Saturday, December 27, 2014

Serum No. 5 "Holly Dazed" + Candy Lacquer "Rudolph's Rum Punch" Holiday NOTD

Happy Third Day of Christmas, Twinklings!!  Anyone got their three French hens yet?  Just kidding, I'm totally afraid of chickens.  As cute as French hens do sound in theory, I really can't get over their dinosaur claws and rubber wobble gobbles.  Though I do have to say, when I was forced to pet a barred Plymouth Rock hen a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their feathers are amazingly, incredibly soft.  I was almost okay with those hens.  What I am not okay with are the demon chickens that live next door to my boyfriend's house, who will chase each other down like the hounds of freaking hell if one finds a kibble or worm or something.

And now that I have ruined the Twelve Days of Christmas, I thought I'd show you one of my favorite holiday manis from before I went back to Illinois/dropped off the face of the interwebs.  You know, to cheer you back up :)

Serum No. 5 "Holly Dazed" + Candy Lacquer "Rudolph's Rum Punch"
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"Holly Dazed" is a delightful, festive glitter topper with a merry array of holographic hex glitters in emerald green, ruby red, marshmallow bunny pink, and partridge pear green.  There are also profuse and vibrant sparks of fuchsia, but those are just a particularly extroverted holographic expression of the red sparkles.  The glitters are very dense, and I used one thick coat patched with one thin over the holographic duochrome magic of Candy Lacquer "Rudolph's Rum Punch"

Red and green wouldn't usually be my thing, but the pink and peridot green sparks, along with the holographic rainbow flares, really brighten this polish up.  This is certainly the cutest spin on Christmas green and red that I have seen!  "Holly Dazed" was actually part of Serum No. 5's Holiday 2013 collection, but it is so adorable and has such jolly appeal that this will definitely be a yuletide favorite again and again for me.

 "Holly Dazed" can be found at Serum No. 5, and "Rudolph's Rum Punch" at Candy Lacquer.

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What color do you like to use under your red & green holiday glitters?  (What should I layer this over next year??)

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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