Monday, September 15, 2014

Candy Lacquer "Nouveau Riche"

Something about autumn puts me in the mood for a masquerade ball.  (Because I've attended so many and am just so impatient for the next.)  Yoohoo, chamber maid?  Do please fetch the butler to fetch the manservant to fetch the coachman to ready the pumpkin carriage; I have an appointment.  With destiny.  And the ball's snack table.  Oh yes, if I was in Ever After I would quite unabashedly be Jacqueline.  Only with Danielle's dress (and shoes!!!) because, swoon.  But in all seriousness, if there is anything more bewitching than a romantic stroll through a midnight garden strung with fairy lights, while a decadent ballroom spills golden light and lilting music and the sparkling rustle of masked dancers...  then it would have to be "Nouveau Riche".

Candy Lacquer "Nouveau Riche"

Nouveau Riche

"Nouveau Riche" is an opulent multichromatic glitter lacquer shifting through gemstone hues of emerald green, peacock teal, aquamarine and sapphire blues, violet, amethyst, and magenta purples, ruby and carnelian red-orange, and gilded with royal gold.  I've never seen a glitter quite like this.  Every angle sets off a kaleidoscope cascade of sparkling jewel tones.  Mysterious, extravagant, arcane, fabulous; imagine an enchanted forest illuminated by the twilight revelries of a faerie court, such as in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  This is where words fail and you really must see to believe.

Candy Lacquer "Nouveau Riche"

Candy Lacquer "Nouveau Riche"
This is two coats on the nail; on the first the glitter seemed to bald but when it had something to stick to on the second it became quite opaque.  I had to contort all over the place to for the camera to see the colors, though in fact the duochrome nature of the glitter is quite evident in all lights.  As to be expected, it's a bit of a bugger to remove- the tiny glitters go positively EVERYWHERE.  I recommend using a good hand scrub once you've gotten most of it off.  And like most glitter polishes, this eats top coat for breakfast; I ended up using four coats for a perfect smooth finish.  I knew I should've used my glitter food topcoat by (now defunct) Maya Cosmetics; if you have one, it should fix that issue right up.

Out-of-focus, the camera actually seemed to pick up on the intensity of the colors more accurately, so there's that.  And here's this:

Candy Lacquer "Nouveau Riche"

Blue Blood (top left), Crown Jewels (top right), Old Money (bottom left), Nouveau Riche (bottom right)

"Nouveau Riche" is one of four multichrome glitter nail polishes { Blue Blood, Crown Jewels, Old Money, Nouveau Riche } by Candy Lacquer, all released almost exactly one month ago on August 14, 2014.  They don't have a collection name, though clearly has bourgeois/aristocrat-theme appropriate for the lavish sparkles and hues.  Sandra is so adorable, she says she kind of just gave them money-type names, "probably because those glitters cost so much lol", and I can believe it!!  Magic always come with a price (name that TV show!!!) and these glitters are pure magic.  The other three probably turn their snobbish noses up at "Nouveau Riche" (new money, you know), but I like to think of it as the Cinderella of the bunch, and I think it looks like a magical woodland so boo :)

The bottle shots in the above collage are from the Candy Lacquer website, where you may find these precious treasures!  The square bottle is a recent packaging change; is it not adorable?  "Nouveau Riche" and her sisters all retail for $12, though most Candy Lacquer polishes are in the $9 range.

Which nail polish would YOU take to a royal ball??


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