Monday, January 19, 2015

Candy Lacquer "Cupcake Blizzard"

Happy day, darlings!  It is a happy happy day indeed here in Portland, for my boyfriend flies in this afternoon just in time for our anniversary!!!  In the meantime I have been studio-ing it up (I was surprised to realize I was there for 10 hours yesterday... usually my 12-15 hour days don't start until a few weeks out yet), trying to get schome schtuff done to clear out this week for some adventures in Oregon.  I haven't had a studio since I started this blog, and oy, I forgotten how terrible your nails get after hours in the woodshop and studio, building (and sanding!) models.  Right now I'm building my urban context site model, and I have been learning the hard way that if I want to have any shot at posting a manicure, I'm going to have to snap it before leaving the house because it sure won't be picture pretty once I leave the White Stag (our beautiful historical architecture building, on the same block as the Portland Oregon sign!).

The concept of 'studio' is often confusing to those outside architecture or design fields, so allow me to elaborate: studio is the core course form of the architecture education.  It is the class in which we create our major architecture projects (one building per term, in Oregon), and is worth more credits than a normal lecture class but demands infinitely more hours.  These projects are very personal to us, are the building blocks of our portfolios, and so studio essentially owns your soul until final review.  That's the gist of it, anyway :)

So anyways, nail polish: this is one that I've wanted to share with some of its collection fellows but then I keep forgetting to glitter up the undies I had chosen before I remove a manicure, so argghhh fine here it is anyway.  Candy Lacquer released all manner of fun glitter for this holiday, and this is one that I didn't even need to see to love; I heard the name and was like come to me, you little bottle of perfection.

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

"Cupcake Blizzard" is the perfect glitter storm: hearts, circles, diamonds, stars, butterfly wings, squares, tinsel, hexes, and even the odd snowflake prevail!  These glitters are characterized by the entire gamut of finishes: metallic holographic, matte, pearlescent, translucent crystal, not to mention the crystalline microflakie shimmer that courses throughout.  The color palette is *festive frost flower*: radiant orchid, mint-tinted glacier blue, brilliant coral, crystal red, crystal lake blue, snow white, blushing peach, sky blue, and quite notably, lime green bar glitters.  A sweet treat in a snow storm, for sure!!

I chose to layer "Cupcake Blizzard" over Rainbow Honey "The Master" from this December's Mystery Bag, for a merry mani with a heady dose of chaos.  (Which I think represents most family holidays quite accurately, haha.)  "Cupcake Blizzard" is just seething with glitter; as usual, I used one dense coat with one lighter coat, to patch in any gaps.

"Cupcake Blizzard" and other fantastical glitters can be found at Candy Lacquer, and is in fact on sale now for $7!!  Whoopee!!

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *
We had a few magical snowfalls over winter break, but one day in particular was just spectacular.  Not only was the snow qualified by big, fluffy flakes, but the storm was churning them out with a fury, fast and dense so that the sky was just saturated with snow.  This was my best effort at capturing the intensity of it, and to my delight I did manage to just barely catch the reflection of the stoic man riding by on his bicycle (with snow tires, to be sure).  He was what the dogs are peering at with interest, and you can see his tires darkening Freyja's haunch.
The window seat is the dogs' favorite spot for neighborhood people watching, squirrel spotting, and other guard dog duties, and has essentially become dedicated to them.  It is very cute when their spatial reasoning doesn't quite pan out, and they have to squish in together and do some serious cuddling. 

the weather outside may have been frightfully awesome, but Freyja & May were toasty little princesses :)
Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. I can never do anything between applying a polish and taking photos of it because without a doubt I willl muck it up in some way. Good luck with your urban context site model and have a WONDERFUL time with the significant other -- Happy Anniversary!

    As always, loving the Freyja and May photo... the driving snow in that pic makes me want some for us here in NC so badly! Alas, we get only cold drizzly rain. Today we had to have our enormous venerable old white oak, a local landmark, taken down because fungus and rot had eaten out its core. The place is just heartbreakingly stark without it.

    I don't know how you do these chaotic glitter topper manicures but they always turn out looking festive and fun! I could never handle it, glitter mixes like that scare the bejezus out of me!

    1. Thank you ever so much for your kind wishes, Liz!! We did have a wonderful week, and Kellen in fact helped finish up the site model with some excellent sanding effort :) I actually was inspired to get on and write this post when I was reminded of your love for field labs, and Fuzzy's too, and wanted to share this picture I had out in the ether. That doesn't happen to be the beautifully resplendent tree in front of your house in your Google+ cover...??? Because that would indeed be heartbreaking, truly so. I absolutely adore that picture. :(

      In truth, these glitter toppers can indeed be tricky!! Not formula wise, but selecting undies that will complement every color without overwhelming or neutralizing any can actually be quite difficult, depending upon the mix. But I beg to differ, I think you would be great with them ;) But it does take a certain interest (i.e. an extreme devotion to all things GLITTER), and it is always a shame that these have such a short life span on me.