Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Different Dimension "No One Elsa But You" {Frozen: Day 5}

Happy Tuesday, Twinklings!!  Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be a snow fairy.  I looovvve snow, but it is a precious, ephemeral, and oh so fragile phenomenon that is here one day and possibly gone the next, so the idea of being able to make it everywhere I go (or fly!) is so divine!  Watching Frozen for the first time was like seeing my wildest dreams play out before me, and there is no question: if I could be any Disney lady, it would absolutely be Elsa. 

Today's Frozen-inspired lacquer comes to us from Different Dimension, lovingly made by the incomparable Missi out of Ohio!  Missi makes all kinds of delightful pop-culture, "out of this world" nail polish (if you love astronomy, you need to take a peek at the stuff she's been making lately), but as we know, there was no help for me when she released "No One Elsa But You" as part of her holiday collection for this year.  I can almost see the snowflakes forming as I twirl my liquid ice-plated nails about... 

"No One Elsa But You"

"No One Elsa But You" is a decadently holographic ice blue encrusted with metallic silver glitter shards, bright iridescent blue-green hex glitters, and a subtle violet shimmer glimmering in the heart of the holographic flame.  This lacquer is unspeakably, heartbreakingly beautiful.  I feel like Missi is a clairvoyant and read my heartsong, then bottled it up into ice queen nail polish perfection.  I can just feel the frost magic welling up in my fingertips, drawn to the prismatic rainbow shimmers and their shivering dance amongst the silver icicle flakes.

The formula on this one is wonderful- opaque in two easy coats, "No One Elsa But You" spreads evenly and densely over the nail.  I did use two layers of topcoat to smooth over the lumpy bumpies from the glitter. 

"No One Elsa But You"

"No One Elsa But You" and the rest of the holiday 2014 polishes can be found at the Different Dimension website for $11 and Llarowe for $13.  The amazing Black Friday sales at the Different Dimension site ravaged the holiday polish stock, but Missi is busily restocking for this Friday, and if you can't wait Llarowe has a few left!

If you're only just joining us for the indie Frozen Swatch-athon (Happy 1st Anniversary, Frozen!!), here is the countdown:

Day 4: Lucky 13 "Let It Go" & "An Act of True Love"

Day 3: Fair Maiden "Frozen Heart"

Day 2: Glam Polish "In Summer"

Day 1: Candy Lacquer "Frozen"

Only a couple more to go (until I track down some more Frozens, that is!!  SuperChic WonderBeauty Products just released a Frozen & Flurrious Collection that is just ridiculous in its gorgeousness)!  Which is your favorite Frozenite so far??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. While the thermal polish is definitely cool, I think today's color is my fave and instantly reminds me of Elsa's dress. I have no idea how you find all of these gems but keep 'em coming!! :D

    1. Haha to be honest, Sheri, I'm not sure either, besides perhaps the combined magnetic power of unhealthy Frozen & nail polish obsessions!! There are definitely more to be found I am sure... I just need to sniff them out! It has become like a mission of insanity for me to find every last one; perhaps periodically I should just compile a Frozen directory to guide everyone to the goods :D It was probably an unfair question, to make everyone choose a favorite Frozen polish baby, but my boyfriend has been making it a very strong point that he felt Candy Lacquer "Frozen" captured the movie spirit best, but I'm glad you love Elsa too, Sheri, because I think that they are all so beautiful!! <3