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Rainbow Honey: Summer Mixtape collection

 Hello, Honeys!!  Today I have five of the twelve playlist-inspired lacquers from Rainbow Honey's "Summer Mixtape" collection to share with you!!  I hope you like tangents, because this post has more of them than your high school trig class.

Rainbow Honey - Summer Mixtapes: "Stolen Dance" // "Lanterns" // "Night Sky" // "Elevate" // "Waves"



Anyone else marginally upset about their magic-deprived, tail-less anatomical state?  I'm divided on this issue; on one hand, I find fish to be mildly horrifying and the thought that one might have touched me in the lake launches me into full meltdown mode.  On the other, I freaking love mermaids.  I, too, do not understand how these two sentiments can coexist in my brain. 

"Waves" is an oceanic teal swimming with white gold metallic flakie shimmer that shines through in the sun as a radiant aqua.  In the way of true teals, "Waves" takes on an emerald cast indoors, and the gold becomes more prominent and also develops a sapphire edge.  If you are a mermaid-at-heart, home is at your fingertips (literally) when "Waves" is your mani.  The shimmer has this incredible luminosity with the same entrancing allure as those fabled sirens of the sea.

Rainbow Honey "Waves"

Rainbow Honey "Waves" [shade]

Rainbow Honey "Waves" [shade]

Rainbow Honey "Waves"

Rainbow Honey "Waves" [electric light]

"Waves" is inspired by the song of the same name by Sleeper Agent { }.  I used three coats for full shimmering sea glory.  




Stolen Dance

"Stolen Dance" is a soft celadon gently twinkling with golden fuchsia flakie shimmers.  Okay so I read this book once called "Once Upon a Winter's Night" by Dennis McKiernan, which is based upon my favorite fairy tale "East of the Sun & West of the Moon" (too beautiful to distill into a sentence, but it has a polar bear in it so that should tell you how epic it is), and in this version there were these Forests of the Seasons, and this nice lady named Celeste was the Princess of the Springwood, and if she ever declared an official royal nail polish this would have to be it.  Everyone follow that?  What I'm getting at here is that "Stolen Dance" is basically the physical reincarnation of the spirit of spring, as delicate as dew on a pixie's wing.  And equally as shy; you really need to see this in real life to appreciate the subtlety of it all.  I'm telling you this now because I was not prepared for the exquisite loveliness of it when I pulled this one out of the box and I almost fell over.  Images fall so short of reality in this case.

Rainbow Honey "Stolen Dance"
Rainbow Honey "Stolen Dance" - see that shimmeh in the bottle??!

Rainbow Honey "Stolen Dance" - see that shimmeh in the bottle??!
Rainbow Honey "Stolen Dance" [electric light]

This one's track is "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance { }.  Formula wise, it was quite the tease; I'd brush it on and think "Ack, this is going terribly, it's going to be a lumpy streaky mess", and then "Stolen Dance"would be like BUT WAIT and then level itself beautifully, and dry to a diamond-hard glossy finish in no time.  This was three coats of that, and no I never did pick up on the pattern. 




"Elevate" is a spontaneous soul, burgeoning with blue pearlescent glitters in shades taken from the sea and sky + striated circle glitters in strawberry, orchid, sunshine yellow, and grass green + mini hexes in white and apricot + blue-violet shimmer + the stunner, white triangle glitter!!  Idk about you, but this one smacks of treks in the mountains to me.  Maybe it's the triangles looking like snowy mountain caps, or the bright energy of the colors, or that blue so much like the never-ending sky from way up there.  After our term in Copenhagen, my dear friend Tess and I were absolutely determined to hike the fjords of Norway, so we kind of just took off blindly by plane, train, bus, and ferry, and it totally should not have worked out but it did, and "Elevate" has that kind of carefree, slightly reckless, unbelievable adrenaline to it.

Rainbow Honey "Elevate" [full-spectrum light]

Rainbow Honey Elevate [cloudy light]
Rainbow Honey "Elevate" [electric light]

The inspiration here is "Elevate" by St. Lucia { }.  I loved this song so much.  For these swatches I layered two coats of "Elevate" over Pop Beauty "Loud Lime".  As you can see I had some pretty dramatic bubbling issues here; problematic factor yet to be determined.  These swatches are after three days of waiting for sun after five o'clock, but then I was realized that I go to school in Oregon and I'm going to have to deal with this at some point, so I knuckled under and went with simulated sunlight on this round.  And acquired some tip wear along the way, but that is actually impressively minimal for me considering how many layers of lacquer, glitter, and topcoat went into this.


Night Sky

"Night Sky" is a stargazer's dream: studded with silver holographic stars & moons, and set in a skyful of celestial aqua and supercharged stratosphere blue glitters; plus, tiny twinkling silver sparkles like so many stars, and lunar gray circle glitters.  And of course, Rainbow Honey's signature blue-violet shimmer base is suspending it all together.  I'm sure if Professor Trelawney could see "Night Sky" she'd be all about telling fateful fortunes off of my glitter-studded nails.  (I predict "death by nail polish".  Death by something, anyway.)  So what if there's like twelve moons?  It works for Dumbledore and his watch, right?  “Aaaaah,” said Ron, imitating Professor Trelawney’s mystical whisper, “when two Neptunes appear in the sky, it is a sure sign that a midget in glasses is being born, Harry…”

Rainbow Honey "Night Sky"

Rainbow Honey "Night Sky" [shade]

"Night Sky" is a shiveringly beautiful song by Chvrches { }.  I used two coats over SpaRitual "Midnight Stroll".  Below is Freyja's idea of the ideal swatching situation.  Earlier this week the poor little moppet ran into something and scratched her eyebrow, so I've been kind of devastated; not that pretty face!  She probably didn't even notice, she's oblivious to the world in that way.  Whatever, still adorable <3

Rainbow Honey "Night Sky" and Freyja



"Lanterns" glimmers with iridescent hexes and squares, and glows with translucent magenta, turquoise, and lemon glitters.  I love the fascinating kaleidoscope moment when the glitters overlap and create a new stained glass color.  The interplay of rainbows makes me think of the beautiful chandeliers/glowy sparkle balls in the Copenhagen Opera House, designed by my favorite artist Olafur Eliasson, but that's just a happy coincidence.  We all know I wanted this because TANGLED (and also because of its intriguing metaphysical quality that suggests pure wavelengths of color colliding.  But I mean, TANGLED).  That floating lantern scene on the lake?  "And at last I see the light, and it's like the fog has lifted..."

Rainbow Honey "Lanterns"
Rainbow Honey "Lanterns" [shade]
Rainbow Honey "Lanterns" [electric light]
Rainbow Honey "Lanterns"

"Lanterns" is inspired by the hopeful anthem by Birds of Tokyo. { }  I used two coats over Rainbow Honey "Mint Flavor".

Tangled 01h:08m:54s (lanterns): photo source { }


These beauties retail at Rainbow Honey for $10 each, or if you're feeling ambitious the entire collection is available for $90 (a 25% discount!) { }  Otherwise, until the end of August you can get 20% off using code MIXTAPE20.

I purchased these products, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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