Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rainbow Honey: "Pink Lemonade" + "Watermelon Fizz"

Today the summer heat flicked off like a light switch, and in the deepening chill I abruptly noticed the reddening leaves, and realized that my baby aspen tree isn't dying after all.  Simply, fall has come.  But I'm not done with this season quite yet... only after my favorite happy summer colors have had their day will I concede to the brooding shadowed tones of autumn.  But for just a second, let's rewind a bit back to sunshine and lawn chairs and sparkling cold drinks, and no cares in the world... :)

Nothing captures the feeling so well as "Pink Lemonade" and "Watermelon Fizz" of Rainbow Honey's Summer Treats collection.  Behold:

Rainbow Honey: Summer Treats Collection

Pink Lemonade

“Pink Lemonade” is a bubbly sweet shade, full of lemon sorbet, pink sugar, and sunshine circles, iridescent cyan squares, sweet pink and gold duochrome shimmer, teensy tiny lemonade glitters, and pink frosting hearts!!  Utterly adorable, brightly flirtatious, and completely irresistible, just like its namesake.  I layered two coats over peachy Butter London "Kerfuffle".

Rainbow Honey "Pink Lemonade" {Butter London "Kerfuffle"}

Rainbow Honey "Pink Lemonade" {Butter London "Kerfuffle"}


Watermelon Fizz

“Watermelon Fizz” is a candy neon watermelon pink sparkling with sugary cerise iridescent flakie shimmers.  A bodacious bombshell hue with show-stopping sparkle, not to mention the gorgeous neon glow... so yeah, count on it always being the center of attention, sorrynotsorry.  This is three coats to perfection.

Rainbow Honey "Watermelon Fizz"

Rainbow Honey "Watermelon Fizz"

You may find Rainbow Honey online here: { summer+treats }.  Rainbow Honey has become such a favorite of mine, one cannot help but smile to have such joyful colors at their fingertips ♥  Their work is always imbued with such imagination and positivity; a happier, more cuddly company there never was.

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