Thursday, October 9, 2014

Butter London : Top of the Pops box swatches [[ La Moss, Toff, & Earl Grey winks and lacquers and lippies, oh my ]]

Hey there, gorgeous!  Today I have for you an awesome limited edition box from Butter London that is currently on sale for $19 at Ulta.  I don't imagine that it will be around for much longer so if you like any of the colors I wouldn't wait to snap this one up.  Any University of Montana Griz fans in the house?!?  You're going to looovvve this box, with its chic shades of silver and maroon that really are great (GRRrreat, that is) for any occasion but are especially perfect for game day.  Go Griz!!!  <3

The Top of the Pops *Greatest Hits* box includes a Lippy liquid lipstick in "Toff" ($18), nail lacquer in "La Moss" ($15), a Scrubber 2-in-2 Prep & Remover Wipe ($1), Wink cream eye shadow in "Earl Grey" ($18), and a Wink eye pencil, also in "Earl Grey" ($18).  So you can see, this is truly a fabulous deal!

Butter London : Top of the Pops box

 "La Moss" nail lacquer is a vampy oxblood maroon jelly polish that is opaque in two coats.  The jelly finish gives "La Moss" a squishy blood-like translucence on the nail, with an intoxicating glow of deepest red in the sun while deepening into dark ganache brown tinted with burgundy in dimmer lights.  It is a classic color and finish seen time and time again on the nails of the daring and seductive.  Similar shades include the iconic Essie "Wicked", Clinique "Black Honey" (whose formula I prefer), Chanel "Rouge Noir", and hundreds more.  I had some serious bubbling issues for some odd reason, though I'd prepped with the Scrubber wipe, so my swatch is playing it coy on this one :/


"Earl Grey" Wink Eye Pencil & Cream Eyeshadow share a name, but thankfully not a hue.  I was afraid they'd be redundant, but they look fierrrce together!  The cream eyeshadow is a luminous aluminum silver, whereas the eye pencil is a deeper gunmetal with silver sparkles.  Both gorgeous, and alternatively classic or festive, depending on how you do it up.  Both are sleek and richly pigmented; you can see in my swatches of the eye pencil that you can achieve various levels of intensity quite easily.

"Toff" Lippy Liquid Lipstick is a dusty carmelized rose, a subtly beautiful my-lips-but-better shade that is ultra flattering, ultra pigmented, and ultra glossy.  It's probably ultra long lasting too due to the fact that it's quite sticky and thick in a glassy sort of way, though this didn't bother me too much when I put sleek lip balm on first.  The liquid lipstick has an amazing patent leather shine on the lips, I just swiped some on and can't stop gazing at it!  I can't get over how gorgeous this color is.  "Toff" the Lippy is the mate of "Toff" the nail lacquer, which incidentally is very, very close in hue to Sally Hansen's "Plum's the Word".  "Toff" may be a touch pinker and brighter, while "Plum's the Word" may be a hair more brown, but they really are bang on course color-wise.

Butter London "Earl Grey" eye pencil & cream eye shadow
heart: BL "Earl Grey" cream eye shadow // circle: BL "Toff" Lippy // swirl: BL "Earl Grey" eye pencil

Butter London "Toff" Lips & Tips
Sally Hansen "Plum's The Word" vs. Butter London "Toff"

Scrubbers 2-in-1 Prep & Remover Wipes are described by Butter London as a "durable wipe [that] removes lacquer from all 10 nails & preps for the next manicure".  It's definitely durable; I was surprised at how beefy and thick the little pad was.  They're individually sealed and soaked in nail polish remover, though it doesn't have the feminine powdery scent of the well-loved Butter London Powder Room lacquer remover which was kind of sad.  I went after my nail polish with a vengeance when I got the cute little floral packet open, but even so the remover evaporated before I could finish.  I think whether you'll get all ten fingers depends on the polish; if it's one that dries thin and requires few coats, you'll probably be good to go.  I happened to have a polish on that dries thicker and some fingers had three coats.  The wipe was going strong for a while but once it starts drying up it's dry and done in a hurry.  I liked it just fine and think it would be great for travel, but I don't know if I'd pay $10 for the privilege of doing this 10 times.  But then, I personally don't like paying much for nail polish remover.  I'm most certainly not going to blow up this picture of my stained fingernails (the horror!), but you should get the idea of how efficient the Scrubber was, at least.

So there you have it, Twinklings!!  What do you think of this sexy, posh palette for fall?  Again, Top of the Pops was originally $32, but it's been on sale for $19 for nearly two weeks now so get yourself over to Ulta, on the double!

Has anyone had better luck with the Scrubbers?  What is your favorite oxblood burgundy polish??  xoxo 

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