Friday, February 13, 2015

Hare Polish: "Oh What Fun It Is To Love" + "Test Your Love!" + "Love You To Pieces!"

Happy happy Friday, gorgeous!!  The ominous 13th it may be, but for myself, I am looking forward to a peachy Valentine's Day tomorrow, and choosing to disregard the sinister portents.  What's a superstitious day against an auspiciously delightful polish on the nails, anyway?  And if you're needing some ideas for a love lacquer to suit your Valentine mood, well, I might have some ideas... :)  Are you a natural beauty in need of a cozy, rosy hue?  A fearless flirt for whom only bright and bold will do?  Or perhaps, an enigmatic temptress, glimmering in the sultry darkness?  Or, are you something else entirely...?

For inspiration, I have assembled all of my *love*-themed Hares, and mood-wise, they run the gamut, but they do have a few things in common: dazzle power, and awesomeness.  They are especially precious to me because they were all first worn and loved by my most favoritest Lacquer Slacker Liz.  Each time I indulge in sporting one of these HARE polish treasures, I am simply in awe of her generosity in sharing these stunning creations with me, and feel like if anyone is channeling Cupid's divine spirit this year, it would be darling Liz for uniting me and HARE in true lacquer lurv :]

Hare Polish "Oh What Fun It Is To Love"

Hare Polish "Test Your Love!"

Hare Polish "Test Your Love!"

Hare Polish "Love You To Pieces!"

Hare Polish "Love You To Pieces!"

♥ * ♥ *

 >> Oh What Fun It Is To Love <<

 ...for the CUDDLY Valentine.

 "Oh What Fun It Is To Love" is a warm, earthy clay rose red freckled with festive gold glitters in circles, squares, and tiny hexes, along with pearlescent hexes and squares which appear pale pink but are probably actually white in the absence of the jelly base, and finally, shimmering with metallic gold microflakie shimmer for a final, joyful touch.  In the bottle the polish looks to be the pink side of Pantone Marsala, but on the nail the iron oxide tones are more powerfully manifest.  To me, it is the light blushing brick hue of an English cottage rose, and a flattering, mature shade that I admit, did feel a little odd on my collegiate fingers...  I didn't anticipate such from the bottle, where like I say, it is more muted maroon than murky carmine.  I think Liz describes this color brilliantly in her >>wonderful review<< as rhubarb pie.  The translucence and hue is exactly, exactly like rhubarb pie; I remember being impressed by that precision when I first read the review, and now that I'm revisiting/remembering I am impressed all over again; this is just one of those baffling hues that are so impossible to cast in words, but I am unsurprised that Liz found just the right ones.  Brava!

This polish was originally released with the Bohemian Holiday collection along with the beauteous "Wonderland Wanderlust", as seen previously.  The formula was just fab: glossy, sleek, and impeccably fluid, fast-drying and opaque in just two coats.

♥ * ♥ * ♥ 

>> Test Your Love! <<

 ...for the FLIRTY Valentine.

"Test Your Love!" is a fierce fuchsia jelly flushed with precious gold and white platinum mica flakies.  And when I say that these flakies are HOT, baby, you can take it to the bank; as far as I'm concerned, this polish is fabulous-ness, bottled.  Period.  The slight natural iridescence and organic interface of the flakies are just outrageous, and glazed with the most vivacious of pinks?  Slay me.  I'm yours.

I used three effortless coats for this juicy bright mani.  This would be an excellent pink for spring break, if you're beach-bound; I personally prefer clambering about in the red rocks of southern Utah (so our previous CUDDLY Valentine shade for me!!) but damn if "Test Your Love!" doesn't elucidate my vibrant dance-hall side.  Liz crafts a beautiful textual illustration as she enumerates in her "Test Your Love!" review the myriad hues evoked in the shrouded flakies, though one word in particular stood out to me: sherbert.  It is absolutely like sherbert, raspberry sherbert, tart and sweet, if it were blasted with sunset sunshine and then set ablaze.  "Test Your Love!" was originally part of The Coin Operation collection, and after failing to get enough of these flakies I'm thinking I'm going to have to get out my collection mates, jade "Read My Biorhythm" and blush "Peepshow Magique", for this next misty month of March.

♥ * ♥ *


>> Love You To Pieces! <<

 ...for the SEDUCTIVE Valentine.

"Love You To Pieces!" is a deep, decadent amethyst: you know, like the really rich, saturated plum facets.  Amidst the regal purple tides sparkle prismatically iridescent mica flakies in precious shades of gold, platinum white, and deep burnished copper, all confounded by icy rainbow tints of aquamarine, lavender, tourmaline, peridot, and countless other elusive, glimmering gem hues.  It is a polish of the deepest, most mysterious magic, and much like a seductress in its spellbinding allure. 

Released just last year specially for Valentine's Day 2014, "Love You To Pieces!" has what I have come to recognize as the signature Hare formula of loveliness: blissfully smooth and even, fast-drying, and basically opaque in two coats, though I found that three really drives home the luxurious depth and effect.  Liz simply said it best: "Magnifique!"

February's birthstone: the romantic amethyst

♥ * ♥ *

Hare Polish (more accurately, HARE polish) may be found at Nikole's Etsy shop for $10 a bottle, or also at various other online retailers including Llarowe.  

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...romantic... sophisticated... quirky... sexy?  ...pale pink... lacy white... lavender... scarlet?

What kind of Valentine will you be this year, Twinkling??

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. Wow, Test Your Love looks absolutely fantastic on you, Marisa! What a fun post, putting together the "love" themed polishes! Gorgeous swatches of all of them and excellent macros, but Test Your Love really sings on you. I'm thinking you should wear bright pinks more often, my dear.

    My mom always bought us animal themed cards to send out to our classes in elementary school and I remember making serious decisions about which animals to send to Brent Anderson and Mike Adams, my earliest crushes. I may still have a crush on Mike Adams!

    1. Haha, thank you darling, and duly noted!! I do love me a good pink, and Test Your love is one of the best, clearly. I really truly cannot get enough of these flakies under a macro lens; I cannot get enough of them in general, actually. I'm already highly anticipating my next HARE-wearing indulgence :) They are treasures beyond words. I cannot thank you enough for passing them on to me <3

      D'aww, that is so so cute!! I love it! My first crush was on Westley of The Princess Bride, but I never thought to send him a valentine.. drat ;)