Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pür Minerals "Let It Glow" bronze, blush, & brighten cheek trio

It was only when I started typing out the name of this holiday set that the name hit me: "Let It Glow".  LET IT GO.  I guess now we know why I felt an irresistible draw to the set... it's that flurrying Elsa power, at it again.  Serendipitous indeed that I randomly decided to swatch this box for the last day of my Frozen swatchathon!

"Naughty & Nice" ... "Sugar & Spice" ... "Glisten & Glow"

I just love the names of each of these little cheeky balms.  I am a big one for patterns, so it is a satisfying quality to me.  It's especially fun because these look great when used all together!  Pür Minerals bills this as a gift for a "contour queen", and while I'm not nearly at the full-face level of contour devotion, I certainly enjoyed used all three on my cheek area for a multifaceted look.  I blended "Naughty & Nice" under the cheekbone, "Sugar & Spice" onto the apple of my cheek, and then "Glisten & Glow" along the cheekbone and up to the temple.  Sounds like a lot, but it actually all blended together with a lovely subtlety and didn't look busy, overdone, or anything like Neapolitan ice cream (the swatches below are quite heavy-handed to convey the colors)  :)

Naughty & Nice: {bronzer} shimmering pecan praline
Sugar & Spice: {blush} gold-dusted strawberry cream
Glisten & Glow: {highlighter} luminous white gold

"Naughty & Nice" ... "Sugar & Spice" ... "Glisten & Glow"

 I have a small obsession with cheeky stain balm stick whatevers that started with some Victoria's Secret VS Pro Luminous Cheek & Face Blush/Highlighters that I found on clearance a while back (btw I miss the VS Pro makeup line, they did some seriously amazing cosmetics that you could get for really good prices :[  I was mildly devastated when they discontinued it last June).  I pulled all of my cream cheek sticks for a size comparison and this is what I came up with:

Pür Minerals *Let It Glow*: 0.17oz/4.8g {$8 each}
VS Luminous Cheek & Face Highlighter: 0.49oz/14g {???}
Tarte Cheek Stain: 0.5oz/14.2g {$30}
Tarte mini (Skintuitive) Cheek Stain: 0.17oz/4.8g {$10}
Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm: 0.21oz/6g {$21}
Essence Blush Stick: 0.14oz/4g {$2.99}

The tubes are pretty compact so it's kind of intuitive that the Pür Minerals balms are mini sizes; the real surprise for me was the Clinique Chubby Sticks!  They definitely got me with the packaging; I thought for sure that they would be one of the largest.  I think Pür Minerals is shooting a little high to postulate that these little balms are actually worth $18 each; $8 a piece is much more like it.

The Pür Minerals cheek sticks are definitely one of the greasier balms that I have; not slick like the Tarte cheek stains, more like the consistency of the Essence Blush Sticks.  They do however blend reasonably well despite the greasy texture that lingers on the skin for a while, and the golden twinkles in the highlighter & blush are just oh so pretty!  The Essence Blush Sticks are overall the most comparable to this product in color and formula, though they don't offer a highlighter, and none of my other blush sticks have the kind of festive shimmer that Pür Minerals has going on with this set.

The *Let It Go* limited edition box can be found at Ulta, Pür Minerals, Kohl's, and various other online retailers for $24.  It went on sale for $18 at Ulta for like two seconds over Cyber Monday, and I'm also seeing it on 6pm which, as we know, means that at some point in the uncertain future it will most definitely be plummeting in price.  Keep your twinklings eyes on it, you smart & sassy shoppers!

 * ♥ *

Any other cheek balm lovers out there?  Which ones are your favorites?

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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