Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rainbow Honey: Sea Star

Hello, sunshines!! What's on your nails this fabulous Labor Day weekend? It's summer's last big hurrah, though personally I'll be holding out right up until the autumn equinox September 23. I do love fall, but fall means school, and school means Oregon, and Oregon is great but it's not Montana. So in keeping with the spirit of summer I went for beachy and bright with Rainbow Honey's June Limited Edition, "Sea Star". The sun has been flighty the past couple days so when the mountain lit up at 7:30pm I made like Eep Crood and ran then climbed to catch the sunshine :)

Rainbow Honey "Sea Star" on Mt. Sentinel

Rainbow Honey "Sea Star"

“Sea Star” is a perfectly carefree sea of pacific aqua circles & hex glitters swimming with pearl squares, sapphire shimmers, goldenrod hexes, and iridescent gold glitter, and crowned with happy coral star glitters. The Rainbow Honey lab has outdone themselves again, such an inspired and imaginative mix! The stars insist on photographing red, but I assure you that they are most definitely a very bright coral. Speaking of the stars, they are tiny and WONDERFUL, much better than the large stars whose points are always sticking out somewhere. I had no problems with star points whatsoever with these little glitters. I layered two coats of "Sea Star" over three coats of JulieG "9 to 5", a nearly-neon pale peach crème. I was on a shopping expedition with my auntie and bestie most of yesterday, and all day long I had women stopping me to goggle at the glowing mermaid's treasures on my fingers. I've never had a manicure make such an impression before, but I suppose when your nails are this bombastically bright and happy people can't help but smile :D

Rainbow Honey "Sea Star"

Rainbow Honey polishes retail for $10 per bottle, and "Sea Star" being a limited edition means it won't be around for long, and you can't count on it coming back once it's gone so don't miss it!!

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