Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Orly "Explosion of Fun" - Sparkle Holiday 2014

New Year's Eve sneak up on you?  Yeah, me too.  Like seriously, I thought yesterday was still the 29th, even though I was well aware that the day before that was in fact the 29th, so I've been all kinds of confused today.  If you're needing some last minute festivity for tonight, allow me to suggest the Orly Sparkle collection for Holiday 2014, in particular "Mirrorball" (as we'll see tomorrow) or, my personal favorite, "Explosion of Fun"!  Feeling midnight party-ready yet??

"Explosion of Fun" is just that: an effervescent spectacle of fuchsia glitter ignited in a radiant sea of orchid-shifting-blue shimmer.  The vivacious glitters have a holographic cast that strongly favors fiery shades of coral red, dynamically contrasting with the frosted blue duochromatic sheen of the glassfleck shimmer.  With the icicle glaze and fire lights accenting the purple magenta overtures, this polish reads like a brilliant rendition of Sugar Plum Fairy gone disco.

As "Explosion of Fun" is quite sheer alone, I chose to utilize it as a glitter topper, and layered two coats over Milani "Sugar Plum", which as you can see above has the same dominant base tone.  To my dismay, I kind of destroyed this manicure after photographing it.  Though it sets up quickly, the dry time is a little misleading, and for me this polish was vulnerable to denting and smearing a while after painting.  Actual dry time with glitters can depend on its interaction with the undies layer as well, so it is possible that it just wasn't playing nice with "Sugar Plum".  Fair Maiden Polish "Kiss Me At Midnight" would be my pick for another beautiful, comparable lacquer to try!!  Regardless, be patient and give yourself some time, and if you're like me you will seriously love this.

I found "Explosion of Fun" at Ulta (it's sold out online apparently but still appearing in stores and amongst the eBay abyss; I've also seen it as Sally Beauty), and I picked up Milani "Sugar Plum" at CVS.

What is your favorite holiday party polish??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. That second paragraph is possibly the best description of a nail polish that I've ever read. You rock, girl!

    Just found this baby on ebay, it is mine!

    1. VICTORY IS YOURS!!!! Hooray and happiness; I think you are going to just love this one, Liz. I'm so excited to see what you do with it!!

      P.S. I'm blushing, and you're the best ♥ Perhaps the lyricism gleaned from my Lacquer Slacker Liz subscription reading is starting to manifest itself?? ;)