Saturday, December 27, 2014

Different Dimension "Ready, Set, Snow"

Well hi, snow angels!!  I wasn't actually sure if we would have a white Christmas here in western Montana, and was feeling a little blue about it... but then, low and behold, come Christmas Eve a light, sparkling snow began to fall, and by Christmas morning everything was blanketed in winter white.

We usually do have snow, and the mountains are always snow-capped in winter, but down in the valley we are a bit more susceptible to warm spells traveling inland from the Pacific.  It comes and goes, so snow is always a precious presence for me.  We had been bereft for several weeks, but then last Thursday afternoon, a few hours after my dear grandma passed, a few magic flurries breezed through.  While the forecast had already predicted some snow for the day, I liked to think that Grandma Marilyn was fluttering her new wings, and shaking down some snowflakes for me.  In memory and celebration, I painted on this shimming snow polish, and watched the snowy sky dance.

"Ready, Set, Snow" is a cold white crelly speckled with sterling silver shards and dazzling iridescent glitters of both watery blue-green hex and sugar plum sunset flakie personalities.  The cohesive shimmering wave in the bottle, like the luminous curtain of the northern lights, is isolated and hardened into individual sparkles on the nail, like the mica flecks in granite.  This polish also reminded me of the glacier caps laced with gray, or a snow leopard's downy tummy fur.

When compared to the bottle cap, you can see that this isn't a pure bright white.  It is actually a frigid moondust white with cool gray overlays.  I feel like I have seen snowy slabs of granite that have looked just like this.  The gray tones felt a little stark against my skintone, and I found myself wishing for just a drop of ivory, and winter white warmth.  It might not be the most flattering white for me, but I really enjoyed the monolithic glacial feel of it on my fingers.

"Ready, Set, Snow" is surprisingly and fantastically opaque for a white crelly; I only needed two coats!!  It also dries very quickly, and though the small glitters leave a slightly textured finish, I was quite pleased to only need one coat of Ellagee Glass Topcoat to smooth it over.  I forgot that this polish was glow in the dark, and when I went to bed that night I had a derpy moment of confusion as to why little lights were chasing me, until I realized that it was my nails glowing white :P

"Ready, Set, Snow" may be found at Different Dimension for $9 and Llarowe for $11, along with the rest of the Holiday 2014 collection.

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