Monday, January 12, 2015

OPI: Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection ["Rollin' in Cashmere" trio, etc]

Hello darlings, and Happy Monday to you!  What with school started up in full force once more (for the last semester of my life!!!) the posts will be fewer and farther between, most unfortunately, and despite a desperate backlog of swatches, holiday and otherwise :(  However, I just had to get this one up for multiple reasons: one, because all of these polishes were popping up for excellent deals immediately after Christmas at TJMaxx, Marshall's, etc, well in advance of when I would normally expect these to appear at discount stores (uh, usually next year!).  But indeed, the Rollin' in Cashmere trio featured here (incorporating "Rollin' in Cashmere", "Comet in the Sky", and "Snow Globetrotter") was snapped up at TJMaxx for *$9.99* by my savvy Auntie Deborah, who very kindly loaned it to me for swatching and news-sharing, before she tried them even.  Thank you oh so much, Auntie!!  You may consider this your bargain-hunting hit list, kittens.

"Rollin' in Cashmere" is a pale yellow gold pearl shimmer, the characteristic frosty brushstrokes subtly evoking the appearance of lustrous cornsilk.  The strokes really aren't terrible, as you can see, though they can be easily diffused with a layer of matte topcoat followed by a layer of glossy topcoat, a brilliantly simple technique which I first saw presented by Sam of Fashion Polish.  I used three coats of "Rollin' in Cashmere", which dried quite quickly.

no topcoat

matte topcoat

matte + glossy topcoats

"Comet in the Sky" is a darkly glamorous glitter topper of black matte and iridescent film glitter in a range of very small to extra large hexes.  The iridescent glitters yield a strong metallic gold expression, while also casting interference impressions of emerald green, sapphire blue, and golden topaz orange, predominately.  The grand scale of the largest glitter really sets this polish apart from other black glitters, and the density is quite remarkable as well.  I used one thick layer followed by one thin over "Rollin' in Cashmere".

"Comet in the Sky" over "Rollin' in Cashmere"

"Snow Globetrotter" is the angelic sister of "Comet in the Sky", with the same components of small-to-large matte and iridescent glitters, though with the interjection of pristine white in the place of inky black.  The iridescent glitters have a more crystalline showing of prismatic rainbow colors amongst the white, though the golden glow is still in evidence.  I positively love this glitter, and have been searching fruitlessly for it since I first tried it!!  Formula aligns with "Comet in the Sky" as well, and I chose to layer it over "Kiss Me- Or Elf!" for a dramatic contrast effect.

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

"Kiss Me- Or Elf!" is an alluring berry magenta shimmer with rich wine-colored edges, and that ultra fine glowing from within quality that make these purpled pinks, generally a very ordinary color, quite extraordinary indeed.  The formula was beautifully viscous and flowing... almost too much so, in fact; paired with the OPI ProWide brush, I had some difficulty keeping this polish out of the cuticles, and then cleaning it up once it was (it's not something I usually do, but while I love the ProWide brush, it does diminish my accuracy).  And while the formula was satisfyingly lush, the slower set/dry time and satiny shimmer, with its need for a perfectly smooth, even finish, meant that I had more problems getting a perfect, unblemished finish on the nail.

"Sleigh Parking Only" is a Black Forest burgundy crème laced with sultry purple tones and enigmatic cocoa hues, a complex confection seemingly blended of dark chocolate, black cherry, sugar plum, and just a touch of whipped cream for milky creaminess.  I was absolutely besotted with this in the bottle (it really is such a fascinating shade!), but I was a little disappointed with it on the nail.  OPI crèmes sometimes suffer from darkening when dried, and this was one of those shades; you can see better in the second (comparison) picture that "Sleigh Parking Only" on the nail is a couple shades darker than in the bottle.  Sad meows.

The formula was rich and decadent, like melted red velvet chocolate (my favorite World Market treat, though preferably not melted), and had an average dry time.  I used two coats of this satisfyingly opaque polish.

While I was painting on "Sleigh Parking Only", I happened to have "Sleigh Ride For Two" from last year's Mariah Carey Holiday Collection on my toes, and in lousy low lighting they almost looked to have exactly the same base color so of course I had to compare.  Clearly the rosewood shimmer in "Sleigh Ride For Two" lends it a lighter, reddened maroon appearance compared to "Sleigh Parking Only", though I think it could be said that OPI has some definite ideas about sleighs and their color associations.  I don't usually go for these cordovan colors, but something about these have been really speaking to me (tells you how gorgeous they are), so I'm hoping that they keep these sleigh shades going!

"Sleigh Parking Only": index & ring // "Sleigh Ride For Two": middle & pinky

* ♥ * ❄ * ♥ *

Like I say, these holiday polishes are all now on clearance at Ulta for $4.77 (don't forget to save even more with a $3.50 off $10 coupon!!), and may already be found at TJMaxx / Marshall's for $3.99, or a trio for $9.99!!

What's your no-go color that you sometimes go for anyway, when your disinclination is overcome by a particularly beautiful polish??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. I see what you mean about the dry down shade of Sleigh Parking Only, it loses some of that luscious purpley red velvetiness that you described so beautifullly. Still a rich dark color, but not the same as in the bottle.

    I've tried and tried to find a minty or seafoamy green that my pinkage will accept without recoiling in a flushed horrorshow of glowing redness, but have yet to find that elusive beast. I've now hit the point where a Pavlovian headshaking response kicks in almost immediately upon seeing these shades, which I'm especially drawn to in glitter/crelly formulas with complementary colors of blue in the mix. Actually pale, soft pastel shades of any color (except for grey) do not fare well with my ruddiness. I shudder to think what the pearly yellow you feature so well here, Rollin' in Cashmere, would look like on my nails. Sometimes I think I must have the pinkest digits on the planet.

    At least a cat can still look at a queen, even if she can't wear the crown. Of course, a cat would never be so foolish as to hanker after something so inanimate and inedible. Unless it was made of thin rustley plastic, in which case our cat Picchio would be all over that sucker.

    What degree will you be finishing this semester, by the way? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Picchio!! That is the most charming of names; is s/he black & white??

      ARggh I know I've read reviews about light greens that don't incite the red contrast so much; now I, too, am curious if it can be done!! Your hands have never seemed so very pink to me, but then, I for sure know a rosier someone: my big little brother. His skin tone is perpetually, and regardless of season, distinctly and irrefutably pink. Like, nothing but the pink. I find it to be pretty funny on such a hulking brute :)

      Haha well, Liz, I'm glad you asked! I will be finishing my professional degree in architecture. The official degree is B.Arch, or Bachelor of Architecture, which is actually a strange degree because professionally (for the purpose of achieving one's license) it functions as a Master of Science or Art in Architecture, if that makes sense. Professional programs are five years, and I was actually quite ready to be done this time last year so I am positively overjoyed to be on my home stretch!!

    2. How did you know, Marisa? Do you speak Italian? Actually he's not your traditional tuxedo as he only has a handful of white hairs in a loose swirl on his chest. The rest of him is a dark brown/black. We got him from a no-kill rescue called The Goathouse Cat Refuge that is run by a friend of ours who is Italian, and she named him for his personality and smarts. He is the very imp of Satan!

      What an interesting degree! Will you stop there or enter a doctoral program? Get your architect's license? What's next? Loaded questions, don't you love them? NOT. Feel free not to respond!

    3. Haha I don't mind!! Architecture is a strange field, education-wise. Until recently, Hawaii was the only school state-side to offer a doctorate in architecture; incidentally, Oregon has become the second. However, graduate degrees are only necessary for teaching purposes (I'm not even sure what one does with a doctorate, actually), which I had no interest in anyway, and my summer internship with an arch and engineering firm confirmed for me that I far prefer real world architecture practice to the aggravating absurdities of academia. Architecture school is just so rigorous and relentless, and once I am done I'm not planning on ever going back haha. They say college is the best time of your life, but this is most assuredly not the case if you're an arch student, and I am so looking forward to returning to normal life!!! After I graduate I intend to pursue my license (an approx. three year process) and embrace a healthy life balance :) :) :)