Friday, December 12, 2014

Fair Maiden "Holiday 2014" Limited Edition

There are a lot of things to love about Fair Maiden Polish- gorgeous colors and finishes, fantastic formulas, fairy tale inspiration, outstanding branding, friendly and personal interaction, homegrown roots- but I think one of the reasons that this new lacquer brand has garnered such an enthusiastic following so quickly are the awesome and unique promotions that have been popping up!  There is just something so welcoming about the way that Sarah & Adrienne do business; but then, they are Minnesota girls, after all!!  And you know what they say about Minnesota nice... it's the nicest.  (Except for maybe Montana nice ;) ).  Anyway, I'm a big one for promotions, so the events that Fair Maiden has been putting on since they opened up shop just over a month ago have really been working on me haha.  It's a rare quality for a small polish business, and I just want to take this moment to thank Adrienne & Sarah for showing their customers such love!!  You two are the best, and I am just so excited to see where your imaginations take you next!  ♥

Fair Maiden "Holiday 2014" LE

Truth be told, this isn't a very fair post, and for those of you who missed this limited edition bonus over Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, it may even be a cruel one.  Fair Maiden offered, as part of their amazing sales, a free Holiday 2014 Limited Edition polish for all purchases over $25, plus 25% off plus free shipping plus a free mini polish!!  I mean, it was crazy!!  I had actually bought almost the entire shop the week previously, but decided to round out the rest of my holiday collection and pick up a few gifts at the same time because I suspected that this Limited Edition polish would be amazing... and it is.  So while it is no longer available ( :[ ) there are a few reasons I wanted to share it with you anyway: 1) because it is beautiful and practically demands to be seen and admired ♥, and 2) because I hope the precedent will help inform you in the even tof future mystery LE polishes, and give you the extra enabler nudge so that you'll never miss out on greatness again!

"Holiday 2014" is a raspberry trifle pink sugared liberally with blue-purple shifting microflakie shimmer.  It's not purple but for some reason it does remind me of blushing sugar plums, or like I say, a creamy sweet holiday trifle treat with raspberry jam layers!  And you guys- it applied like a dream.  It does have a slight squishy jelly quality to it, which sometimes can be a streaky finish, but "Holiday 2014" flowed on the nail in a perfect even wash of color; no patchiness AT ALL.  That is some serious formulary prowess at work.  It was also opaque in two coats, and dried very quickly.  What more could a loony lacquer lover want?!

Fair Maiden "Holiday 2014" LE

Fair Maiden is releasing a New Year's Collection tonight at midnight CST, and the swatches I've been seeing are staggeringly stunning...  and there is a magenta one among the bunch, for those of you in a deep pink mood now!!  Check out the swatches on Fair Maiden's Facebook, and don't forget to see the Be Your Own Heroine & Baby, It's Cold Outside! collections on the Fair Maiden website"Frozen Heart" was part of the Happy Anniversary Frozen swatch-athon that just wrapped up yesterday here on *tiny twinklings*, and you can expect more Fair Maiden swatches to pop up throughout the month, and onward!!! ♥

"Frozen Heart"

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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