Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fair Maiden "Frozen Heart" {Frozen: Day 3}

"Born of cold and winter air // and mountain rain combining // This icy force both foul and fair // has a frozen heart worth mining"

As a hockey player, and lover of winter, I do have a great affinity for ice.  Rink ice has a particular smell- cold, obviously, high and crystalline, but also sweet.  No matter where I am, when I walk into the rink and breathe in that scent, it feels like coming home.  But of course, that's nothing to stepping onto the sheet and feeling my blades fly, hearing a beautiful low rasp as steel slits into freshly surfaced ice.  It is enough to bring tears to my eyes, especially after a long year of waiting for winter to return.

"Frozen Heart" is constituent to the *Be Your Own Heroine* collection, the Disney-inspired inaugural release of wonderful new nail lacquer company, Fair Maiden Polish!  And such an impressive young brand it is, too!  Based out of Minnesota, best friends & FM creators Adrienne and Sarah will be no strangers to the cold.  Just wait until I bring out their holiday creations... *swoon*.  Until then... 

"Cut through the heart, cold and clear // Strike for love and strike for fear // There's beauty and there's danger here // Split the ice apart // Beware the frozen heart..."

"Frozen Heart" is a muted, medium cerulean blue frosted with holographic shimmer and a subtle flash of the finest silvery gold shimmer.  It is the green-based, grayed-out blue of a frozen lake, or the Bering Sea.  I find "Frozen Heart" to be such a flattering, coolly serene shade.  Here in the land of snow, there is no sun to make that holo really sing, but the fact that we can see a flame indoors indicates how vibrant it is (and indeed, the effect is stronger than pictures are willing to disclose). Frigid, freezing, and oh so fantastically beautiful.  Brrrrrrilliant.

Just look at that shimmehh!!!

This polish has an almost gel-like application, gliding on with a thickly viscous, satisfyingly self-leveling jelly grace.  As such, it is a tad sheer on the first coat, though completely even, and is quite lovely on the second but to eliminate any glow-through, and to build up the color to full intensity, I used three coats for this manicure.  "Frozen Heart" dries quite quickly, and like I say, has a nice gliding formula, so it was no travail.  In other news, I absolutely adore this here bottle.

"Frozen Heart" and the ten other polishes of the *Be Your Own Heroine* collection may be found at the Fair Maiden website, retailing for $9 each or $85 as a collection (10 full size polishes, plus a bonus holo topcoat!!).

Can't get enough Frozen??  Well we're only on Day 3, so stay tuned!  And in case you missed them, here are some glimpses and links to Days 1 & 2:  (P.S. *matching bottles*, yaaaay happy helmer!!! :) )

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When was the last time you took a spin on skates (literally or figuratively)?  Any other ice lovers out there??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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