Friday, November 7, 2014

Rocky Horror Reprise: Picture Polish "Rocky" & Sally Hansen "Lava"

Let's do the Time Warp again!  And again!  And while we're at it, let's do Rocky nails, again!  Just about a week ago, I posted my first Rocky Horror inspired mani with Picture Polish "Rocky" and M.A.C. "Formidable!".  Only, it was all a decoy!  At the end, I give a shoutout to my boyfriend and wish him luck as Rocky that evening, regretful that I would miss yet another of his performances... which he thought was so cute, yet little did he know that I was already on my way!!  SURPRISE!  It's an 11 hour drive so this does not happen during the semester; not once, in four years of college... until now.  I just couldn't miss this.  I almost managed to pull off the surprise, too ;)  The man anticipates everything, I tell you.  It's unfathomable.  But for the most part he was not expecting that I would show up at his door after his first performance, ticket in hand for the second, and with lots of long awaited lovies :)

In my previous post I bleat piteously of my chagrin at missing the M.A.C. Rocky Horror polishes, namely "Bad Fairy", because it is so similar to one of Kellen's favorite polishes: Sally Hansen "Lava".  However, Jen of The Polishaholic assures us that "Lava" is just as good, if not better, than "Bad Fairy", so I got over it and proceeded to paint one of my favorite glitter manicures ever.  Pictures do it no justice whatsoever (in part because I was a bit in a hurry, getting back to Montana and all ;) ).  The molten pink-orange duochrome shift, the elemental gold and silver glitters, the sizzle and sparks... oohlala, it was a sexy thing.  You know, like Rocky.

Picture Polish "Rocky" + Sally Hansen "Lava"

Picture Polish "Rocky" + Sally Hansen "Lava"

Purrrrrr, smokin' hot, just like suntanned muscles and golden hotpants.  Admittedly, it's not always easy being the girlfriend of a fantasy, the icon of masculine perfection; but he was unbelievable, and not just because he was gorgeous.  I always assumed he was good at the whole acting thing, but I had no concept of just how good... finally seeing it left me breathless (no seriously, I actually hyperventilated).  The singing, the dancing, that silly Rocky innocence, the flexing... honey, you really were magnificent.  I am so, so proud <3

Well so anyways, you can pick up this "Rocky" perfection at Picture Polish or Llarowe, and "Lava" has been going on clearance everywhere Sally Hansen is sold for a while now...  but naturally you can always track it down on Amazon or wherever :)

Oh, and because I know you're already panting for more... here's that "Rocky" and "Formidable!" fierceness, mattified, no less!

Picture Polish "Rocky" + M.A.C. "Formidable!"

And, as ever, Twinklings: don't dream it, be it.

Marisa + Sprinklepuff


  1. Marisa, that Rocky/Lava combo is TDF! Definitely more than the sum of its parts, awesome though they may be. I love it when a combination works as well as this one does, the feel of having a hand in the creation of a look is the ultimate goal of layering, I think. And it's not always as simple as grabbing two polishes.

    You drove eleven hours for Kellen's show?! Man, I am impressed! Here in the southeast I can drive for less than an hour and be in another state, I have absolutely no concept of what it's like to live in states as large as they are where you live. I used to be a road warrior, driving from NC to central FL for dinner, to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, to Maryland for a booty call -- and in those days I drove a truck without ac or a cd player. These days just getting out of the house period is a big deal, it's ridiculous.

    1. Liz, it so was, though. It would've been a driving hazard if I was not so singularly focused on getting home :D Pictures can't convey how light-catching this was; one friend actually grabbed my hand and was like "WHAT IS THIS??!", that's how charismatic these two were together. They were pure molten flame <3

      Oh yeah, it's really more akin to traveling between small-ish countries! It's not a drive that I take lightly, but I felt like it was a priceless weekend so I went for it :) Conversely, I can't even imagine going between states for an evening! It's mind boggling o.O I haven't spent much time out east, but it's on my list! I hear you though, getting to just stay home and relax is such a treat anymore than I like to make the most of it :)