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Lucky 13 Lacquer : "An Act of True Love" & "Let It Go" {Frozen: Day 4}

"Let it go, let it go // I am one with the wind and sky // Let it go, let it go // You'll never see me cry

Here I stand // and here I'll stay // Let the storm rage on!"

Lucky 13 Lacquer is a "nerdy, nostalgic, and unique nail polish brand" handmade in Vancouver, Washington- which to me means HOORAY, my orders will arrive INSTANTLY when I'm living in Portland, Oregon for six months starting January!  :)  Lucky 13 Lacquer makes a boatload of amazing lacquers for us nerds, but I about fainted from happiness when Kyoti Jess announced the *Let It Go* collection for winter 2014.

Elsa & Anna

Let It Go

"Let It Go" is a soft, serene borealis teal jelly swimming with metallic fuchsia shards, peacock blue and holographic gold hex glitters, and frosted with a glimmering of iridescent ultraviolet microflakie shimmer.  It was inspired by Elsa's coronation gown, and wow, you can tell!  It is PERFECTION; Jess really couldn't have gotten that color any closer.  I'm also so in love with the formula on this one; even without topcoat, the jelly is so glassy and smooth, self-levels like a queen, and the glitters make hardly a fuss on the surface!  It also dries very quickly and is opaque in two coats, though I like to use three with glitter crellies just to get that amazing depth.

"Let It Go"


 An Act of True Love

"An Act of True Love" is a color-shifting jelly thermal polish that emulates the frost-cursed hues in Anna's streaked hair: a lovely, pale French dove gray when warm, and a muted, pink-blushing guava orange when cold.  The translucence and soft, elegant beauty of the gray reminds me of OPI's ballet soft shades.  I call it gray, but in comparison to a true gray it is actually a very subtle mauve!  It is really so beautiful and flattering.  I am so intrigued by how thermals are made, and since I have no idea I, in my dumbfounded amazement, feel like Jess is such a wizard for making the perfect Anna polish!! 

"An Act of True Love"
between phases

At first I thought I had residue specks on my nails when I painted this on, and actually removed/repainted before I realized that the speckles I was seeing were part of the polish; I expect that they are the mechanism which activates the color change.  This is my first experience with thermals, and I wasn't really sure what to expect- would the "cold" color only appear if I stuck my hand in a snowbank?  I mean, we do have snow and I could certainly make that happen, but even so... it wouldn't be terribly practical.  Luckily, room temperature seems to qualify as "cold", so at least in the bottle the "cold" color is evident, while skin temperature makes the "warm" hue dominant on the nail.  It is great fun to watch the colors shift while painting.  Again, wasn't sure if it would take ages for the colors to change, but it is an INSTANT effect!  Washing hands in cold water becomes an amusing adventure with a thermal on your nails, as does sticking fingers in the snow, and petting warm puppy belly fur after.

in cold air...

submerged in snow...

then petting warm dog bellies...
washed in cool water...

petting warm dog bellies...

dipped in cold water...

I'm not sure if this is just another inherent quality of thermal lacquers, or just of the jelly formula, but "An Act of True Love" was quite slow-drying.  It is also quite sheer, and required five coats to become opaque enough to shield my nail line (and yellow ombré staining, blech).  And then, on the fifth coat, I collected mystery blue specks (which appeared again later and seem to be coming from this particular bottle :[ ) on my index nail... then smudged it beyond all salvation.  (WHHAAA.)  While I felt like succumbing to petulance, I decided to embrace it as an opportunity to test thermals over undies and rifled about in my brand-new Helmers (!!) for an equitable base shade.  Grays, like I say, were way too cool, and I was surprised to settle on Zoya "Kennedy" as the closest in my collection, though it does lack the slight kiss of lilac.  I would definitely recommend layering; this way, everything was opaque after one coat of "Kennedy" and one coat "An Act of True Love"!


You can find the *Let It Go* collection at Lucky 13 Lacquer for anywhere from $8.50-$10.

And with that, we are somewhere around half way through the Frozen swatch-athon!  Need to catch up, snow queen??  I got you, girl!  Links below: 

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Coming up are some more Lucky 13 *Let It Go* beauties, plus a Different Dimension that about made me swoon when it arrived this morning.  If you know of any more Frozen-inspired lacquers out there in the big, beautiful world of nail polish, please pretty please let us know below!! 

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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