Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rainbow Honey : Holiday 2014 "Honey Gold" & "Don't Gingersnap At Me!"

Hello, honey bunnies!!  It was a Rainbow Honey nail mail day for me (HOORAY) and all these holiday goodie-inspired pretties are putting me in the mood for baking.  My mom's heritage is solid Scandinavian so around here when the snow begins to fall, sandbakkels are in the making.  Omm nom nom.

You may recognize this "Don't Gingersnap At Me!" from last year's holiday selection, though thankfully for those of us who missed it, those three festive holiday glitters have made a return this season, in complement to this year's holiday offerings, "Honey Gold" & "Gingered!".  This holiday is all about luxurious, spiced metals, and I'm not really sure whether to feel hungry or glamorous so I'm embracing a confused mélange of both.

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

"Honey Gold" is a warm, radiant gold shimmer polish gilded with metallic gold and iridescent pink flake shimmers.  These magical flakies, like prismatic shards of rainbow, are a RH Lab signature, and they do them really, really well.  The pink ones in particular are so lovely and sweet; they add a gorgeous rose sheen to this rich, molten gold that not only makes it unique but also very flattering, and saves this honey metallic from the brassy glare which sometimes plagues warm golds.

RH "Honey Gold"

Brimming with flakies as it is, "Honey Gold" has a thick, viscous formula that glides over the nail in a smooth, steady, and even sheet, almost like it really does have a drop of honey in it!  I enjoyed the syrupy consistency but those who like thinner coats might prefer it with a drop or two of polish thinner.  Thick and shimmer-logged as it is, it does have a "soft", dull, impressionable finish that is slightly textured by the flakies, and I liked it glossed over by two layers of topcoat for maximum luminance.  "Honey Gold" is opaque in two lush coats or three thinner ones.

And "Honey Gold" is indeed scented!  It is the same fragrance as the Rainbow Honey "Vanilla Dreams" topcoat, if you are familiar with it.  Certainly an improvement over the normal noxious nail polish smell, but not the full-bodied honey or vanilla scent you might expect; I've always thought it smelled more like baby powder sweetened with just a hint of vanilla. 

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

"Don't Gingersnap At Me" is an opulent affair of large bronze hex glitters and medium to small gold hexes, mingled with small iridescent glitters flashing bright peacock hues of emerald, ultramarine, and amethyst.  I love these dynamic interference film glitters; they are so lively and jewel-like as they wink mischievously at you from amongst the decadent metallic hexes.  In some lights (such as that at Ulta, where one of my favorites ladies [they all know me by name...] fell in love with this mani], these bronze glitters have a gorgeous deep rose-gold cast that looks fantastic with "Honey Gold". 

RH "Don't Gingersnap At Me!"

"Don't Gingersnap At Me" is packed full of glitter, and I was able to achieve dense coverage in one coat when I was gooping it on pretty thick (I was a little overexcited).  I'd recommend 1.5-2 if needed, just so that it'll dry a little faster, and to minimize risk of smearing.  While the metallics didn't pop as much as they could have over a cream or contrasting base, I did love this over "Honey Gold".  It looks like shimmering gilt and dazzling gemstones at a royal ball; I can just see the twirling silk gowns catching the light of a thousand crystal chandeliers.

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

The Rainbow Honey shop is currently closed but will be reopening tomorrow, with restocks on the December Mystery bag (review forthcoming!  It just arrived today!).

What is your favorite holiday cookie??  My mom is all about the gingersnaps, but I'm more of a buttery sugar cookie person myself :)

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. This is beautiful combination, Marissa! I love metallic glitters over metallic bases.

    Our traditional Chrimstas cookie here is called Starlight Mint Surprise, which is basically a soft sugar cookie wrapped around a thin mint. We only make them once, and they go quickly!

    1. Those Starlight cookies sound amazing!! My mom makes something similar, a peanut butter cookie wrapped around a Reese's. I'm going to have to give these Starlights a try!! <3 <3 <3