Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Laquerlicious "Snow Much Love!" & Serum No. 5 "Snow In Love"

Happy King's Day, kittens!  Well, this is it I suppose.  Even I can't stubbornly sustain the holiday season any longer.  Not that I won't probably still be posting "winter celebration" type posts now and then, since I still have some holiday swatches out on my desktop ether... hope y'all don't mind!  Winter break didn't exactly proceed as planned, and now that I am back in Oregon and school is in full march, I haven't had and won't have terribly much time for posting  :(  Until June, my thesis studio owns my soul.  And then it will all be over, mwahaha haha!!!

Well so anyways, yesterday marked the Twelfth Day of Christmas, and today is the official End of All Seasonal Splendor, therefore I am determined to squish in my Christmas Day polish pick, plus my Twelfth Night lacquer look.  Snow and love are two of my very favorite things, so of course I was powerless to resist these charming polishes!!  If these two were not insentient bottles of chemical and color, I would guess that, should they meet, they would be the most bestest of friends.

 Laquerlicious "Snow Much Love!"

"Snow Much Love!" is a sugar sweet pink crelly sprinkled with festive glitters in holly green, jolly red, bright white, and merry magenta, all frosted with a glimmering slight shimmer for an extra pinch of twinkle.  This was precisely what I wanted for Christmas Day: cuddlesome and happy, girly and giggly, with just a hint of the season's signature colors.  The formula was fantastic: opaque in two coats, and quick drying.  Most unfortunately, it doesn't really matter much anymore, as Laquerlicious (like Cult Nails recently as well) is clearing shop, though Michelle will ultimately be rebranding Laquerlicious as Polish 'M as opposed to closing up altogether.  Even so... :(  "Snow Much Love!" looked amazing with a glitter gradient tip of red, green, & pink holiday glitter Serum No. 5 "Holly Dazed", though I failed to capture the mani before it flaked (*more sadness*)  :(

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

Serum No. 5 "Snow In Love"

"Snow In Love" is a pristine white crelly spangled with blue zircon hex glitters, tiny spruce green squares, pearlescent sky blue circles, and shy iridescent sparkles spontaneously flashing water and flame colors.  It is the lacquer version of a snowman love song.  The formula goes on with satisfying evenness and dries quickly, and was sheer to allow for the glitter and glow in the dark to sparkle through; I needed five thin coats to banish VNL.  

Oh, and that's the other thing; it GLOWS!!  The glow in the dark pigments leave a slight texture, though this is easily glossed over with one layer of good top coat (I used Ellagee Glass topcoat to wonderful effect).  "Snow In Love" glows a beautifully bioluminescent glacial aqua that is speckled by the glitters and utterly enchanting.  Serum No. 5 is the absolute polish authority for incorporating unique glow tones in many of their polishes; it is always a pleasant surprise to discover unanticipated glowing nails!  {My camera for some reason insisted upon seeing a cool ultramarine though the glow was most definitely a bright luminous aqua, so I have included both the camera original and my edited, more accurate version for your viewing pleasure.}

what my camera saw

what I saw with my own two eyes

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *
"Snow In Love" may be found at Serum No. 5 for $13, while Laquerlicious polishes are down to $4 a piece for the dwindling selection remaining.

Any punny "Snow __ Love" polishes that I'm missing here??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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