for the holiday-happy price of $35.

♔ * *

Rosenborg Castle

Meet one of the lions that guards the gates to Rosenborg (^).  Its fellow has a manipulable bronze tongue on a hinge, and the story goes that the beloved King Christian IV would sometimes wander home drunk after a jolly night in the taverns of Copenhagen, and could find the key to a side door hidden under that tongue.  A fond imagining, probably, but if you ask a fanciful Dane that's what they will tell you.  Oh, royals.

Marisa + Sprinklepuff.

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