Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Laura Geller: Color Brilliance Lipstick Trio *Holiday 2014*

Well hello, belladonnas!  I have a couple of Laura Geller holiday boxes to share with you, and to start off with, the Color Brilliance Lipstick Trio!!  This is a pretty an amazing deal: three full size Lustrous Lipsticks (retail $21 each) for $25.  And, oh hey; these lipsticks aren't half bad either!  ;)  They're compact in profile, but they sure can pack a punch.  Laura Geller describes them as "ultra-lightweight, slimline lipsticks that deliver rich, creamy color in a modern pearl finish".  I'd say so!

 Myself, I prefer product tubes that feel a little bit more substantial in my hand; a heavy metal case just subconsciously feels higher quality to me.  That said, I can see the appeal that these ultra-slim, ultra-light tubes have for the elegant minimalist.  Though the nib seems kinda small, and I generally like a wider stick for my fuller lips, the smooth, gliding texture and rich pigment of the lipstick meant I was able to coat my pout in short order.

"Cute", the lone cream, was the most opaque, but the shimmering "Zen" & "Flirt" weren't far behind.  The Lustrous Lipsticks have a pleasantly light, silky presence on the lips, and are unscented (without any old waxy odor, which I keep experiencing with new lipsticks for some reason).  I see myself slipping one of these ("Flirt", most likely!) into my wristlet wallet for nights out, when there's no room for anything voluminous but a vibrant punch of color is desired.

"Zen" >> "Cute" >> "Flirt"

Below, I provide Laura Geller's color description in brackets, with my take following.  I thought all of these colors were beautiful and flattering on, especially "Zen" and even (surprisingly) "Cute", though I wasn't sure about it at first with its warm orange-y tint!  Go figure, the unique, peachy little nude ended up being my favorite :) 

Zen: {a natural mauve}  clay rose, with a reddish blush like winter dogwood, and a pearlescent sateen shimmer

Cute: {a creamy nude}  peachblossom nude with caramel undertones and tinted with a pinch of warm nutmeg

Flirt: {a vibrant rose shade}  radiant deep peony pink glazed with cool pearlescent shimmer

The colors don't scream holiday to me exactly, but that's just as well seeing as I'm not much of one for reds.  I think it's great that these all have year-round appeal; and the color selection is not really off-base, as peach seems to be a popular cosmetics hue for this winter season!  I've seen it in three indie nail polish collections (Glam Polish, Glittering Elements, Serum No. 5), plus a some winter eyeshadow palettes, and now here.  Well I love peach, and I love frosty wintery nudes so I'm all about it, whatever it is that's happening!

Laura Geller "Zen"

Laura Geller "Cute"

Laura Geller "Flirt"

Like I say, these lipsticks are full size, with the same tube packaging as an individual lipstick, and would normally retail for $21 each for a total value of $63.  $25 for the trio translates to just over 60% savings, though I was able to use a 20% off Ulta coupon in October (they've just released another in the mail to Platinum members for the month of December!!) to bring the set down to $20, or 68.25% savings.  Either way, it's a fabulous deal!

While this box is "temporarily out of stock" at many online retailers, hopefully it will make a comeback on the interwebs (I'm seeing some backorder chatter?), or otherwise may be found in stores!  It's definitely still in stock on the Laura Geller website, and on Amazon as well though those marketplace sellers have inflated the price considerably.  Some places to look: Laura Geller, Ulta, Nordstrom, B-Glowing, Macy's, etc.

What do you think about this holiday box- would you wear all of the colors, or splice and dice for three fab gifts?

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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