Saturday, January 3, 2015

Glam Polish "Dancing Through Life"

Happy (belated) Ninth Day of Christmas!  Yes, I know, it is actually the Tenth Day of Christmas currently here on the West Coast, but I've been wanting to post this polish in honor of the *nine ladies dancing* for weeks now, and while I was indeed panic packing yesterday for my move back to Portland today and wasn't able to get this post up at that time, I hope you'll agree that that the occasion is worth revisiting for this stunning showstopper!!

"Dancing Through Life" was released this past November as part of Glam Polish's Broadway Collection.  This awesome little company has been going nuts down there in Australia, debuting new amazing nine-part collections (plus occasional smaller collections) every month for a while now!  I mean, the creative stamina is just astounding to me.  I thought this one was just so perfect as a delicately chic winter polish, even after the holidays have come and gone.

"Dancing Through Life" is a luxurious pink champagne lavishly gilded with pale yellow gold shimmer and holographic glimmerings.  The warm peach tones make this an eminently flattering and feminine shade, and functions precisely like the rose gold base hue of M.A.C. loose pigment "Melon", wherein the pink anchors the gold such that it still reads as metallic gold while eliminating any penchant for brassy olive casts.  The bright light golden sheen is positively radiant, like the break of dawn, and walks a brilliant line between elegant and glamorous. 

"Dancing Through Life" has a charming, quick-setting and quick-drying formula that is opaque in two coats.  Ladies out there who don't feel like they can wear gold against their skin tone, but want a gold polish anyway, will love that an edge of muted rose blush frames the burnished gold, though the polish really does read as prominently golden on the nail.

"Dancing Through Life" may be found at Glam Polish, where it has been going on sale sporadically down from its retail price of $11 USD.  United States addresses will be delighted to hear that they recently dropped their U.S. shipping rates again; whereas it was once $9.95 (I think?) for the first bottle + $1 for each beyond, then $4.95 for the first, they are now down to $3.50 first bottle + $1 each bottle after.  I mean, that's just fantastic.

Did any of you get your dancing polish on yesterday??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff

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