Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Body Shop: Holiday Eyeshadow Palettes in "Frosted Pastels" & "Dolly Pastels"

Everybody has been killing it on the holiday box, set, & palette packaging this year (and by "it" I mean me and my wallet), so I don't know if I can truthfully say that these are the CUTEST HOLIDAY PALETTES EVER, but darn if they don't come close!!  But then, I do love me a good snowflake sweater print.  ♥  The Body Shop is fairly new to cosmetics, but I thought these little four-pan eyeshadow palettes were a great effort!  Shimmery and bright, with their quaint cozy print, they're just the sweetest little snow bunny palettes.  Best for: bright white winter days spent sledding, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows (ahem marshmallows with cocoa), making snow angels, and cuddling.

Dolly Pastels

Warm, blushing, and bubbly, this palette is all about thick plooshy mittens and frosted sugar cookies.  Colors include: a shimmering frosting ivory with just a tint of ballerina rose; a soft and sweet lilac with sparkling, crystalline shimmers; a delicate frosty peach with the same glass fleck shimmers; and a deep, matte cocoa brown.  The shadows are pleasantly soft; the ivory in particular is nicely pigmented, and the brown applies slightly sheer though smooth and even, a wonderful and remarkable attribute for a dark matte shade.  The snowflake-like shimmers in the lilac and peach shadows are unbelievably lovely, and unbelievably prolific as well; my face was this amazing glimmering mirage apparition after applying (okay, so mostly just under my eyes, but I'm telling you, this stuff has some considerable shimmer fallout).  "All magic comes with a price", right?  Whatever, I'm all about the sparkle, and if my face sorta resembles a spangled Christmas ornament well then SO BE IT.  :D

I used the ivory shade on my browbone and inner corner, the peach shade on my lid, the lilac all along my crease and dusted along my lower lashline, and the brown blended in a "v" around my outer corner, into the crease and lining my upper and lower lashlines (on top of black eyeliner).  My boyfriend found this color combination to be very intriguing I think, and I would agree that it is quite unique.  I personally love lilac and peach together so I think it's flirtatious and sweet, like little bon-bons!

"Dolly Pastels"

♥ * ♥ *

Frosted Pastels

Ooh la la, if you've ever skated on a frozen pond ringed by snow-laden trees... that's kind of what this palette feels like!  Swirling brightness, luminescent cold, and whimsical wonderment, that is.  Colors include: a marshmallow vanilla with pearlescent shimmer; a soft, beautiful winter taupe matte; a dazzling minty ice blue with the same glass fleck snowflake shimmer; and a shimmering coal black with minute, prismatic sparks of white, magenta and aqua.  Formulas of the lightest and darkest shades mirrors that of the "Dolly Pastels", while the taupe is very silky and subtle on my skin at first, though readily buildable.  The blue shadow formula is soft though the color itself applies quite sheer, like a shimmering veil, and unlike the lilac and peach takes a bit of building to evoke the frosty blue hue.  I'm over here wanting a full-blown snow queen look so I found this a little wearying, but I think ladies who aren't ready to embrace powder blue eyes again will really appreciate the subtlety of this shade, and the versatility of it layered over the marshmallow and taupe for a delicately frosted look.

I used the marshmallow shadow on my brow and inner corner, the shimmering blue on my inner lid, the taupe in my crease and outer lid, and black blended lightly into the crease, outer "v", and lining my upper and lower lash (on top of black eyeliner).  The shy blue shade wanted to melt away in straight-on shots, but you can see the true frosty sheen at a more oblique angle.

"Frosted Pastels"
"Frosted Pastels"

"Frosted Pastels"

♥ * ♥ *

The Pastels palettes retail for $28 each, though everything at the Body Shop is currently 50% off (and free shipping!).  The Black Friday deal on the entire store was 3/$33, 4/$44, 5/$55 so I picked mine up for $11 each but I think that was a pretty special promotion that doesn't happen often (anyone who shops often at the Body Shop and can chime in on this?) but I mean, hey, $14!  You can find these palettes at the Body Shop online and in stores.

Bonus side note: this here was my first concentrated attempt at eyeshadow (on the eye!) photography!  As ever, it was much more difficult for me than I would have thought; even after getting the lighting and angle and technical issues resolved (I am so not set up for this fanciness whatsoever haha), everything appeared muddy and one-dimensional on camera!  Blarrghh!  I had to layer on much more shadow than I ever would have thought necessary for this to show up at all.  Plus, eye posing is super weird.  But I'm getting used to it!  Living and learning, right?!

Marisa + Sprinklepuff 

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