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Butter London: Brick Lane Collection "Dubs" & "Twigged" ( & "Marrow", for good measure )

I obviously would like to be a princess, but I have to admit: living with royalty is exhausting.  I know this because I live with my dog May, and May is quite confident that she is queen.  Like the other day, I had just returned from a run and was serenely doing pigeon stretch when all of a sudden I feel this furry flop on my leg, and there's May stubbornly nesting down in the most ungainly fashion possible.  I kind of huffed at her incredulously, and she just looked at me like, "quiet, fool, I am napping now".  The pups get sassy when they do not feel that they have gotten enough pettings, though to judge by the state of my leggings that clearly can not be the case.  May is queen and she'll flop where she wants, and that's that, humans.

May: "You're on my spot."

Among polish, however, it's Butter London that's queen.  Butters have been a special favorite of mine since the dawn of my polish obsession.  Butter London's "Brick Lane" Collection for Fall 2014 brings together a healthy mix of existing favorites and brand-new beauties.  Returning Butters are "British Racing Green" from the Fashionista's Favorites Fall/Winter 2009 collection, and "Ladybird" from this February's New York Fashion Week and also Summer 2014's Lolly Brights collection, along with "Ladybird" Liquid Lipstick and "Twigged" Wink Cream Eyeshadow from the Boho Rock Spring 2014 collection.  New Butters in a range of harvest hues are "Cor Blimey", "Bric-A-Brac", "Brick Lane", and of course, "Dubs", plus a multitude of mascaras, lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadow creams, eyeliners, cheek tints, etc.

Butter London "Dubs" & "Twigged"


"Dubs" is a rose fawn frosted in silver glitter and sparkle texture.  I find it to be an immensely flattering, sweet & sophisticated shade.  I love rose neutrals, I love twinkling textures, and "Dubs" is such an interesting take on both of those things.  Such a lovely tea rose; "Dubs" will make for an enchanting winter neutral.  There's an ephemeral romance about this one, like happening to see Mr. Darcy on your dawn walk through the misty English moors and then finding out he loves you forever more.  D'aww.    In case you were wondering, "Dubs" is defined by Butter London as "London-style street art deftly painted in chrome by a group of artists".  This was one blissful coat.

Butter London "Dubs"
Butter London "Dubs"

"Dubs" seems to have the same glitter consistency as a polish of this type before the whole glitter/shimmer texture trend; that is to say, in the requisite two coats of topcoat you can easily get this glossy and gorgeous, should you prefer.  I like textures and have tons of them, but I gotta say, it's pure magic when you get one glittering under some topcoat, and "Dubs" is no exception.  I love it both ways.  The topcoat evokes a deeper hue, which is a nice subtle way to change things up.

Butter London "Dubs" // + topcoat: index & ring
Butter London "Dubs" // + topcoat: index & ring

The composition of glitter in "Dubs" reminds me greatly of "Ballet", "Charleston", and "Cha Cha Cha" from SpaRitual's Dance Collection from Fall 2013, and in color it is particularly similar to "Ballet".  I don't own "Ballet" but if I were to guess from swatches it seems to be the slightly paler sister of "Dubs".  I do have "Cha Cha Cha", a sassy gunmetal lavender, and you can see below how anatomically alike the glitter is.

SpaRitual "Ballet" // Butter London "Dubs"

SpaRitual "Cha Cha Cha": index & ring // Butter London "Dubs" : middle & pinkie
SpaRitual "Cha Cha Cha": index & ring // Butter London "Dubs" : middle & pinkie



My local Ulta had "Marrow" all set up with the "Brick Lane" collection, and I got really excited and swatched it before I realized that it wasn't actually making a comeback, someone was just being silly.  It's a wonderful one to revisit, in any case; I'd forgotten how awesome this polish is.  "Marrow" is a dusky English violet, leaning aubergine in some lights, with an infinitely subtle, seductive pearl shimmer.  It was designed in Fall 2010 for the Vena Cava runway, and is named for, well, marrow, which is kind of disgusting but oh well.  It's such a beautiful polish that really it doesn't matter; and it really does go on like butter.  This is two coats of beautiful, even application.

Butter London "Marrow"

Butter London "Marrow"

Back in June, Julep released a polish called "Colette" that is conceptually similar to "Marrow", though the pearl shimmer is much more pronounced.  Anyone have both and can declare a favorite?

I've never really done much nail art but I thought I'd have a whack at it.  I gradient brushed "Dubs" across the tips of "Marrow", for a design that ended up reminding me of a sandstorm during an Arabian night.  The technique isn't terribly sophisticated, but I loved the metallic sugary texture juxtaposed against the glossy sleek finish of the deep purple. 


"Twigged" is a lovely shimmering bark taupe metallic, quite perfect for those days when you may need to charm some bowtruckles.  The Wink cream eye shadows come with a doefoot applicator, and go quite smooth and opaque in one or two passes.  Butter London definition: "I got it! The moment of true excitement when the light bulb goes on." :)

I've read some raves reviews where people had great luck with these lasting all day without primer or creases, which sounded too good to be true, and for me it was.  I have combination skin and my eyelids do get pretty oily over the course of the day.  I tested this several days with Urban Decay Primer Potion on one side, and no primer on the other.  With primer performed decidedly better for me, and probably prolonged the wear time to 8-10 hours, whereas without primer started creasing after three hours.  It was looking pretty shabby at the end of my work day; I applied "Twigged" at 7:30am and then my wonderful boyfriend helped me take pictures at 7:30pm.  This was the most (really, the only) successful picture we got, but we're getting better!  Ah well, hopefully it gives you the idea.

Butter London "Twigged" - 12 hour test without primer

I picked up my Butters at Ulta, though on their website too "Dubs" seems to be the only new lacquer they're carrying { }. For the full collection visit Butter London { }, Sephora { } Nordstrom, Zappos, etc.  Lacquers retail for $15 and Wink Cream Eye Shadows for $18.  

How do you feel about re-releases of colors in new collections?

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