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Rainbow Honey: September Mystery Bag!!

It's here!  IT'S HERE!!  I rode like the wind to get home and see this month's mystery bag, which I've been anxiously anticipating for one whole week (I'm so very impatient about shipping these days, but particularly so for my Rainbow Honey parcels <3 ).  I'm sure I looked ridiculous- that is to say, ridiculously CUTE- pedaling furiously along on my mom's old pink bicycle.  Or vintage, I should say, for the fashionable ones among us; my boyfriend informs me that an object becomes vintage at 25 years of age, and the Flamingo certainly qualifies.  It legitimately predates my existence.  It's faded and a bit tired, and I love it so much.

The Rainbow Honey Lab has churned out a warm welcome for September with autumnal scents and vibrant hues; this mystery bag will put you in the mood for crisp apple cider and lolloping through leaves!  (But just wait until you see this month's limited editions!!)

Rainbow Honey : September Mystery Bag

Rainbow Honey "Asteroid B", "Sugarberries", "Salacia"

Asteroid B

"Asteroid B" is a celestial navy twinkling with gold and silver holographic stars, squares, and sparkles, all strewn across a cosmos of sapphire micro-fleck shimmer with an ultraviolet shift.  If you loved "Night Sky" of the Summer Mixtape collection, you will be positively besotted with "Asteroid B".  I thought I was seeing things when I first caught glimpses of gold, but luckily I had the Rainbow Honey description to verify my sanity; their description is as so: "A midnight blue shimmer base, packed with billions of holo silver and gold stars (OK, not billions, but too many to keep count!), designed to top your royal and galactic manicure!"  Which to me means only one thing: LE PETIT PRINCE!!!

Le Petit Prince & Asteroid B-612 // Rainbow Honey "Asteroid B"
Right??!  Isn't it PERFECT??  If Le Petit Prince was not the inspiration, then this is a most improbable coincidence.  I mean, "Asteroid B" could be referring to "a relatively uncommon type of carbonaceous asteroid, thought to be primitive, volatile-rich remnants of the early Solar System" (thanks, Wikipedia), but I am choosing to believe that it is a tribute to the Little Prince's tiny home, Asteroid B-612!! ☆

This could be beautiful layered over another nail polish, but as this is a DreamWorks type of thing in that you'll need to go star fishing I decided to build it up and go for glitter maximum.  It was pretty good after three coats actually, but I added a fourth for photographing purposes.  The purple shift is nigh impossible to capture, but I promise to you that it is there!  The duochrome edge contributes such a fascinating galactic dynamism to this zodiac lacquer.  Un vernis tellement jolie!

Rainbow Honey "Asteroid B"

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Rainbow Honey "Asteroid B"


"Sugarberries" is a carnelian crimson lacquer flooded with gold and ruby glitters, and studded with holographic silver squares, sparkles, and the most gigantic hex glitters that I have ever seen.  With a name like "Sugarberries" one might expect something cheerful and sweet, but I'm telling you right now: this polish is pure royalty.  Think the Queen of Andor and her Lion Throne (Wheel of Time, anyone?).  Glorious, powerful, indomitable, and magnificent.  I might even go so far as to declare this manicure worthy of wielding the Sword of Gryffindor.  Incidentally, are there any Gryffindors in the audience??  I'm a proud Ravenclaw myself, and I feel like I've met shockingly few Gryffindors (and if it ain't the official J.K. Rowling Pottermore House Sorting then it don't count).  Ravenclaw or no, I cannot help but be in awe of this fiercely regal lioness lacquer (and I generally don't even like red!).  But let's be honest, who doesn't have some innate Gryffindor fealty??  This here's two thick coats of "Sugarberries", plus a dabbled-on third in some thin places.  Spectacular.

Rainbow Honey "Sugarberries"
Rainbow Honey "Sugarberries"


"Salacia" is an effervescent emerald jelly sparkling with holographic silver triangles and squares, iridescent hex glitters and sparkles, and glowing with enigmatic electric iris shimmers and sheer glitters.  Enigmatic, I say, because you can see the alluring ultraviolet flash but cannot discern the shape of the glitter casting it through the marine green murk.  Mysterious and intriguing, like the merpeople of the Emerald Isles; or, the mer queen herself!  Salacia is the Roman goddess of the sea, and I think Rainbow Honey illustrates her beautifully through this nail polish: the incandescent green hue is an unexpected yet compelling color choice that speaks of vitality and audacity, while in the silver triangles I can just see her rising amidst the crested waves, trident points sparkling in the saltwater sun.  I had never even HEARD of her before this polish, and yet the weird thing is that I had been wondering if a sea goddess existed in ancient classical mythology!  No seriously, I was thinking about that only a few days ago.  Thanks much for the enlightenment, Rainbow Honey Lab!!  :)  This is three coats.

Rainbow Honey "Salacia"

Pomme Rouge: Body Lotion, Body Balm, & Hand Soap

"Pomme Rouge", meaning red apple in French, is a deliciously bright, ever so slightly tart scent that heralds the harvest season with joyful alacrity.  The crisp apple note dominates the fragrance, though there is a light sweetness as well; elderberry, perhaps?  The RH Lab describes "Pomme Rouge" as "a lovely blend of sweet, seasonal apples and berries."  The juicy, deep purple elderberries of autumn, so sweet in syrups and pies, seem the most likely suspect.  According to Martha's Vineyard, "the elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) is one of the most ancient and useful shrubs, with great mythology and folklore to its credit; it’s been said if you sit under an elder bush on a midsummer’s eve, a fairy will appear."  ERMEHGERD take me to the elderberries!!!

My mom has already spirited off the body lotion; I certainly hope she is enjoying her spoils.  It has a lovely smooth formula that is enriched with aloe (and like all Rainbow Honey products is indeed vegan).  She reports that our non-licky dog Freyja was hell-bent on tasting it, which she figured meant it smelled pretty swell.  The dogs actually have developed an affinity for apples ever since the licky dog May discovered some fallen fruits under the neighbor's apple tree, so I have no doubt that they were attracted to "Pomme Rouge".

I wasn't entirely sure what to do with the Body Balm, which comes in a giant fat version of a chapstick tube.  The RH Lab describes it as "a new product for us, formulated with the finest oils, our new body balm is light, moisturizing, and non-sticky, leaving a lasting, yet light layer of our new scent!"  So I just went for it and started applying it to all my dry bits (and getting drier with the cooling air!), and WOW!  You know how elbows and heels and things normally soak lotions and such right up?  The balm rests more so on the surface in a silken sheen, creating a sort of moisturizing seal on the weathered cracked skin.  And as they say, it is neither sticky nor greasy; it feels more like a longer-lasting body oil.  Which, come to think of it, is exactly what it is :P

I'm not much for bar soap usually but this apple-butter pink heart-shaped soap is so endearing that it's just fun to use!  Gentle and lathery, I liked the moisturizing feel of the soap along with the gel-like consistency that minimizes the slippery sensation of regular bar soap.


September Mystery Bag

Need a sneak peek of what else is coming up??  Well, okay then.
Evidently not, because...
WHAA??!!  :D

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bags are available as a monthly subscription, or you can earn a free mini bag with a $65 purchase, or you can be like moi and just add a large to your monthly haul for $25 :)  I do recommend the large bag; the value is unbelievable and it is so exciting to see what's ahead in upcoming collections (because these products are all NEW, never before seen!)!!  You will never get a better price on these wonderful products than with the mystery bag; the lacquers alone will go on to retail for $10 per bottle.  And purely as a company, Rainbow Honey is just outstanding; I am always so impressed with the extent that they go out of their way to make their customers feel loved and appreciated ♥  Plus, look how adorable those ickle schmoopsie RH Lab critters are on the sweet little mystery parcel!!! {}

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