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Rainbow Honey: August Limited Edition & Mystery Bag!

Hello, sunshines!!  I'm late to the party again on this one but my giant Rainbow Honey package just arrived (I've never been more excited, I could hardly get it open I was literally shaking with anticipation), and it's too good not to share!!  So without further ado, the Rainbow Honey Lab's new brainwaves for August  <3

Rainbow Honey - August Mystery Bag

Modern Hearts

I'm feeling a distinct mod vibe to this groovy glitter (ugh sorry, I know, groovy is a terrible word, but it's theme-appropriate, okay?).  "Modern Hearts" is a disco-worthy clash of neon magenta, electric coral, golden apricot and white (heart!) glitters, blitzed with teensy flakie sparkles that flash mostly ultra violet but also pinks and greens.  It looks perfectly pop-art layered over 488nm, but I came up with a few other totally modular ideas for you below: // index: China Glaze "Audrey" // middle: Butter London "Wellies"// ring: Cult Nails "Tempest"// China Glaze "Flip Flop Fantasy".         

Rainbow Honey "Modern Hearts" {Audrey, Wellies, Tempest, Flip Flop Fantasy}

Rainbow Honey "Modern Hearts" [shade]

Rainbow Honey "Modern Hearts" [electric light]


The cryptic name certainly contributes to the intrigue of this polish, though truthfully it is interesting enough in its own right.  "488nm" is a brilliant azure with green undercurrents, and has a nice gliding consistency that is easily opaque in two coats.  Anyone else ready to strap on their jetpacks?  Idk, something about this color makes me feel like I should be doing some super-sonic soaring around the stratosphere.  Maybe play some laser tag with the northern lights.  Incidentally, argon ion lasers emit a blue-green light at a wavelength of (whaddaya know?) 488nm. 

Rainbow Honey "488nm"

Rainbow Honey "488nm" [shade]

Royal Fruits: Eau de Parfum, Cuticle Balm, & Scented Top Coat

I'd love to know the inspiration of "Royal Fruits", to see if the image in my head is even close.  It makes me think of the royal courts of Northern Europe, and the extraordinary luxury that tropical fruits were; I'm imagining aristocrats picnicking on an English manor lawn, playing croquet, and exclaiming over the one little orange that lasted the journey: "Great scot!  I say, a splendid good nosh."

"Royal Fruits" is a wonderfully sweet and juicy scent for the summertime.  I'm mostly picking up a duet of honeyed peach and bright tangerine, perhaps with hints of apricot, sweet cantaloupe, etc.  I love (and hoard) fragrances, but I'm far from being any kind of perfume connoisseur so that's just my best shot.  It's happy, buoyant, and full of sunshine.  And delicious.

Like the Midori Eau de Parfum roller ball, the intensity of this one fades down quickly on me to just a hint of a light, sweet peachy scent, then lingers for hours that way.  I can't get enough of this cuticle balm, I keep wanting to apply it and then I look like this weird person, wandering around absentmindedly sniffing my fingers.  Ditto with the top coat- which is INCREDIBLE, by the way.  Rainbow Honey doesn't even bother to mention that it is super fast drying, I suppose they just figured that was a given, like why bother selling slow drying top coat any more, right?  But so far the Rainbow Honey scented top coat has matched or exceeded dry time and set time of any top coat I own, and did I emphasize enough that it's scented?  It's just the barest hint of "Royal Fruits", nothing overpowering, but I was pleasantly surprised that the scent stayed well into the next day until I removed the polish.  Rainbow Honey has an impressive repertoire of scented top coats, and I love this one so well that if I hadn't already bought out half of the polishes currently in stock I'd be loading up my cart with different ones to try .  I'll just have to hold out for next month :)

Summer Juice: Body Splash

For those of you who like a little some electricity in your fragrance, pucker up: this here's a tart one!  I think "Summer Juice" is best described as an energizing fusion of vibrant blood orange and sparkling grapefruit.  Again, that's just a guess, but I can say for sure that if you like tangy citrus scents then you will be delighted with this one.  Forget "body splash", my mom wants to spritz it on everything, but then my boyfriend loves grapefruit too... so I'm resigned that my bottle will most likely be doing a disappearing act soon.  This isn't the end of the world as I'm personally all about sweet+fruity+floral scents, but I can definitely appreciate the pure vitality of this fragrance; I think this would be an amazing pick-me-up on gray days.  This had remarkable lasting power, it had a brilliant scent for hours, which is unusual for body splashes with me.


Crystal: August Limited Edition

There is a rainbow in my bottle, a RAINBOW, I tell you!  It is a MAGICAL "Crystal"!!  Okay so granted, it is mostly a green rainbow, plus some violet on the side.  So perhaps it is in fact the NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!  Oooohh...

I think that pretty much sums up the fantastical nature of this polish.  "Crystal" is full of everything beautiful and cute: silver holographic star, moon, diamond, and heart glitter, twinkling in a sea of purple shimmers that, I just realized, shifts to gold on the edges.  Uh myy gah.

Rainbow Honey "Crystal"
"Crystal" is so saturated with glitter that they literally could not wait to get onto the nail.  Like small children, all the glitters wanted to go at once, so it was really easy to get them all nice, dense, and distributed.  This is one and a half coats over Rainbow Honey "488nm".

Rainbow Honey "Crystal" {over Rainbow Honey "488nm"}
Rainbow Honey "Crystal" {over Rainbow Honey "488nm"} [shade]

If you're still contemplating whether to pick up the large or mini mystery bag (subscription, in particular), perhaps a side-by-side will clear that up for you:
Large vs. Mini (July) Mystery Bag
The mini bag is adorable and wee, but the large.  The LARGE, guys.  Let's look at the breakdown: three full-size 15mL lacquers (vs. 5mL mini; $10 each), one cuticle balm ($5), one full-size 12mL rollerball (vs. 4mL mini; $12), and in this instance a 4 fl.oz. cooling gel (vs 1 fl.oz. mini; this is not available yet but I'm guessing $12).  That's a value of about $59 in this $25 mystery bag, of brand new colors & products *yet to be released*!!  I mean, that's actually amazing.  I'm just thinking about the Julep subscription and how for $25 you only get three 8mL lacquers, and while it's great how they release options to choose from now and I do really like the Juleps I have, for myself I can't really justify paying $8.33 per half-size bottle of nail polish, especially when Rainbow Honey is over here practically giving away these outstanding products.

I absolutely love the mystery bags.  I'm not an adventurous person color-wise, and I would not have chosen most of the things on my own, but so far I've been won over by every mystery product.  It's been an awesome way for me to challenge my comfort zone of what I "know" I like, and discover new potential loves.  You can find this month's mystery bag here: { http://www.rainbowhoney.com/collections/rainbow-honey-mystery-bag/products/august-mystery-bag }  Don't forget, you can save 20% though August 31 using code MIXTAPE20!!  Stay tuned for a ton more Rainbow Honey twinklings soon!

Have you gotten a Rainbow Honey mystery bag before?  Which month has been your favorite??

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