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It Cosmetics *Naturally Pretty Celebration* limited edition eyeshadow palette - Holiday 2014

Hello Twinklings, and Happy Saturday!!  I've been playing around with the It Cosmetics *Naturally Pretty Celebration* palette lately, and just wanted to share some quick thoughts and a few ideas as to what you might do with it!

The dazzling aurora of holographic shimmers arcing across the palette's face are obviously what first captivated me (SHINY, NEED), and might seemingly suggest a more standard holiday palette: flamboyant, jewel-studded, brilliant, and bright.  However, It Cosmetics entertains a more subtle take on the season's delights with a cozy and comforting matte collection, plus a shimmer eyeshadow veil for creating lustrous "transformations", such as they are.  It's the cashmere sweater of holiday palettes, and despite the adorable, festive names, is equally cuddly and comfy as the seasons change.

I'm a little late to the swatch party, so as with many of the holiday sets that I have been and will be showing you, I thought I would explore the potential of this palette in a look-book style.  If you find this kind of post helpful, or if there is something else you would like to know/see, do please shout it out in the comments!!  {For some awesome swatches and a great review, I recommend the Allura Beauty blog.}

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For this eye look, I started with Snow Angel along the brow and Champagne in the inner corner, blended into Warm Wishes on the lid and then into Miracle on the outer lid.  Peace, Toasty, & Spice meld in a gradient down the crease, and meet Sugar Plum and Hot Cocoa where they form a V at the corner.  Hot Cocoa also traces over a black Tarte eyeliner on the upper lashline.  I used the white gold end of the Transforming Ombré Radiance Ribbon on the inner lid, and the yellow gold end under the lower lashline.

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For this eye look, I again used Snow Angel along the brow, blended down into Cozy and then Gingerbread in the crease.  Peace and Wonderland graduate along the lid to Starry Night, with just a hint of Coal feathering into the crease.  The white gold Transforming Radiance is blended with Peace to illuminate the inner lid.

♥ * ❄ *

I am very fortunate to have a fairy godmother who was also a makeup artist in theater and makeup counters, and she worked some magic with this palette for my final look.  Gingerbread anchors the crease, and is blended with Toasty on the outside and Cozy on the inside.  Miracle fans the inner lid, while Warm Wishes and a glimmering of Transforming Radiance light up the center.  Sugar Plum fades into Starry Night on the outer lid and are veiled and brightened with a touch of shimmer.  Coal lines the outer lid, and transitions to Sugar Plum on the inner.  A brush of Starry Night on the outer, lower lashline finishes the look.  I just love the decadent peacock feather interplay between the blackened Prussian blue, deep dusky violet, and luminous gold sheen that my Auntie Deborah (her fairy godmother disguise, shh don't tell!) created with this look!! 

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I think ladies who would like their holiday palette to have a glimmer of festivity but largely function as a user-friendly basic essentials eyeshadow set would really love the Naturally Pretty Celebration.  The neutrals are silky and blend intuitively, while the few blackened jewel tones apply evenly and contribute an elegant color accent.  These natural shades are inherently flattering, with their comprehensive range of warm and cool tones; I think you would literally have to smear "Coal" everywhere to mess yourself up with this set.  All I can keep thinking is "naturally pretty" haha, so I'd say the moniker is accurate.

The Transforming Ribbon as an eyeshadow overcoat is an interesting idea, but I think it would have to be more like a sheer, sparkling loose powder to really add shimmer without dulling and diffusing the base tone.  I personally prefer to use it as a normal eyeshadow, and it is opaque enough to do so.

I felt like the shadows were more buttery when I tried them in store, but I would actually qualify them as silky (somewhat like Tarte eyeshadows).  My favorite shadows practically melt on my fingers, but these are more of a lightweight veil; not really sheer, but not proliferate with pigment either.  It wouldn't be my first choice of holiday palette (I do love me some show-stopping shimmer shadows), but I like it for its quiet, nostalgic character.  It feels like curling up with a good book next to the Christmas tree, hot cider in hand.  I used to do just that with Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire when I was little; every year, I would make a blankie nest in the alcove between the armchair, the wall, and the Christmas tree, and just Yule Ball it up with Harry, Hermione, and pouty-pants Ron.  My "secret" comfy nook, with all the lights and shiny wrapping paper and swirly ornaments all around, was one of my favorite things about Christmas, and the memory of it still kind of is.  But I digress.

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I'm just going to leave this here for your logistical shopping convenience... (how about that Smashbox palette, right?!)

Holiday Eyeshadow Palette: size & price comparison

It Cosmetics *Naturally Pretty Celebration* : 0.456 oz / $42 = $92.11/oz

Too Faced *Sugar and Spice* : 0.47 oz / $39 = $82.98/oz

Smashbox *On The Rocks* Photo Op Eye Shadow Luxe Palette (28 pans) : 1.12 oz / $29* = $25.89/oz 
[*orig. $42, on sale at Ulta!!!]

Smashbox *On The Rocks* Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette (12 pans) : 0.48oz / $18* = $37.50/oz
[*orig. $36, half off sale @ most stores]

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The Naturally Pretty Celebration palette retails for $42 and may be found at It Cosmetics and Ulta Beauty.

Do you have any personal little traditions around the holidays?  My boyfriend, for example, used to get up extra early on Christmas morning and watch "Blazing Saddles" while everyone else was still dreaming of sugar plums.  But then, we're both kind of strange pseudo-hermits so whatever :P

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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