Monday, December 22, 2014

Candy Lacquer "Rudolph's Rum Punch"

Happy Monday, Twinklings!  Three days to Christmas... is everyone ready??  I am patently not; the season has really blazed by for me, and seeing as how I'm currently in Illinois for my grandma's funeral, we can anticipate that Christmas is going to be something of an improvised affair, but while I love traditions I'm surprisingly okay with that.  After all, these blank slate occasions are when new traditions are made.

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Now that Rudolph is the most popular reindeer, I'm sure he throws simply smashing Christmas parties (responsibly, and after all the toys are delivered to all the girls and boys, of course).  Thankfully, Candy Lacquer has bottled up the holiday spirits (tee hee) so that even those of us who can't conveniently attend North Pole soirées might appreciate the warmth and cheer of a good rum punch ;)

"Rudolph's Rum Punch" is a muted, rosy pale red metallic glimmering with holographic shimmer, and alternately deepening into shades of cinnamon and cranberry red, then brightening into warm fireside hues of ginger and glowing gold.  It is such an unusually festive polish, and "Rudolph's Rum Punch" is literally the perfect description.  I've never seen a holiday polish quite like it, but it totally works!  The complete confection is gorgeously reminiscent of spiced ciders and mulled wines, though the unique rosy pink center reminds me of the red tint derived from swirled peppermint.

"Rudolph's Rum Punch" has the wonderfully opaque, molten formula characteristic of chrome metallic polishes.  It was very nearly opaque in one coat, and nicely quick drying.  And of course, the duochrome effect was unbelievable!  Cloudy skies and full-spectrum lamps just don't do justice to the diaphanous holographic effect.

Candy Lacquer is currently closed up for the holidays.  This is the old-style bottle that I got on sale back in August, but fingers crossed that when the shop opens up again you'll be able to find "Rudolph's Rum Punch" in the new square bottles.  Hopefully both owner/maker Sandra and all you lovely readers are having a warm & cozy Christmas with friends and family!

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What's your favorite holiday drink??  I'm rather partial to hot buttered rum, myself ;)

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. This color shift from rosy pinkish red through pink and salmon to gold is one of my favorites -- it remind me of sunsets and glowing coals. You did a great job of catching all the iterations, Marisa, it sure is pretty!

    We seem to be going through a lot of Bailey's here lately. I love Bailey's for the holidays!

    1. D'aww big cuddle thanks, Liz! I sure had fun with this one, glowing coals is exactly it!! Duochromes certainly always elicit my most diverse and creative range of hand poses, that's for sure.

      Mmm Bailey's, good pick!! I've been all about the Moscow Mules this season, I should start getting a bit more imaginative with it ;)