Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rainbow Honey "Frozen Flame" [ "Gingered!" + "Mint Flavor" ]

Before Christmas, Rainbow Honey hosted a winter/holiday mani contest (just a fun, random selection type contest using Rainbow Honey polishes), so this was my entry, and nail look for the Winter Solstice!  For this mani I was inspired by Anna's act of true love in Frozen (!!), which as we know has been a recurring theme here on Tiny Twinklings {Frozen swatch-athon conclusion here in case you missed it}.  I thought "Frozen Flame" in itself was a most perfect representation of the moment when Anna's cursed, frozen heart is thawed, and her copper-haired self glows to life again like an irrepressible flame.

love thaws a frozen heart
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"Frozen Flame" is a dichotomous glitter topper characterized by the elemental extremes of fire and ice, blazing with flickers of holographic film bar glitter and copper glitter, and freezing with aquamarine blue glitter and ultraviolet microflakie shimmer.  It was originally released last winter, but has been revitalized to join the "Frozen Flame" Bliss Set, a beautiful scent that I describe and review in my November Mystery Bag unboxing.

For this mani, I started with three coats of what has become one of my favorite and most versatile Rainbow Honey polishes, a brilliantly glacial blue called "Mint Flavor".  For a flame-licked look, I dabbled on a saran-wrap gradient using Rainbow Honey's December limited edition polish "Gingered!".  Then, of course, one coat of "Frozen Flame" is layered on top to complete the transition, and symbolize the power of love in thawing a frozen heart.

"Frozen Flame", "Gingered!" and "Mint Flavor" can be found at Rainbow Honey.  While the "Frozen Flame" Bliss Set is currently sold out, the glitter topper alone is on sale for $7 through the end of the month (I think)!

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Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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