Monday, March 16, 2015

Candie's Nail Polish "My Lucky Charm"

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Happy happy Monday, lads and bonny lasses!  I should be studying for my final tomorrow, and I have been, but it's just been so sunny outside... and the impending spring break that is just beyond this exam has me so bouncy and energized... and idk, I'm just having the darndest time focusing, so I'm kinda hoping to drum up a little luck ;)  I would say that tomorrow would be a fabulous time for a little Felix Felicis, but with the luck o' the Irish strong in spirit hopefully even I, with nary a drop of Irish or even Celtic blood in my veins, will be able to glean a little off for some focus power.  With the kind of scattered energy I've been buzzing about with, I could certainly use it to compensate! :)

And that brings us to today's festive mani... you wanted green, and so here it is: a green jolly enough to make a leprechaun skip!  Just sprinkle on a little gold glitter, and I'm guessing that you could make all kinds of little magical, albeit mischievous friends on the morrow.

>> My Lucky Charm <<

"My Lucky Charm" is a charming kelly green crème: a nicely balanced, slightly cool-leaning, moderately-saturated medium tone that is bright enough to be chipper but not so much as to be obnoxious.  When I first bought this, I frankly thought it was kind of obnoxious, especially under harsh box store lighting, and so I dwell on this point because I'm surprised at how much I've been enjoying this lacquer on the nail (in natural daylight, anyway).  A classic preppy polo (golf, cricket, rugby, etc) shade, Candie's has lightened up the athleticism of a full deep kelly with a gentle dose of creaminess, for a softer shamrock shade that entertains the feminine side of festivity.  That said, you can see how even white electric light elicits warmer and (in my opinion) more jarring, fractious loud tones, while in shade the green descends to a cool, almost sedum-like character.  It's an adaptive one, for sure, but as far as real-life perception is concerned, the sunlight shots most accurately depict the quality of the color I am perceiving.

The formula was actually quite great, which pleased me because I didn't pay much for it and kinda just assumed that it might be rubbish.  It went on smooth and lush, and I only needed two easy peas-y coats for full opacity.  "My Lucky Charm" also dries quickly and to a hard, scratch-resistant surface that resisted destruction, even as I was getting into all kinds of mischief immediately after painting- without topcoat, of course, because that's not tempting fate at all.  What can I say- I got my lucky polish on. ;)


full-spectrum electric light


Candie's is a Kohl's exclusive brand, and while their nail polish retails for $8 I'm pretty sure I got mine for less than $2 on extra coupon super sale, but certainly no more than $2.50 on a more regular day.  I'm seeing their polish is no longer available on the Kohl's website so hopefully that's not a sad ominous sign... :/

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full-spectrum electric light


Do you have a lucky charm??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. A perfect St. Patrick's Day green! I really like this bright on you, Marisa! I hope that your exam goes swimmingly and that you have a safe trip back to Montana for your well-deserved break.

    1. Isn't it, though? I've been saving it for months :D The brightness is certainly matching my effervescent mood! In truth, it's looking rather brighter on the screen than it appeared in person, even more so on my monitor than it did on my laptop screen, but isn't that just the way of things? Thank you so much for your well-wishes, dear; tomorrow at 6pm I will be free as a bird, and ready to post some St. Patrick's Day glitter!!! Whee!