Thursday, September 25, 2014

Candy Lacquer : Halloween 2014 : "Pumpkin Fairy"

Hello, lovelies!!  In the spirit of the deepening autumn, I have a darling polish for you today from Candy Lacquer's 2014 Halloween collection.  Happy news: they are glow-in-the-dark for extra spooky fabulousness!  Naturally, my immediate favorite of the bunch was "Pumpkin Fairy".  I just love the idea of a pumpkin fairy.  I imagine her plump and motherly, and never without muffins or pies or warm creamy soup for anyone who wanders by her quaint thatched cottage nestled in the autumn woods.  I think she would knit cozy things with thick plooshy wool, and have a fat little Welsh corgi.  Her garden patch would always have at least one glossy, fat pumpkin at the ready, just in case some damsel in distress should need a carriage for the royal ball.  And she would never be seen without this polish on her nails!

Candy Lacquer "Pumpkin Fairy"

"Pumpkin Fairy" is a cozy, cheery mélange of white, squash gold matte, butter yellow, frosting pink, pale peach, holographic silver, transparent crystal red, and ultraviolet iridescent glitters in a sheer pumpkin juice base that glows in the dark.  The glitters come in a vast range of shapes, such as hexes, circles, hearts, eyelash bars, tiny stars, moons, triangles, squares, and even the odd butterfly, Disney mouse... and PUMPKINS.  Mostly the pumpkin glitter comes in the little baggie of glitter that comes with the polish, but I can see at least one floating around in my bottle!!!  It is a quite elusive great pumpkin, so I picked one from the glitter bag and bent it to fit to the curve of my nail (they are quite big), which worked really well to avoid annoying stuck-out edges!  I love that Sandra sends along this little magic glitter baggies, for flexibility in large glitter placement, or for bedazzling your fairy wand :)

Candy Lacquer "Pumpkin Fairy" [Sephora Formula X "Incandescent"]

ghoulish glow-in-the-dark effect... ooooohhhh...
Candy Lacquer "Pumpkin Fairy" [Sephora Formula X "Incandescent"]

The formula of "Pumpkin Fairy" is wonderful; quick drying, and the glitters are so densely packed that you get great coverage in one coat.  I really liked it at two coats; better chance of fishing out something fun!  I love "Pumpkin Fairy" over Sephora Formula X "Incandescent", a peachy dreamsicle crème that I just realized is indistinguishable from China Glaze "If In Doubt, Surf It Out" so if you have either one, you're set.  "Incandescent" is just dark enough to set off the golden orange glitters the exact color of the inside of a pumpkin, but sweet enough to complement the warm, comfy personality of "Pumpkin Fairy".  I also tried it over Zoya "Caitlin", Sinful Colors "Unicorn", Zoya "Cole", and Rimmel London "English Rose".  I thought that the orange glitters would make a nice contrast to a grayed-out blue-violet such as "Caitlin", but I forgot about the orange jelly, which is just tinted enough to turn neutral and appear patchy when paired with anything cool or blue-based (so purples, blues, and greens are out).  For the very best contrast and effect, I'd stick with warm, medium-toned colors :)

Candy Lacquer "Pumpkin Fairy" [Caitlin, Unicorn, Cole, English Rose]
Candy Lacquer "Pumpkin Fairy" [Caitlin, Unicorn, Cole, English Rose]
Rimmel "English Rose", Zoya "Cole", SC "Unicorn", Zoya "Caitlin", Candy Lacquer "Pumpkin Fairy"

Candy Lacquer may be purchased at their Big Cartel site.  Pumpkin Fairy and the other Halloween 2014 glow-in-the-dark polishes retail for $9.50.  Be warned, no one does cute quite like Candy Lacquer so you might find it a dangerously tempting place to visit :)

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