Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sephora Formula X "Capricious" - Ombré Glitters Limited Edition

Happy Hump Day, mes chéries!  Have I just been exceptionally unobservant in the past, or have the holidays started early this year??  I couldn't believe it when I started hearing Christmas music a few days ago.  I mean, I absolutely LOVE the winter holidays, but ahem hello, what about November, guys?  With Christmas now oozing into September the pace of the year has accelerated enormously, so much so that the seasons have become depressingly muddled.  I know that fashion is always likes to keep ahead of the times, but as we jump from one season to the next more and more aggressively I kind of just want to switch it all off, and breathe deeply of the present.  Autumn in particular suffers from the commercial interests overeager to jumpstart holiday shopping, which is a shame because autumn is such a beautiful, comforting season to slow down and just enjoy.  So that's exactly what I'm going to do, darlings: while the temptation is strong to start showing you all of the new holiday delights that have long since flooded the cosmetics market, I'm going to hold out on all that until December (and to be honest, I won't have time this month in any case!).  In the meantime, what do you think about focusing on the present moment, and savoring this gorgeous autumn to the fullest capacity?  :)

Late last month Sephora released a new limited edition Formula X line: The Ombré Glitters!  Oohlala, the sparkle.  Now that I've made my whole season-fidelity stand, I have to admit this may be intended as a winter holiday release, though I haven't really seen it billed as that.  It certainly is glitzy enough to be, though!!  Formula X does have a set of four minis, and one gold-capped polish (!) called "Alchemy", that are explicitly holiday limited edition, if you want something extra festive.  There are five Ombrés in total, and today I have for you "Capricious".

Sephora Formula X "Capricious"


"Capricious" is a scintillating enchantment of regal violet glitters and iridescent gold shimmers in a very sheer purple base.  The iridescent gold softly sparkles the prismatic rainbow hues of fractured ice, and has a certain frostiness that at oblique angles and in indirect light evokes a frigid aqua cast over the polish.  The glacial sheen is so beautiful that I could wish that there was some aquamarine shimmer in the mix, to strengthen the iced effect.  In any case, it is incredibly beautiful, and to prove that it exists and that I haven't (completely and utterly) lost my mind, I've included some abstract soft-focus shots to show you the blue icicle glaze <3

Sephora Formula X "Capricious"

Sephora Formula X "Capricious"

This is too dense to perform gracefully as a glitter topper, in my opinion, though it did take three coats to get opaque.  That many coats, plus two layers of top coat to get it all smooth, invariably means chip city, but this polish was especially brittle.  I don't even think it made four hours before the first flake fluttered off, and of course the next day it was a minor disaster.  Glitter generally doesn't make it for longer than a day with me, but I was definitely bummed that "Capricious" was starting to wreck itself so soon.  It's such a shame, because it's so divine otherwise!  Consider this a one-night-only kind of deal...

Capricious: (adj.)  given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.  Like abrupt chipping and flaking and otherwise misbehaving :(

"Capricious" and the other Limited Edition Ombré Glitters retail for $12.50, and as with all the other Formula X polishes are exclusive to Sephora (unless, of course, you're able to snag discontinued colors at TJMaxx, Marshall's, or Ross!!!).  If you have a magical secret for making glitter last (do tell!), this might be worth it for you!!  While I love the color and sparkle, even with the 20% off VIB discount this feels a little poo-pooey for the price.  Also, I think they should've saved the Ombré name for some unbelievable multichromes that actually gradient into one another... you know, like an ombré, or something.  But that's quite enough whining for me today.  What do you think?  Love it, or leave it?


Marisa + Sprinklepuff

P.S. Stay tuned for more Ombré swatches in Mischievous and Clever, coming soon!!!


  1. "Too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?" -- from Blade Runner

    This is so pretty! It reminds me a little of one of Essie's from the Encrusted Treasures collection of last year... On a Silver Platter? But the Essie used blue and Capricious uses purple. You tempt me, but I was tempted by On a Silver Platter also, didn't get it, and am still alive to tell the tale. Given the necessity of four coats and the limited wear, I'd pass on this one -- but I am looking forward to the other polishes from this line!

  2. It's SUPER pretty! I'm curious how it wears on others; maybe a different base coat, even a primer, would help?? I've heard good things about the Sephora set, but I always just get Essie base coats at TJMaxx, because, uh, $3.99... But I'm optimistic that "Mischievous" will live a bit longer than "Capricious"!! It's a very imaginative, unique shade; I think you're going to love it, Liz :D

    Interesting that you mention "On A Silver Platter", Liz, because Capricious is like a finer-milled, more violet version!! I'll have to post a comparison!! xoxo